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Julia K Barni is just smiling and posing for a picture while wearing a jacket and shirt.
(Image: juliakbarni/Instagram)

Julia Kuhnen Barni, better known as Julia K Barni, is a humorous and professional dancer, Choreographer, physical education student, TikTok celebrity, Instagram star, and social media influencer. She can swivel her neck around so that it is facing the opposite direction, and she has been able to do it painlessly since she was a young child.

Julia K Barni is taking and drinking a coffe and is posing for a picture while wearing a mini-skirt.
(Image: juliakbarni/Instagram)

Julia K Barni Biography/Wiki:

Julia K Barni is a famous Brazilian social media personality and digital Influencer. She was born on January 1, 1999, in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, and is 23 years old. Julia is a professional dancer, and dance teacher at Gardner College in Brazil & is well-known throughout the world for her face-reversing abilities. She has almost 6.7 million followers on her TikTok. Julia K Barni is also a YouTuber; her estimated net worth is around $500k to $600k.

Real nameJulia Kuhnen Barni
Nick NameJulia K Barni, Juliakbarni
BirthdayJanuary 1, 1999
BirthplaceFlorianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Zodiac (Birth sign)Capricorn
Net worth $500k to $600k as it is 2022
Primary Income SourceYouTube, Online &Offline Dancer, Choreographer, Social Media Influencer

Julia K Barni Birthday And Age:

Julia K Barni is on a stage while holding a mike and is posing for a picture.
(Image: juliakbarni/Instagram)

Julia K Barni was born in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, on January 1, 1999, and she is Capricorn by her birth/zodiac sign(They are robust, materialistic, aspirational, and tenacious. They will keep going even if others may have given up five kilometers earlier. As a result, they make excellent companions and life partners. Capricorns enjoy being with others in small groups, but they also care deeply for and support their friends and family).

Julia Kuhnen Barni is a 23 years old humorous dancer.

Body Measurements &Appearance:

She is a charming and physically fit young lady with a lovely face and attractive body postures. Julia stands at (5 feet and 5 inches) 5’5 and weighs roughly 55kg. Her other body measurements are not known at that time.

Her natural hair color is Dark brown, but she dyed her hair blonde with pink highlights. She has shoulder-cut straight and silky hair and almond-shaped Dark brown eyes. Moreover, Julia has white porcelain skin tone. Undoubtedly she is a Brazilian beauty.

Julia K Barni is sitting nearby stage and is tired after a performance and is smiling.
(Image: juliakbarni/Instagram)
Chest sizeN/A
Waist sizeN/A
Hip sizeN/A
Shoe sizeN/A
Eye ColorDark brown
Hair ColorDark brown, changed her hairstyle to blonde with Pink highlights
Skin ToneWhite Porcelain

Julia K Barni Family &Background:

Julia K Barni is a Brazilian girl who follows Christianity. Her mother’s name is Felicia Kuhnen Barni, and her father is Mr. Kuhnen Barni. She has one sister and one brother Lucas Barni. She didn’t reveal her sister’s name in public. Moreover, she has a vast background and a happy family.

Julia K Barni is standing with her father, mother, sister and one brother.
(Image: juliakbarni/Instagram)

Marital Status/Relationship:

According to her social media sites, Julia is not married yet and hasn’t had any previous relationships. Julia is single and focusing on her career.

MotherFelicia Kuhnen Barni
FatherMr.Kuhnen Barni
SiblingsOne older sister and one brother Lucas Kuhnen Barni
Marital statusSingle

Julia K Barni Education, Early Life &Career:

Julia K Barni said that she went to Eeb Cacilda Guimarães School & graduated from UFSC – University Federal de Santa Catarina.

The 23-year-old Julia Barni teaches dance, works as a digital influencer, and studies physical education, but she gained worldwide fame for an odd talent: she can bend her neck so that it appears to be facing backward. She claims that she has been performing the movement since she was a little child and that it causes her no pain, but she cautions against acting without taking the necessary precautions. She posted her 1st dance video in October 2020, and then due to her face-reversing talent, she attracted many people. She said that she was not expecting this all.

The exceptional talent attracted the attention of local and foreign celebrities who have previously reproduced their content, including Snoop Dogg, Tirulipa, Kondzilla, Joo Luiz, former BBB members, and numerous well-known pages.

Julia K Barni is showing in 2021 that she has 5M followers but now she has over 6 Million followers on her TikTok account.
(Image: juliakbarni/Instagram)

On the Q Confuso podcast, she appeared as a guest. Two of her TikTok videos went viral in March 2022, receiving more than 30 million views each.

On TikTok, Barni has accumulated more than 6.7 million followers. She can dance while tilting her neck back and impersonate animals like a dolphin by turning her fist 360 degrees, which piques people’s curiosity. She is now a social media celebrity and the best humorous dancer. Moreover, she has thousands of followers on her YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Favorite Clothing List:

Julia likes wearing t-shirts with jeans or other trendy shirts, miniskirts and fashionable maxis, tank tops with pants or jeans, loose shirts with pants or jeans, cropped shirts with pants, long or short maxis, long skirts, pant-shirts, checkered shirts with pants, and other stylish shirts with pants or jeans, etc.

Associated With:

Julia K Barni associates with Valentine Brothers; Zachary Valentine and Patrick Valentine, aka the Zach and Pat, are American social media Influencers and content creators who go by the name Valentine brothers. They are most known for their uplifting, funny, and inspirational video clip content that has gone viral on their TikTok account. There are around 7 million followers on the account. Zach usually seeks advice from his older brother.

Julia K Barni TikTok Star:

Julia K Barni is a TikTok celebrity, and she has over 6.7 million followers with 146.7 million likes on her TikTok videos. She uploads humorous dance, Lip-syncing, and funny content on her TikTok account.


bolsonaro ou lula? ib: @Thiago Ventura

♬ som original – Julia K Barni

Instagram Account:

Julia is also an Instagram star & joined TikTok in December 2016 and has over 760K followers. She uploads her pictures, funny dance videos, and daily activities blogs on her Instagram account.


YouTube Channel &Gmail:

Julia Kuhnen Barni is also a YouTube star; she created her YouTube account on December 17, 2016. She has over 309k subscribers with above 46 million views on her YouTube videos. She uploads YouTube shorts and videos of funny and professional dance.

Julia K Barni also provided her Gmail for business inquiries:

[email protected] 

AccountsLinksJoining date
TikTok AccountjuliakbarniJoined October 2020
Instagram AccountjuliakbarniJoined December 2016
YouTube ChannelJulia K BarniJoined December 17, 2016
Facebook Julia Kuhnen BarniN/A

Julia K Barni Net Worth:

Julia K Barni has a net worth of $500k to $600k as it is 2022. The primary sources of income of Julia K Barni are her YouTube account, offline and online dancing, and Choreographer, Social media dancer, and Influencer. Moreover, she is living a good life.

Truth &Facts:

Julia K Barni is just posing for a picture while wearing a rabbit ribbon and is giving a cute smile.
(Image: juliakbarni/Instagram)
  • Julia K Barni is a Dancer, Choreographer, and social media Influencer.
  • She is 23 years old.
  • Her star sign is Capricorn.
  • She is a highly sociable and sweet young girl.
  • She can reverse her face backward without any pain.
  • Julia is a Brazilian lady.
  • The Influencer says she enjoys watching series, playing the guitar, and singing in her leisure time. She currently resides in Florianópolis with her sister.
  • However, she spends most of her day instructing dancing courses to kids while also creating and editing her videos on her smartphone.
  • She has been recognized on the street multiple times and even had to enter a school for kids to demonstrate her neck twisting backward.
  • Julia K Barni is a Golden girl who plays Drums, and guitar, sings, dances, and also performs.

Why Should We Follow Her?

  • Follow her as she is a social media celebrity and digital Influencer and influences people with her fantastic dance moves and neck/face-reversing talent. Although she has been performing the movement with ease since she was a toddler and others who know her already perceive it as “normal,” she highlights the importance of stretching and staying within one’s comfort zone.
  • Follow Julia K Barni, who will make you laugh with her funny videos and humorous dance.
Julia K Barni is smiling and posing for a picture while wearing a skirt with coat.
(Image: juliakbarni/Instagram)


Who is Julia K Barni?

Julia Kuhnen Barni, better known online as Julia K Barni, is a talented dancer, Choreographer, student of physical education, Instagram celebrity, TikTok celebrity, and social media influencer. Since Julia was a little child, she has had the astonishing ability to turn her neck around and face it in the opposite direction without experiencing any pain.

How Old is Julia K Barni?

Julia is 23 years old.

Is Julia K Barni in a relationship?

She is single.

On which date did Julia K Barni celebrate her birthday?

On January 1.

What is the net worth/total earnings of Julia K Barni in 2022?

As of 2022, It will be around $500k to $600k.

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