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Syren De Mer wiki bio

Syren De Mer is an American adult movie actress, model, and social media celebrity. She has been featured in Playboy magazine twice—once in 2006 and again in 2008. She has also modeled for sports/lingerie brands like Victoria’s Secret, PINK, and more. 

Additionally, she has more than 200K followers on Instagram, where she regularly posts intimate pictures of herself. Born on June 24th, 1969, in Washington D.C., De Mer grew up close to her parents!

After graduating from college, De Mer moved to Los Angeles to pursue her passion for acting, as a result of which she became an adult film actress as well as a model and social media celebrity today!

Syren De Mer age
Syren De Mer with Kyle Mason

Syren De Mer Wiki

The best way to describe Syren De Mer is as an internationally-recognized adult movie actress, model, and social media celebrity. She was born on June 24th in Washington and had been modeling since the age of 22. 

She has appeared in Playboy magazine multiple times since 2006 and has been featured in a variety of sports/lingerie brands. She has about 200K Instagram followers.

Syren De Mer is known for her exotic look and bold personality, which makes her one of the most sought-after adult actresses in Hollywood today.

Original NameShannon L Pollock
Pet NameSyren De Mer
Born InWashington State, US
Birthday24th June 1969
Age (in 2022)53
Zodiac Cancer
ProfessionAdult Movie Actress
Syren De Mer’s Profile

Syren De Mer Age

Syren De Mer was born in Washington, United States, on June 24th, 1969, which makes her 53 years old as of 2022.

She is an American adult movie actress and is also a social media celebrity and model. She is pretty active on Instagram and now has over 200K followers!

Syren De Mer Body Sizes

Syren De Mer is a tall, beautiful, and brown-haired lady. She has an extremely gorgeous and slim figure, and she also has brown-colored eyes. Regarding her height and weight, she is almost 5 feet 7 inches tall and has an approximate bodyweight of 60 kgs.

Syren De Mer Instagram

Syren is quite popular on the social media platform Instagram as well. She has gained quite a lot of followers, which has resulted in exponential growth of her Instagram account. She now has over 200k Instagram followers.

She is known to share a lot of posts that include her lifestyle pics, her glamour content, and even sometimes her naughty pics (you clearly know which ones I’m talking about). Luckily, Syren has a pretty loyal fanbase that is always keen on viewing and sharing her content and showing her a lot of love and respect!

Likewise, she herself doesn’t disappoint her fans as she shares and uploads regular content on Instagram, so her fans remain actively engaged!

Syren De Mer TikTok

Unfortunately, Syren De Mer does not have an official account on the video-sharing platform TikTok. However, that doesn’t mean that her content isn’t there. Her fans have taken the job quite seriously in popularizing her on TikTok as well by sharing her videos and music clips. 

These fan accounts receive millions of views which have resulted in an exponential increase in her TikTok fanbase. People like to watch her content on TikTok and hence have become loyal followers of these fan accounts. You, too, can watch her content on TikTok by visiting one of such fan accounts!

Syren De Mer Family

Syren was born and brought up in Washington, United States. However, as she doesn’t share much about her personal life on social media as well as in interviews, there’s not much data available publicly about her parents. 

Furthermore, of now, there is no public information regarding Syren’s siblings! There have been instances where she had been asked publicly about her family, but she simply ignored personal questions! But we are going on with our investigations to find out some information about them as soon as possible!

Syren De Mer with her black cat
Syren De Mer with her cat

Syren De Mer Relationships

Syren De Mer doesn’t share much about her private life. She really likes to keep her life as personal as possible. However, she was once married to Andre Darque (a media celebrity), with whom she has two children. But they got divorced!

Now, she is married to Collin Barnard. Syren frequently shares some beautiful pics with her husband on Instagram! The pair seemed to be content and at ease.


  • Syren De Mer was born in Washington, the United States.
  • She is a well-known adult movie actress, Instagram celebrity, and social media personality.
  • Syren has visited around 15+ different destinations.
  • She appears to be stunning, engaging, and attractive still at this age!
  • She adores traveling and has visited many beautiful places, including Rome, Italy, Japan, and Paris.

Syren De Mer Net Worth

Syren De Mer is an American adult movie actress and a famous social media celebrity. She’s made a lot of money from movie roles, brand collaborations, and other business ventures. Her net worth is approx. $1.5 million as of 2022.

Syren De Mer Twitter

Syren De Mer edad
Syren De Mer

Syren De Mer’s Twitter is pretty active. She likes to keep her fans engaged by posting trendy and up-to-date discussions and topics. She even shares some of her daily lifestyle videos and even her hot pics content on Twitter

Currently, she has over 340k followers on Twitter. Her Twitter fans are pretty loyal and are often seen re-tweeting her posts and pics.

Social Media

InstagramClick Here
TwitterClick Here
Syren De Mer’s Social Media

Favorite Things

DestinationHing Kong
ActorThe Rock
ActressDakota Johnson
Sportsperson David Beckham
Syren De Mer’s Favorite Things


Does she have any bad habits like alcohol consumption or smoking?
Does she know how to drive?Yes
Can she swim?Yes
Does she practice yoga?Yes
Does she go to the gym?Yes
Does she jog? No
What are her eating habits?Non-Vegetarian
Syren De Mer’s Lifestyle


What is Syren De Mer’s current relationship status?

She is currently married to Collin Barnard.

What is Syren De Mer’s current age?

In 2022, she will have to be 53 years old.

When does Syren De Mer celebrate her birthday?

She was born on June 24th, 1969, and so she celebrates her birthday on this date.

What is Syren De Mer’s exact height?

Syren De Mer is around 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Where was Syren De Mer born?

Syren De Mer was born in Washington DC, in the United States.

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