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Zetaki is making her portfolio for modeling career as here she is in a bikini suit and standing near a beach.
(Image: Zetaki /Instagram)

Zetaki is a Greek fashion and fitness model, entrepreneur, Instagram celebrity, and owner of a Mellia Home where she rents out apartments and rooms. Zetaki also collaborates with many famous brands and started her career as a fitness and fashion model.

Zetaki is posing for a picture as she started her career as a fashion and fitness model.
(Image: Zetaki /Instagram)

Zetaki Biography/Wiki:

Zetaki is just starting her career as a fitness and fashion model & is an entrepreneur born in Chania, Greece, on July 15, 2002. Zetaki is a 20-year-old girl with a star/zodiac sign: Cancer. She is just starting her career as a fitness model & is a student at a University and working on her fitness. She collaborated with many famous brands and started her own business as she is an owner of Mellia Home, on which she provides apartments for rent. The estimated net worth of Zetaki is between $300k and $400k.

Real nameΖέτα Βεργετζή In English: Zeta Vergetzis
Famous asZetaki
BirthdayJuly 15, 2002
BirthplaceChania, Greece
Zodiac (Birth sign)Cancer
Net worth$300k to $400k
Primary Income SourceMellia Home apartments for rent/Brand Collaboration, modeling for brands

Zetaki’s Birthday And Age:

Zetaki was born in Chania, Greece, on July 15, 2002, and is Cancer by her birth/Zodiac sign(Cancers are renowned for being incredibly sensitive, temperamental, and vengeful. Cancers are committed but also have an inordinate love for their family members. They have great respect for their family and close friends and will do whatever to keep them safe).

Zetaki is a 24 years old greek beauty and model.

Zetaki is a fashion and fitness model and here she is posing for a picture looking outstanding.
(Image: Zetaki /Instagram)

Zetaki Height/Weight/Body Measurements:

It’s impressive to see Zetaki as she is. She exudes an energy that can only be defined as ideal; she is bold, self-assured, and radiant. She has a magnificent and noteworthy physical attractiveness. Zetaki’s measurements are 27 inches around the waist, 38 inches across the bust, and 38 inches across the hips. Zetaki stands 5 feet, 4 inches, 5’4 tall, and weighs 63 kilograms.

Weight63 kg
Waist size27 inches
Bust size38
Hip size38
Dress sizeN/A
Zetaki is drinking a coconut juice and here she is posing for a picture while on traveling.
(Image: Zetaki /Instagram)

Zetaki Skin Tone/Hair Color/Eyes Color:

Zetaki is a gorgeous model with a flawless complexion, white porcelain undertones, timeless appeal, and a loving smile &her incredible almond-shaped, deep, and slender Black eyes emit uncertainty and awe at life’s most amazing things. She has black hair that is long and straight.

Hair ColorBlack
Eyes colorBlack
Skin tonePorcelain undertone
HairstyleWaist-length/change hairstyle from time to time

Zetaki Family And Background:

Zetaki is from Chania, Greece, and follows Christianity. Zetaki has never talked about her family on her social media sites and keeps her personal life away from the social world, but if we find any details about her family, we will update the web page, so keep checking back, guys!

LanguageGreek, English

Zetaki Education/Early Life &Career:

Zetaki completed her early elementary schooling at General High School and her Graduation in Architecture at the Technical University of Crete.


She is just 20 years old and is starting her career as a fitness and fashion model on Instagram. Maria started to post her portfolio pictures just a year ago, and in a brief period, she has 102k followers on her Instagram. She has an attractive and appealing figure, due to which her followers on her social media accounts are increasing rapidly, which shows that she will be a successful model in just a few years.

Zetaki Clothing List:

Zetaki enjoys wearing hoodies, jackets with pants, nighties, long skirts, athletic dresses, lingerie, lace, delicate undergarments, short maxi dresses, tank tops, and other long, slender, and fitness apparel. She also enjoys wearing a bikini, bra with pants, leggings and jeans, short maxi dresses, and shirts with pants.

Zetaki is making her portfolio for modeling career as here she is in a bikini suit and standing near a beach.
(Image: Zetaki /Instagram)

Zetaki Associated With:

Zetaki associates with Demidova Helenka, as she is a well-known Instagram user, TikTok star, businesswoman, and fitness and fashion model from Ukraine. Demidova is well known for her bold, seductive, and fit body and collaborates with many of her fans’ favorite companies and brands.

Zetaki Instagram Star:

Zetaki is an Instagram star as she joined Instagram in June 2017 and has 102k followers. She uploads her daring, sexy, and bold pictures on her IG. Zetaki also shares her adventures and trip stories.

AccountsLinksJoining date
Instagram Account_zetakiJoined June 2017  
FacebookΖέτα ΒεργετζήN/A
Twitter zetakiJoined July 2022

Zetaki Marital Status/ Boyfriend/ Husband:

Zetaki is unmarried as she is only 20, but nowadays, she is uploading stories about a boy named Giorgos Rotas; we are not sure that either he is her boyfriend or not as she didn’t officially post her picture with him and not even announce, but we are keeping an eye on her accounts if we find any detail about it we will inform you here!

Zetaki Net Worth:

Zetaki has a net worth of $300k to $400k as it is 2022. Zetaki’s primary source of income is her business Mellia House, modeling for companies, brand collaboration Etc.

Zetaki is on the beach and is boating here while wearing a bikini suit looking outspoken.
(Image: Zetaki /Instagram)

Zetaki Truth &Facts:

  • Zetaki is a Greek model, entrepreneur, and Instagram star born in Chania, Greece, on June 15, 2002.
  • She is just 20 years old and started her fitness and fashion model career.
  • She loves swimming traveling, and adventures.
  • Her star/zodiac sign is Cancer.
  • Black &Red is her favorite color.
  • Zetaki also runs the Mellia House Business, on which she gives tiny houses, Apartments, and rooms for rent.

Why Should We Follow Zetaki?

  • She is a digital influencer who promotes apparel businesses on Instagram. She also has great style; therefore, you should imitate it because she knows how to arrange your wardrobe.
  • If you want to increase your sales, follow her. If you are a businessperson interested in a shootout, send her a message on Instagram because she loves working with brands and businesses.
Zetaki is looking cute as she is taking a selfie and wearing a black outfit. attractive eyes.
(Image: Zetaki /Instagram)


Who is Zetaki?

Zetaki is a Greek fitness and fashion model, businesswoman, Instagram sensation, and owner of a Mellia Home, where she rents out apartments and rooms. Zetaki also worked/collaborated with numerous well-known brands and began modeling for fitness and fashion.

What is the exact birth date of Zetaki?

Her actual birthdate is June 15, 2002.

What is the age of Zetaki?

She is 20 years old, as it is 2022.

What is the net worth of Zetaki in 2022?

Her net worth is around $300k to $400k.

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