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Abigail Morris

The first time Abigail Morris signed up to act in an adult film, she was 18 years old and hadn’t yet graduated from high school. Luckily, her parents never found out, but at that point, she had already gotten into the industry and didn’t want to get out. Abigail started out as a glamour model but quickly progressed to hard-core films after some of her friends suggested it would be easier money and less work than modeling.

Abigail Morris
Abigail Morris

Abigail Morris Wiki/ Biography:

Real nameAbigail Morris
Nickname Abigail
Date of birthJune 7, 2000
Birth PlaceUnited States
Age21 years
ProfessionModel and Instagram Influencer
Zodiac SignGemini
Abigail Morris Profile

A Personal Introduction:

Before she was an adult movie actor, Abigail Morris grew up in a very rural area of North Carolina where her love for animals led her to major in biology in college. In addition to p*rn, Abigail is also a champion bass fisherman. Her hobbies include archery and spearfishing, rock climbing, and collecting vintage guns. She’s also an avid falconer, specializing in catching wild peregrine falcons for sport and hunting with hawks.

Abigail Morris
Abigail Morris

Abigail Morris Height and Weight:

Abigail is 5 feet 6 inches tall, with brown hair, green eyes, and a curvy 32D-22-32 frame. Her measurements are proportional to her height, making her modelesque without seeming frail. She weighs 130 pounds or 60 kgs.

Her Early Life:

Abigail Morris began her career as an adult film actress in 2021. She graduated from high school at age 16. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. California State University awarded him a minor in psychology. Northridge. During her freshman year, she was a cheerleader for two years, then joined the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Abigail enjoyed cheerleading, but could not keep up with school while practicing 4 hours every day.

Abigail Morris
Abigail Morris

Her Training as an Actress:

Abigail has acted in nearly 60 adult films. But, before she was a star performer on P*rn Hub, she graduated from a prestigious New York performing arts high school. Even at such a young age, Abigail knew her future career would revolve around the performance of some kind, whether it be singing or acting. While there are many great reasons to attend college, training as an actress is not one of them if you want to make your way into p*rn.

Abigail Morris Instagram and Early fame:

Abigail has been in several adult films, many of which were collaborations with her now ex-husband. Her p*rnstar career is well known, but she’s not quite at a level of notoriety with Sasha Grey or Jenna Jameson, both of whom have crossed over into mainstream acting. But who knows where Abigail’s career will go? A girl can dream! All of her films are easily found on P*rnhub if you want to check them out yourself!

Her Career in Adult Film:

Abigail started out as a webcam model but she was doing more than just cam shows. She claims to have done many different genres, working with different studios, websites, and magazines. Abigail became popular in the adult film industry because of her looks, personality, and talent for performing s*xual acts that brought pleasure to her viewers.

Abigail Morris in the gym
Abigail Morris

Abigail Morris Net Worth:

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Abigail Morris is estimated to have a net worth of $1.2 million in 2022.

Abigail has earned a total of $136,000 from her adult film appearances. Her career took off when she did two videos with Reality Kings (the studio that brought us Mofos). She received more offers as time went on, appearing in 16 other productions. To date, her most popular video is My F**king School Girl which has been viewed over 2 million times.

Abigail Morris Tiktok and Youtube Channel:

If you’re familiar with Tiktok, you probably recognize Abigail Morris as one of the top Tiktok stars in the world, garnering millions of views every week on her Tiktok videos as well as developing a considerable following on Youtube and Facebook.

Most people don’t aspire to be p*rn stars, but Abigail Morris’s story shows us that you should never let anyone tell you who you are and what you can become. This former adult film star from Nevada went from the silver screen to TikTok fame, earning Her TikTok account has almost a million followers. If that isn’t inspirational, we don’t know what is!

Abigail Morris Youtube Channel

Abigail Morris Social Media Accounts:

Abigail Morris Instagram: @abigaiil.morris

Abigail Morris TikTok: @abigaiil.morris

Abigail Morris Twitter: @Abigaiil_Morris

Abigail Morris YouTube: Abigaiil Morris

Favorite Things:

Favorite Color : White, grey and pink

Favorite Places: Madrid, Spain

Favorite Actor: Tom Hardy

Favorite Actresses: Scarlett Johannson

Favorite Sports: Basket ball

Facts about Abigail Morris:

  • She drops from United states.
  • Her fame rests with being a social media personality as well as an erotic dancer, Model, and adult film actress.
  • She made her Instagram account on 28 July 2018. She began posting daily life, modeling and videos.
  • She has a pet dog named Shiloh.
  • She spends her leisure time in cooking, dancing, swimming, fishing, boating, modeling and surfing.
  • She loves Chinese, Italian and Mexican cuisine.
Abigail Morris
Abigail Morris


What is the Relationship status of Abigail Morris?

She is Unmarried.

What is the Age of Abigail Morris?

She is 21 years Old.

When was Abigail Morris Born?

Her Birthday is on june 7, 2000

What is her Star Sign Abigail Morris?

Her star sign is Gemini

What is the height of Abigail Morris?

She is 5’6” Tall.

What is the Hometown of Abigail Morris?

She is from Ohio, United States.

What is the value of all assets of Abigail Morris?

The Net worth of Abigail Morris in 2022 is almost 1.2m USD.


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