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Maria is sitting in a restaurant a day out picture and is posing for a picture while wearing a bra shirt and shorts.
(Image: Maria /Instagram)

Maria is a Ukrainian fitness model better known as Fitbcheeks or Fitbuttcheeks. She is a YouTuber, a fashion and fitness model, an Instagram and TikTok star, and a Twitter celebrity. Maria collaborates with many famous brands and also gives product reviews.

Maria is taking a mirror selfie as she is a selfie queen and here she is sitting in a gym while wearing a gym suit.
(Image: Maria /Instagram)

Maria (Fitbcheeks)Biography/Wiki:

Maria is a passionate fitness and fashion model and a social media influencer born in Ukraine on March 5, 1998, and is 24 years old. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. She collaborates with many famous brands like @Fashion Nova, @Nike, @Fit jeans, @Boandtee, @Allure the Brand Etc. She also gives product reviews; mainly, she provides reviews about fitness supplements, for example, the @Steelsupplements brand. Maria is also the founder of the Fitbcheeks training website, on which she gives the programs like a personalized workout program, Customized meal plan, range of diet options Etc. Her estimated net worth is $900K to $1M.

Real nameMaria
Nick NameFitbcheeks, Fitbuttcheeks
BirthdayMarch 5, 1998
Zodiac (Birth sign)Pisces
Net worth$900k to $1M
Primary Income SourceOnly fan and exclusive content/Brand Collaboration, modeling for various brands, training website

Maria (Fitbcheeks) Birthday And Age:

Maria was born in Ukraine on March 5, 1998, and is Pisces by her zodiac sign(Piscean women are incredibly outgoing and creative. They enjoy the notion of fusing innovation and entertainment. She has a deep appreciation for nature, making it easy for her to see the beauty around her. She also has a great deal of admiration for the magnificence of life and how it is depicted in literature, music, and other kinds of artistic expression)

Maria is a 24 years old passionate and humble model.

Maria is in bra suit and is just posing for a picture looking beautiful in this outfit.
(Image: Maria /Instagram)

Maria (Fitbcheeks) Height/Weight/Body Measurements:

Maria started her career as a fitness model, so

She maintains her body fitness as well. Beautiful, physically active, and self-assured model Maria may awe anyone with her posture, fantastic shape, and fully-formed physique. The measurements for Maria are 27 inches around the waist, 34 inches across the breasts, and 36 inches around the hips; Maria is a Gym-rat. She stands 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 58 kilograms.

Height5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) 
Weight58 kg (127 lbs)
Waist size27 inches
Bust size34
Hip size36
Dress sizeN/A
Shoe size8 (US size)

Maria (Fitbcheeks) Skin Tone/Hair Color/Eyes Color:

Model Maria is adorable and gorgeous, with a pristine complexion, golden porcelain undertones, timeless beauty, and a sexy smile. Her magnificent blue eyes, almond-shaped, deep, and slender, exude mystery and astonishment at life’s most incredible things. Her long, straight blonde hair is light brown in color.

Hair ColorBlonde
Eyes colorBlue
Skin toneFair Porcelain
HairstyleLong straight/change hairstyle from time to time

Maria (Fitbcheeks)Family And Background:

Maria is a Ukrainian model, but now she resides in Chicago and is American. She follows Christianity. Maria has never revealed the name of her family members but talked randomly in her YouTube videos that she has both a father and a mother. She also has a Grandma who lives in Ukraine. Maria didn’t ever talk about her sibling, but if we find more details about her family, we will update it here!

Maria is taking a morning mirror selfie while wearing a gym suit and is ready to workout.
(Image: Maria /Instagram)

Maria (Fitbcheeks) Education/Early Life &Career:

Maria Fitbcheeks completed her elementary school education in Ukraine and went to Chicago’s higher education institutions. She has only completed higher education; thus, she is not yet a graduate.

In a YouTube video about her fitness journey, Maria said she had lived in Ukraine up until the eighth grade before moving to Chicago, USA, with her family. When she lived in Ukraine, she consumed organic foods that were healthy and homegrown vegetables, but when Maria moved to the US, she began to eat fast food and fried foods, which caused her to gain weight. She claimed that she was being bullied in school because of her weight and that she was a chubby girl. But after being taunted by her classmates,

Maria posted her transformation picture to motivate her fans as they can also gain a ideal physique through work out.
(Image: Maria /Instagram)

Maria began to feel self-conscious about her appearance. Her friends began to tell her that she was gaining weight, and she began to exercise at home. However, Maria continued to eat normally, so she could not burn enough calories there. She then asked her parents to buy her a gym membership card, but her father refused because he had to pay the bills. However, her mother encouraged her, and she eventually purchased a membership with the help of her mother’s support. Maria then began to exercise in a gym and managed her eating disorder. She created a meal plan for herself, and as a result, she now has a seductive, lovely, and ideal figure, which has increased her confidence.

Maria has thousands of fans across all social media platforms and is a fitness and fashion model. Additionally, she runs a training website and works with numerous well-known firms and brands, such as fit jeans, Nike, Fashion nova, and multiple fitness, gym-wear, and swimwear brands.

Maria (Fitbcheeks)Clothing List:

Maria loves to wear a bikini, bra with pants, leggings and jeans, shirt with shorts, lingerie, miniskirts, sleeveless crop tops and pants, maxi, and shirts with nylons, nighties, long skirts, sporty dresses, lingerie, lace, delicate undergarments, nylon leggings, short maxi dresses, tank tops, and other long and slim &fit clothing.

  • Maria is here posing for a picture and she is ready to record her game streaming.
  • Maria is just showing her perfect physique as she is fitness model.
  • Maria is ready for a new year party and wearing a short fancy beautiful maxi looking beautiful in it.

Maria (Fitbcheeks) Associated With:

Maria associates with Karent Gomez, She is well-known for her prominent, gorgeous, hourglass form. Karent Gomez is a Colombian Webcam and adult model, Only Fan girl, Instagram, TikTok star, and Twitter celebrity. She is renowned for writing mature, delicate material.

Maria (Fitbcheeks) Instagram Star:

Maria Fitbcheeks is a famous Instagram fitness model; she joined Instagram in Feb 2016 and has 882k followers. She uploads her workout videos and pictures, and random stuff about fitness. On Instagram, she collaborates with many famous brands and companies. She also gives product reviews, especially about fitness and health supplements.

She also has a backup account, and she created this account in March 2021, on which she has 45.8k followers and uploads the same content as she does on her main account.

Maria (Fitbcheeks) TikTok Account:

Maria joined TikTok on August 7, 2022, and now she has 125.2k followers with 1M likes on her TikTok videos. She uploads her fitness videos and workout videos in Gym.

Maria (Fitbcheeks) YouTube Channel:

Maria created her YouTube on December 27, 2017, and has 4.75k subscribers with 33584 views on her YouTube videos. She uploads daily vlogs, including fitness, nutrition, adventures, and my everyday life.

Maria (Fitbcheeks) Twitch & Onlyfan Account:

Maria has a Twitch account and uploads game streaming and workout videos there. She also chats with her fans from time to time.

She also worked as an Only Fan Model and began selling exclusive content on the Only Fan website. Her adoring followers pay her a hefty sum to flaunt her daring figure. She displays her explicit content there and has a sizable fan base. Because of the maturity and excellence of the content, her fans lavishly donate significant sums of money to watch it.

Maria is just showing her costume for Halloween party and is posing for a picture.
(Image: Maria /Instagram)

Maria (Fitbcheeks) Twitter Account &Gmail:

Maria, well-known as Fitbcheeks, joined Twitter in April 2021 and now has 7 Thousand followers, but she doesn’t tweet daily. She tweets her bold and sexy pictures and videos.

Maria has also provided her Gmail for business Inquiries and collaborations.

[email protected] 

Maria is posing for a picture with her best friend a dog which she loves alot while wearing a shirt and jeans.
(Image: Maria /Instagram)

Maria (Fitbcheeks) Training Website:

Maria also works as a trainer on her Training website. On her website, she gives meal plans, workout programs, guidance, and fitness tips.

She also gives discount codes on steel supplements stores.

AccountsLinksJoining date
Instagram Main AccountfitbcheeksofficialJoined Feb 2016  
Instagram Backup AccountfitbcheeksJoined March 2021
Twitter AccountMariaaaJoined April 2021
TikTok Main AccountfitbcheeksofficialJoined August 7, 2022
YouTube ChannelFitbcheeksJoined December 27, 2017
Only Fan AccountfitbcheeksN/A
Training WebsitefitbcheekstrainingN/A
Linktree LinktreeN/A
(Image: Maria /Instagram)

Maria (Fitbcheeks) Marital Status/ Boyfriend:

Maria is unmarried and has never been engaged. She kept her relationship a secret and even refrained from posting pictures of herself with any boys. Therefore, based on our extensive analysis, it appears that she is unmarried and not involved.

Maria (Fitbcheeks) Net Worth:

Maria According to estimates, Maria has a net worth of between $900k and $1 million. As a webcam model and collaborator, Maria makes the most of her money from her Only Fan Account and her website.

Maria (Fitbcheeks)Truth &Facts:

  • Maria is best known as Fitbcheeks or Fitbutcheeks and is a Ukrainian fitness and fashion model and social star.
  • Maria was born in Ukraine but now resides in Chicago.
  • She is also a fitness trainer and gives guidance about balance diet/meal plans and fitness tips.
  • She also collaborates with many famous brands, including Fashionova, Nike, Fitjeans Etc.
  • Maria said that she also has a plump body, but then she joined Gym and started Exercising daily, and she has a bold, sexy and perfect physique.
  • Maria is a dog lover/obsessed girl and has a puppy.
Maria is giving the product/supplement review and is just promoting the product company.
(Image: Maria /Instagram)

Why Should We Follow Maria (Fitbcheeks):

  • We should follow Maria because she is a fitness trainer and influencer, as she inspired many people with her transformation.
  • Follow her as she is a fitness model and gives tips about fitness and guidance about meal plans.
  • Follow her on YouTube to get ideas from her life experiences. She also posts random films and recipes so you won’t be bored.


Who is Maria Fitbcheeks?

Maria is better known as Fitbcheeks or Fitbuttcheeks as she is a Ukrainian fitness model, Instagram star, Twitter and TikTok celeb, YouTuber, Fashion, and fitness model.

What is the exact birth date of Maria Fitbcheeks?

The actual birthdate of Maria Fitbcheeks is March 5, 1998.

What is the age of Maria Fitbcheeks?

Maria Fitbcheeks is 24 years old, as it is 2022.

What is the net worth of  Maria Fitbcheeks in 2022?

The net worth of Maria Fitbcheeks is around $900k to $1M

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