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Merrell Twins are posing and smiling for a picture while wearing a black maxi frocks and they are attending an event.
(Image: Merrell Twins/Instagram)

The Merrell Twins are identical American twins, Veronica Jo Merrell and Vanessa Jo Merrell. They are well-known YouTube personalities in the entertainment industry as actresses, musicians, singers, and social media influencers.

Merrell Twins are sitting at beach and there they are posing for a picture looking cute.
(Image: Merrell Twins/Instagram)

Merrell Twins Biography/Wiki:

The two identical sisters are called Merrell twins Veronica Jo Merrell and Vanessa Jo Merrell, and they are famous American YouTubers, singers, Actors, Musicians, Instagram and TikTok stars, &Twitter Celebrities. In short, they are social media stars as well. Twins Veronica and Vanessa were born in Kansas City, Missouri, on August 6, 1996.

At age 16, they relocated to Los Angeles, California. Veronica and Vanessa are producers, actors, musicians, singers, and songwriters & Vanessa is a cellist, pianist, and bass guitarist. Veronica is a violinist, guitarist, and pianist. The Merrell Twins, made up of Veronica and Vanessa, have three YouTube channels: “Merrell Twins,” “Merrell Twins Live,” and “Roni & Nessa.” Both sisters’ net worth is estimated at between $2 million and $3 million.

Real nameVeronica Jo Merrell, Vanessa Jo Merrell
Nick NameMerrell Twins, Roni & Nessa
BirthdayAugust 6, 1996
BirthplaceKansas City, Missouri
Zodiac (Birth sign)Virgos
Net worth$2 to $3 Million
Primary Income SourceYouTubers, actresses, musicians, singers, Clothing Brands
Merrell Twins are identical twins sisters and Veronica is getting married so they both are ready for the wedding while wearing a maxi.
(Image: Merrell Twins/Instagram)

Merrell Twins Birthday And Age:

Merrell Twins were born in Kansas City, Missouri, on August 26, 1996, and they are Virgos by their zodiac sign(Virgo women are kind and protective. A Virgo lady understands that everyone has unique wants and perceptions of affection. She makes a concerted effort to be empathic; therefore, she can frequently switch between emotions and sentiments).

Merrell Twins are 26 years old cute girls. Vanessa “Nessa” is 45 minutes younger than Veronica “Roni.”

Merrell Twins are at beach and here they are posing for a picture and enjoying their vacations.
(Image: Merrell Twins/Instagram)

Merrell Twins Height/Weight/Body Measurements:

Merrell Twins have almost the same body statistics and measurements as they are 5’2 in height. Vanessa weighs 50kg, and Veronica weighs 52kg; the other sizes are unknown.

WeightVeronica:52 kg, Vanessa:50kg
Waist sizeUnknown
Bust sizeUnknown
Hip sizeUnknown
Dress sizeUnknown
Shoe sizeN/A
Merrell Twins are looking beautiful and here there are wearing a skirt suit and ready to go for party.
(Image: Merrell Twins/Instagram)

Merrell Twins Family And Background:

The Merrell Twins are identical twin sisters. They were born on August 6, 1996, in Kansas City, Missouri, to Paul and Wendy Merrell. The mother of the Merrell Twins works as a housewife. The father of The Merrell Twins is a musician and video producer. Their ethnicity is Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Mexican. They were 16 years old when they moved to Greater Los Angeles from Kansas City, Missouri, to pursue acting careers and YouTube channel filming. They follow Christianity.

MotherWendy Merrell
FatherPaul Merrell
SiblingsNo Siblings
EthnicitySpanish, German, Portuguese, and Mexican
Merrell Twins are with their family and they are looking happy together and they all are smiling in the same frame.
(Image: Merrell Twins/Instagram)

Merrell Twins Education/Early Life &Career:

The Merrell Twins started attending California State University, Northridge, in 2015. Vanessa was studying TV production, while Veronica was pursuing screenplay. To chase their extraordinary dream of becoming YouTube stars, the girls moved from Kansas City to Los Angeles. At the time, they were both sixteen years old.

In 2009, The Merrell Twins first uploaded videos on YouTube. Their father, Paul Merrell, creates and edits their videos. They made three YouTube channels, each featuring a unique genre of entertainment content:

Merrell Twins are sitting in studio and giving pose for a picture as they looks crazy and beautiful while Vanessa wearing a check shirt with pant and joggers and Veronica wears shirt with pant.
(Image: Merrell Twins/Instagram)
  • MerrellTwins Live
  • Twins Merrell
  • RoniAnd Nessa

The females upload various videos to their media, including original comedic routines, music videos, renditions of well-known songs, and challenges.

They frequently appear in Awesomeness-TV videos and play recurrent characters in Jane the Virgin. “The Standoff,” a movie from 2016, featured them. They received the YouNower of the Year award at the 8th Shorty Awards in 2016.

In 2016, they took up the Streamy Award for Best Live Social Media.

They were put forward for the Teen Choice Awards for the Choice Female Web Star category in 2017 & were finalists for the Choice Female Web Star and Choice YouTuber Teen Choice Awards in 2018. They took home the 2018 Streamy Award for Lifestyle.

Other Businesses:

In July 2014, Merrell Twins released the merch @Fanjoy, the online shop of the clothing brand.

The Merrell Twins’ apparel brand, “True IMG,” debuted in July 2018. The term “true image” is drawn from the Greek meaning of Veronica’s name, and the company’s logo is an IMG with a butterfly referencing the Greek meaning of Vanessa.

At the 11th Shorty Awards in 2019, they were up for Best YouTube Ensemble. They received a nomination for Favorite Female Social Star at the 2020 Kids’ Choice Awards.

The twins created Twin My Heart in partnership with AwesomenessTV intending to help one of the twins, Vanessa Merrell, find love. A second season including Franny Arrieta and Nezza, two of the twins’ best friends, was released in 2020 as a result of the popularity of season one. “Where is My Romeo?” “Prom Knight” and “Breaking into College” are three online series they also developed and appeared in these series.


Merrell Twins are also great singers as they release many funny and fantastic songs, just as Runner Runner, Guacamole WAP Parody, What in the world Etc each video song crossed above 1Million views, so If you want to listen to their songs, click here!

TV Series:

In The Year 2014 – Teens want a Know (Rolled as themselves)

In The Year 2017 – Hyperlinked (Rolled Chrissy and Missy)

In The Year 2017 – The Haunted House Contract (Rolled as Scooby-Doo and Shaggy)

In The Year 2018 – Where Is My Romeo? (Rolled as Roni and Nessa)

In The Year 2019 – Dating After College (Rolled as Mary and Carrie)

In The Year 2019 – Awesomeness-TV – Worlds Most Searched (Rolled as themselves)

In The Year 2020 – Prom Knight (Rolled as Natalie and Riley)

In The Year 2020 – Mystery Twin Bin (Rolled as themselves)


Merrell Twins are posing for a picture and here they are wearing a hoodie and pant.
(Image: Merrell Twins/Instagram)

In The Year 2014 –Work That (Rolled as Party Goer 4 and 5).

In The Year 2016 – The Standoff (Rolled as Maya and Mia).

In The Year 2017 – YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017 (Rolled as themselves).

In The Year 2018 – YouTube Rewind: Everyone Controls Rewind (Rolled as themselves).

In The Year 2020 – Like A Boss (Rolled as Layla and Lola).

In The Year 2020 – Switched (Rolled as Olivia, but only Vanessa).

Won Awards:

In 2016, the Merrell Twins won the Shorty Awards in the category “YouNower of the Year.”

In 2016, the Merrell Twins won the Streamy Awards in the category of “Live.”

In 2018, the Merrell Twins won the Streamy Awards in the Category “Lifestyle.”


In 2017, the Merrell Twins were  nominated two times in the same year for Teen Choice Awards in the category “Choice Female Web star.

In 2018, the Merrell Twins were nominated for Teen Choice Awards in the “Choice YouTuber category.”

In 2019, the Merrell Twins were nominated for Shorty Awards in the “Best YouTube Ensemble category.”

In 2020, the Merrell Twins were nominated for Kid’s Choice Awards in the “Favorite Female Star category.”

They are now working on various projects and have 6.16 Million subscribers on their YouTube Channel & become popular.

Merrell Twins Wardrobe:

Veronica Merrell &Vanessa Merrell wear almost the same clothing as they love to wear decent outfits like T-shirts with pants, cropped shirts with pants or jeans, Hoodies with pants or complete sets, mini-skirts, pant-shirt, tank tops, long or short maxis, bra shirt with shorts or pants, short frocks and gowns, check shirts with pants or jeans, neckless shirts, and maxis, slip dresses, sweaters, wrap dresses and other stylish and beautiful dresses Etc.

Merrell Twins Associated With:

Merrel Twins associates with SuperSaf; Safwan AhmedMia, a Muslim actor from Britain, is well-known online. SuperSaf, one of the top IT influencers in the UK, is a famous user of social media, a YouTuber, and a business owner. His most prominent YouTube channel SuperSaf TV is known for its technical content and boasts more than 1.9 million subscribers and more than total video views.

Merrell Twins YouTube Channel:

Merrell Twins have 3 YouTube channels with the handle:

Merrell Twins:

Merrell Twins launched their primary channel on November 17, 2009, and they currently have 6.16 million subscribers and over 1 Billion views on YouTube. They upload vlogs about their daily lives and events and music, singing, and comedy videos on their main channel.


On July 15, 2016, the Merrell Twins started their 2nd YouTube channel, which has since garnered 815k followers and more than 47 million views. They post vlogs, behind-the-scenes, lifestyle, and other fun videos to their 2nd  channel in addition to vlogs about their daily activities and events.

Merrell Twins Live:

The Merrell Twins debuted their primary YouTube account on April 26, 2017, and since then, it has accumulated 751k  subscribers and more than 108 million views. They play video games, do live cooking shows, chat with all of their fans, Etc.

Merrell Twins Instagram Account:

Merrell Twins has 1.7 million followers on their Instagram account, and they upload beautiful pictures and funny videos, short comedy skits, announcements of their new release YouTube videos, and more.

Merrell Twins Twitter Celebrities:

Merrell Twins joined Twitter in June 2013, with 232.7k followers as they upload the same stuff on their Instagram accounts and YouTube channel.

Merrell Twins TikTok &Gmail:

Merrell Twins are also available on TikTok as they have 987.5k followers with 26.9 million likes on their TikTok videos. They upload funny content like short comedy skits, Vlogs, and other random stuff on their TikTok and try to make people laugh.

They provided their Gmail for business inquiries:

[email protected]  

AccountsLinksJoining date
YouTube Main ChannelmerrelltwinsJoined Nov 17, 2009
YouTube 2nd ChannelRoniAndNessaJoined July 15, 2016
YouTube 3rd ChannelMerrell Twins Live Joined April 26, 2017,
TwitterMerrell TwinsJoined June 2013
FacebookMerrell TwinsJoined July 20, 2013
Merch merrelltwinsN/A
True IMG(Clothing Brand)True IMGJoined July 2018

Merrell Twins Marital Status/ Boyfriend:

As we discussed earlier the Merrell Twins are identical twin sisters, Veronica Merrell and Vanessa Merrell.

Veronica Merrell and YouTuber Aaron Burriss got married on December 27, 2021, and no doubt they make a perfect couple and look good together.

Merrell Twins are the identical sisters and here Veronica is Aron Burriss a YouTuber and here they are posing for a picture.
(Image: Merrell Twins/Instagram)

Vanessa Merrell made the news of her engagement to musician John Vaughn on September 7, 2022.

Merrell Twins are the combination of two sisters and here Vanessa is with her boyfriend and is posing for a picture as they engaged recently.
(Image: Merrell Twins/Instagram)

Merrell Twins Net Worth:

The twins have developed a sizable following on social media and a reliable source of revenue as social media personalities. Each sister’s net worth was expected to be $2 million to $3 million as of 2022.

Their acting and YouTube accounts are their primary sources of income. In addition, they get income via sponsorships and advertising, Merch, singing Etc. The well-known sisters debuted TRUE IMG, their apparel line, in 2018.

Merrell Twins Truth & Facts:

  • The Merrell Twins are among the country’s most well-known social media sensations after taking the internet by storm. Their performances in Jane the Virgin, Like a Boss, Faking It, The Standoff, and other movies and TV shows have made them the most well-known actors. They are among the most well-liked social media figures in America thanks to their positive outlook, which has helped them build a sizable fan base.
  • They started their YouTube channel in 2009. Their initial video was titled “What It’s Like to Be a Twin.” Two years later, when they checked their channel, they discovered it had 10,000 views and 2,000 subscribers. They had completely forgotten about it.
  • They have a memorable prom show they devote to those who will miss their prom because of COVID-19.
  • There is a straightforward method for identifying them. Veronica only has a dimple on her left cheek, whereas Vanessa has one on each cheek.
  • They are from Kansas City, Missouri. To pursue acting, they migrated to LA in 2012.
  • Their middle names are the same! It’s Jo. Veronica Jo Merrell and Vanessa Jo Merrell.
  • Merrell Twins are 26 years old. August 6, 1996, marked the twins’ birth. Veronica Jo Merrell is 45 minutes older than Vanessa Jo Merrell.
Merrell Twins are standing with their father paul who is also an actor, singer and producer looking happy together.
(Image: Merrell Twins/Instagram)

Why Should We Follow Merrell Twins?

  • They are one of those people that makes you giggle; thus, we should follow them. Yes! You won’t get bored watching their amusing videos, which you’ll appreciate. They behave the same way in front of or behind the camera. Their performance didn’t seem artificial.
  • They are outgoing, multi-talented women; thus, we should follow them. They are well-known social media influencers who have garnered numerous accolades.
  • They promote apparel and their clothing brand, which they primarily promote on Instagram. To stay up to date, follow them on Instagram and YouTube.
Merrell Twins are happy as they are ready for the wedding of veronica on of the Merrell Twins while wearing a maxi.
(Image: Merrell Twins/Instagram)


Who are Merrell Twins?

The Merrell Twins are Veronica Jo Merrell and Vanessa Jo Merrell, identical American twins who are well-known YouTube celebrities and performers, musicians, vocalists, and social media influencers in the entertainment world.

How Old are Merrell Twins?

They are 26 years old.

Are Merrell Twins in a relationship?

Veronica has married a YouTuber, Auron Burriss, and Vanessa has recently engaged to a musician John Vaughn.

On which date does the Merrell Twins celebrate her birthday?

On August 6.

What is the net worth/total earnings of Merrell Twins in 2022?

Each sister has a net worth of $ 2 million to $ 3 million.

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