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Valentinebrothers are celebrating the Christmas as they are Christians and here they are posing for a picture.
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Valentinebrothers, Zachary Valentine and Patrick Valentine, often known as the Zach and Pat, are an American social media influencer and content creator duo best known for their viral dancing, humorous, lifestyle, and inspirational video clip content on their TikTok account, “valentinebrothers.” The account has nearly 7 million followers. Zach frequently looks to his older brother for guidance.

Valentinebrothers are just posing cutely and funny as they both holding a telephones in their hands and laughing.
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Valentinebrothers, Zach and Pat, Biography/Wiki:

Valentinebrothers are TikTok celebrities known for their viral dancing videos and funny content. They started filming TikTok videos in the winter of 2019. They are an infectiously happy brother combo that TikTok users will regularly see on their “For You” suggestions page. Zach, who recently turned 22, was born with Down syndrome, and the two burgeoning personalities are eager to share their experiences with others.

The duo not only answers user-submitted Down syndrome queries but also shares insights into their insightful relationship and daily activities with their family. In October 2019, they began posting videos to their TikTok account. Later that month, a popular dancing video garnered them over 380 thousand likes and a spot on the For-you page. Zach was born on August 2, 2000, and Pat was born on  April 8, 1994.

Their estimated net worth is $1M.

Valentinebrothers are the entertainers and here they are giving a funny pose and both are looking cute together.
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Real nameZachary and Patrick Valentine
Famous asValentinebrothers
BirthdayZach: August 21, 2000, Pat: April 8, 1994,
AgeZach: 22 years old, Pat: 28 years old
Zodiac (Birth sign)Zach: LeoPat: Aries
Net worth$1M
Primary Income SourceYouTube channel, website, and Social media influencer.

Valentinebrothers Birthday And Age:

Valentinebrothers, Zachary was born on August 21, 2000, and his zodiac sign is Leo. Patrick was born on April 8, 1994. The star sign of Patrick is Aries. They were both born in Downey, California, and now live in Yucaipa, California.

Zachary is 22 years old, and Patrick is 28 years old.

Valentinebrothers Height/Weight/Body Measurements And Appearance:

Zachary and Patrick both have black hair and eyes. Their charming and innocent nature has also won the hearts of countless fans. There is no information about their height, weight, or other physical parameters.

Valentinebrothers are ready for a party and here they are posing for a picture while wearing 3 piece suits.
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Waist sizeUnknown
chest sizeUnknown
Hip sizeUnknown
Dress sizeUnknown
Eyes ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Skin ToneWhite
Shoe sizeN/A

Valentinebrothers Family And Background:

Valentinebrothers, Zach and Pat, were born in Downey, California, and now live in Yucaipa, California. Ms. Linda is Valentinebrothers’ mother. There is no other information about their father or siblings.

Valentinebrothers Relationship Status:

Zachary and Patrick Valentine are single and have never been in a relationship. There is also no information on their previous relationships, ex-girlfriends, or engagements.

They are currently concentrating on their careers and spending more time honing their skills on TikTok and YouTube.

Valentinebrothers are enjoying a travel and here they are giving a pose for a picture with a beautiful painting.
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MotherMs. Linda Cota
SiblingZachary and Patrick Valentine are brothers

Valentinebrothers Education/Early Life &Career:

There needs to be more information regarding their education.

After being diagnosed with Down syndrome early on, Zachary was driven to create movies to educate people about the condition. Patrick Ramirez Valentine’s brother has assisted him with his films and accounts. Videos of both illustrate how close they are. They are well-known for their amusing writing and popular dance videos.

Their most successful video has received over 35 million views and is titled “Behind the scenes! “Are you prepared for the outcomes?” Their second most popular video, “Cups of truth,” has 28 million views. The duo has a slew of other viral videos with 26 million, 18 million, 15 million, and 14 million views, all with the phrase “Pizza test?” “Inseparable?” “The ramifications of the Behind the Scenes?” and “It’s a brother thing?.”

Valentinebrothers Clothing List:

They enjoy wearing shirts with jeans, three-piece suits, cardigans and trousers, t-shirts with pants, hoodies with pants or jeans, jackets, and other similar outfits.

Valentinebrothers are in the awards show and both are posing for a picture while laughing.
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Valentinebrothers Associated With:

They are associated with Merrell Twins; Veronica Jo Merrell and Vanessa Jo Merrell are American identical twins. They have established reputations on YouTube as actors, singers, musicians, and social media Influencers in the entertainment sector.

TikTok Star:

Valentinebrothers joined TikTok in 2019, and now they have gathered 7.7 million followers on their account. On their TikTok account, “valentinebrothers,” they post viral dance, humorous, lifestyle, and inspirational video clip content.


#ad Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese brings up so many good memories 💛 @stouffers

♬ original sound – Zach and Pat Valentine

Instagram Star:

Valentinebrothers joined Instagram in November 2019. They upload educational videos related to down syndrome, funny content, and lifestyle on their Instagram account. Now, they have 274k followers on their Instagram account.

Youtube Star:

Valentinebrothers, Zachary Valentine started his YouTube channel Zachary Valentine on November 18, 2019, which has now been changed into a channel featuring both of them. On January 2, 2020, they uploaded their first video on the channel. The first video is titled “OUR FIRST TIME BAKING HOLIDAY COOKIES TOGETHER,” while the second is “RINGING IN THE NEW YEAR 2020 with DOWN SYNDROME.” On January 15, 2020, the video was published. Similarly, they have posted several other popular films, such as “OH BABY! IT’S THE BABY FOOD CHALLENGE” and “PROM KING | NIGHT TO SHINE.”

Facebook &Twitter:

They joined Facebook in 2019. They also upload their lifestyle and regular videos. On their Facebook page, they have 544k followers.

They started to send tweets regarding their videos on Twitter in 2019. Now, they have 452 followers.


Valentinebrothers also upload funny content and dancing videos on their website. They have also provided their mailing address on it.

AccountsLinksJoining date
Instagram AccountvalentinebrothersJoined November 2019
TikTok Account@valentinebrothersJoined  2019
Business Accounthtvalentinebrothers2020
YouTube ChannelValentinebrothersJoined  November 18, 2019
TwittervalentinebrosJoined 2019

Net Worth:

As of  2022, they have a net worth of $1 million from their primary sources of income: TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and business websites.

On TikTok, the creator might make up to $7,500 for each post, not including brand-sponsored sales. On Instagram, they might earn up to $2000 for a brand-sponsored post. On YouTube, their average profits per video are roughly $500, excluding brand-sponsored partnerships, for which they might charge up to $2k each video.

Valentinebrothers are posing for a picture while sitting in a dessert and they are laughing and talking with each other as they both are best friends and brothers.
(Image: Valentine brothers/Instagram)

Valentinebrothers Truth and Facts:

  • Zachary Valentine was diagnosed with down syndrome and made educational videos on it.
  • Patrick has contributed significantly to Down Syndrome support charities. In 2019, he paid a visit to Paris, France. He was a competitive childhood baseball player.
  • They are an infectiously happy brother combo that TikTok users will regularly see on their “For You” suggestions page.
  • The two burgeoning personalities are dedicated to sharing their experiences living with Down syndrome with others.
  • Zachary toured Paris, France, in January 2019 and has played competitive youth baseball.

Why Should We Follow Valentinebrothers?

Valentinebrothers are looking for a new laptop for Zach as he is ready to enjoy his virtual learning at online school and they both are posing for a video.
(Image: Valentine brothers/Instagram)
  • If you want to enjoy Valentine Brothers’ funny videos, dance, and lifestyle, follow them on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube.
  • If, unfortunately, you or anyone in your family has Down Syndrome, you should watch their motivational videos, which eliminate all the negativity and give you the confidence to move successfully through society.


Who are Valentinebrothers, Zach and Pat?

Zachary and Patrick Valentine, also known as the Valentine brothers or Zach and Pat on social media, are an American social media influencer and content creator team. They are well known for the things they post on their TikTok account. Their content includes viral dancing, humorous, lifestyle, and inspirational videos. Their channel’s handle is “valentinebrothers,” and they have 7.7 million followers.

How old are Zach and Pat?

Zachary is 22 years old, and Patrick is 28 as of 2022.

On what date do Valentinebrothers celebrate their birthday?

Zachary celebrates their birthday on August 21, and Patrick celebrates on  April 8.

What is the Net worth of Valentinebrothers?

Their Net worth is estimated to be $1M in 2022.

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