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Karent Gomez is while on traveling wearing out a sext attire skirt and enjoying her journey.
(Image: Karent Gomez/Instagram)

Karent Gomez is a Colombian webcam and adult model, only fan girl, Instagram star, TikTok star, and Twitter celebrity. She is famous for her prominent, sexy, and hourglass body. Karent Gomez is well-known for her mature and sensitive content.

Karent Gomez is jus posing for a picture and promoting and giving shout out to a restaurant.
(Image: Karent Gomez/Instagram)

Karent Gomez Biography/Wiki:

Karent Gomez is a Colombian Only Fan and Instagram model, TikTok star, Twitter Celebrity, Social Media Influencer, and webcam model. She was born in Colombia on August 12, 1994, and Karent is 28 years old. The star sign/birth sign of Karent is Leo. She also collaborates with many fashion brands but is mainly famous for her exclusive content on her web and only fan account. Her net worth/total earnings in 2022 is estimated at $2 to $3 million.

Real nameKarent Gomez
Nick Namela.karengomez, Karen 
BirthdayAugust 12, 1994
Zodiac (Birth sign)Leo
Net worth$1M to $2M
Primary Income SourceOnlyfans and exclusive content/Brand Collaboration, modeling for various brands

Karent Gomez’s Birthday And Age:

Karent Gomez is looking beautiful in bra and black pant here she is celebrating her birthday.
(Image: Karent Gomez/Instagram)

Karent Gomez was born in Colombia on August 12, 1994. The zodiac sign of Karent is Leo(The powerful lioness of the zodiac is represented by the traits of a Leo woman. Women born under this sign exude faithfulness, audacity, ingenuity, and courage. The Leo lady is a sun-powered queen who can be forceful, bossy, and confident at times)

Karent Gomez is 28 years old.

Karent Gomez Height/Weight/Body Measurements:

Model Karent Gomez is a stunning, physically fit, and confident woman who can dazzle everyone with her excellent posture, fantastic shape, and fully-formed body. Karent also frequents the gym as she is 28 inches across the waist, 38 inches across the breast, and 42 inches around the hips are the measurements for Bestone Paris. She is 63 kg &(5’4″) and 5 feet, 4 inches tall.

Karent Gomez while traveling to Dubai while wearing out a long pastel maxi looking hot in this outfit.
(Image: Karent Gomez/Instagram)
Weight63 kg
Waist size28 inches
Bust size38
Hip size42
Dress sizeN/A
Shoe sizeN/A

Karent Gomez Skin Tone/Hair Color/Eyes Color:

Karent Gomez is a cute and beautiful model with flawless skin, medium beige undertones, ageless beauty, and inviting grins. Her stunning Black eyes, almond-shaped and deep and slim, radiate mystery and awe at the most beautiful things in life. She has straight black hair that is long in length. 

Hair ColorBlack
Eyes colorBlack
Skin toneMedium-beige
HairstyleLong straight/change hairstyle from time to time
Karent Gomez is in Abu Debbi while wearing a Hijab and while long gown looking amazing in it.
(Image: Karent Gomez/Instagram)

Karent Gomez Family And Background:

Karent Gomez is Colombian, and she follows Christianity. Karent wrote on her social media site about her mother, saying, “my mum is such a sweet and caring lady and has always supported me in my dark.” Although Karent’s mother is Colombian and resides there, she has chosen to live in Atlanta, Georgia, because of her job. She has never talked about her dad and sibling, but she has a cute little daughter.

MotherColombian, Name; Unknown
Karent Gomez is with her daughter and kissing her as she says that her daughter is everything to her and here she is celebrating her birthday.
(Image: Karent Gomez/Instagram)

Karent Gomez Education/Early Life &Career:

Karent Gomez was a law student who later dropped out because she wanted to be independent.

Karent Gomez began her career as a webcam model. In a YouTube video, she explained that she and her mother lived a middle-class lifestyle and that her mother gave them very little pocket money because she was studying Law at the time. However, Karent was unhappy with her life and wanted to be independent, so she began looking for jobs online. She sought a quick way to get money and just wanted to work for a few hours, but when her friends told her about only fan accounts, she decided to become a webcam model. Her mother initially disapproved of it, but later on, she began to back her.

Currently, She enjoys popularity as a social media personality and webcam model, and she makes a sizable income from the sale of both her body and adult content on the Only Fan Account. Karent has thousands of followers on all of her social media platforms.

Karent Gomez Clothing List:

Numerous pictures of Karent Gomez in bikinis, lingerie, miniskirts, shirts with shorts, sleeveless crop tops and pants, maxi, and shirts with nylons, nighties, long skirts, sporty dresses, lingerie, lace, delicate undergarments, nylon leggings, short maxi dresses, tank tops, and other long and slender outfits prove how sexy she is.

Karent Gomez is posing for a picture while wearing a crop-shirt and standing in a restaurant.
(Image: Karent Gomez/Instagram)

Karent Gomez Associated With:

Karent Gomez associates with Kiara Lord; Kiara Lord is a popular model, actress, only fan model, Twitter user, and TikTok user from Hungary. Kiara is well known for her contributions to online scenes and videos. When she was 21 years old, she began working in the AV industry at the “R film studio Kings” and has since appeared in many online web series.

Karent Gomez OnlyFans Model:

She is mainly an OnlyFans Model; she started selling exclusive content on the OnlyFans page at 21 and earns a lot from this. Her fans pay her a heavy amount to see her bold body. She exposes her adult, explicit content & has a large following there. Her fans lavishly donate large sums of money to see it because of the maturity and quality of the content.

Karent Gomez Instagram Star:

After gaining much fame on her Only Fan Account, Karent Gomez started to post her exclusive &daring Pictures on Instagram. She joined Instagram in July 2022, and now she has 89k followers and has become a social star.


Karent Gomez’s Twitter Account:

Karent Gomez joined Twitter in Sep 2016, and she has 140.3k followers. She became famous as a webcam model, so many people started to follow and know her, so she began posting her sexy, bold, and daring photos on Twitter. She also socializes with her fans and tweets almost every week.

Karent Gomez YouTube Channel:

Karent Gomez created her YouTube channel on November 5, 2017; now, she has 17.5k subscribers. She has 915,542 views on her YouTube videos as she shares her life journeys, blog posts, recipes, and random videos.

Karent Gomez TikTok Account &G mail:

Karent Gomez is also a TikTok star as she joined TikTok on September 23, 2021, and now has over 505k followers. She has almost 2 Million likes on her TikTok videos. Karent uploads her humorous, lip-syncing, and dance videos.


Karent Gomez shares her Gmail for collaboration and product reviews as a businesswoman.

[email protected] 

AccountsLinksJoining date
Instagram Main Accountla.karengomezJoined July 22  
Twitter Accountkarent Gomez Joined Sep 2016
TikTok Main AccountkarentgomezcN/A
YouTube ChannelKarent Gomez oficialJoined November 5, 2017
SnapchatKarentgomez CardenasN/A
Only Fan AccountkrentgomezN/A

Karent Gomez Marital Status/ Boyfriend/ Husband:

Karent Gomez tries to keep her personal life away from social media Karent didn’t reveal any info about her boyfriend or previous relationship, but she has a cute little daughter of 7 to 8 years old, which shows that she had been engaged, but now in 2022 she is a single mother.

Karent Gomez Net Worth:

The net worth of Karent Gomez is estimated as between $1 million and $2 million. Karent earns mainly from her Only Fan Account, as she is a webcam model and collaborator, and from selling her body offline and online.

Karent Gomez is in white gown and hijab while she is on a trip tour in Abu Debbi and here she is showing the lifestyle of Abu Debbi people.
(Image: Karent Gomez/Instagram)

Karent Gomez Truth &Facts:

  • Karent Gomez is an influencer on digital/social media, Instagram, and TikTok star, a webcam model, a Twitter celebrity, and a YouTuber.
  • She started to sell her adult content on her Only Fan Account at the age of 21.
  • She was studying Law but discontinued her studies and became an Only Fan Model, but she is saying that she will re-continue her studies.
  • She loves adventures, trips, and traveling.
  • Karent Gomez loves animals, and she also has adopted a puppy.

Why Should We Follow Karent Gomez?

  • Follow her on YouTube to see her life journeys for inspiration. She also uploads recipes and random videos, which will not let you get bored.
  • She is a digital influencer, and she has an incredible fashion sense. Undoubtedly, you can follow her style.
  • Follow her to see her spicy content and support her as well.
Karent Gomez is showing her love for animals and here she is posing for a pic with a camel in black long maxi.
(Image: Karent Gomez/Instagram)


Who is Karent Gomez?

Karent Gomez is well-known for her prominent, gorgeous, hourglass form. Karent is a Colombian Webcam and adult model, Only Fan girl, Instagram, and TikTok star, and Twitter celebrity. Karent Gomez is renowned for creating mature, delicate stuff.

What is the exact birth date of Karent Gomez?

The actual birthdate of Karent Gomez is August 12, 1994.

What is the age of Karent Gomez?

Karent Gomez is 28 years old, as it is 2022.

What is the net worth of  Karent Gomez in 2022?

The net worth of Karent Gomez is around $1M to $2M

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