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Janexy Sanchez smiling

Janexy Sanchez is an American model, dancer, vlogger, YouTuber, content creator, and social media star. She got a lot of attention when she put her funny and skillful vlogging videos on the YouTube forum.

She has also become well-known as a TikTok. She is mainly known for the comedy, dance, and lip-sync videos she posts on the app. Her videos on the app TikTok have more than a million followers. She is also a fashion influencer and model on the rise.

Janexy Sanchez smiling at summer holidays
Janexy Sanchez

Janexy Sanchez Biography / Wiki

Nadia Hatta was born in the United States in Miami, Florida. She grew up there with her family, friends, and other people. She was born in the United States. Janexy went to a local private high school when she was young for her education.

 Real NameJanexy Sanchez
  Nick NameJanexy
  Birth PlaceMiami, Florida, United States of America 
  Date of BirthDecember 28, 1999 
  Zodiac SignCapricorn
  ProfessionVlogger and Social media influencer

Janexy Sanchez Age / Birthday

Using the date, we can determine that she will be 22 years old in 2022. She was born in the United States and is a Christian.

Janexy Sanchez graduation dress
Janexy Sanchez

Janexy Sanchez Height, Weight, and Measurements

Janexy Sanchez is about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 55 kg in terms of how she looks. She now has a beautiful body that draws you in.

Janexy Sanchez Early profession

Janexy Sanchez started as a vlogger with her boyfriend. Still, after he died, she turned her attention to different social media sites, where Janexy started posting about modeling and influencing fashion on social media sites. As time went by and people shared well-choreographed photos and videos on it. Which, in turn, helped her become well-known in the places you mentioned and in vlogging. As of now, she has made a firm name for herself on many social media sites. Which made her a famous person all over the world.

Janexy Sanchez enjoying her starbox coffee
Janexy Sanchez enjoying her starbox coffee

Janexy Sanchez TikTok

She has liked dancing and making videos since she was very young and continues to make videos. She first joined the TikTok forum and posted photos and videos of her great lip-sync and facial expressions. Janexy is a well-known celebrity who has won the hearts of thousands of fans and followers worldwide.

Janexy Sanchez YouTube

On January 21, 2014, she joined the YouTube community and posted her first video, OUR FIRST APARTMENT TOUR 2020! / What $1,700 a month gets you in MIAMI!. In the meantime, this video has been watched by millions of people. Whereas she mostly shares her funny, romantic, skincare, adventurous, traveling, and prank videos on their YouTube forum. Most of her popular videos have a lot of followers and likes, usually in the tens of thousands. RUBBING ON MY BOYFRIEND’S “BRICK” TO SEE HOW LONG UNTIL HE GETS IN THE MOOD! is one of her most-watched prank videos.

Janexy Sanchez First YouTube Video

Janexy Sanchez Instagram and Modeling

Janexy is a rising fashion model who is also a YouTuber and a TikTok. She is currently working for several modeling agencies. In 2014, she joined Instagram and posted her fabulous photos and videos there. Janexy is well-known on Instagram for the fashion content, modeling, and lifestyle photos and videos she posts. She has also become more prominent on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. She has been the face and digital promoter of many sports, skincare, and makeup brands.

Janexy Sanchez Instagram

Janexy Sanchez Net Worth and Earnings

Right now, Janexy Sanchez has a net worth and income of about USD 5 million. You can figure out how much of her income comes from YouTube, modeling, influencing fashion, and TikTok. Since her career is going well, her net worth will likely grow in the coming years.

Janexy Sanchez poses for a photograph
Janexy Sanchez

Janexy Sanchez Family / Siblings and Relatives

There is currently no factual information available about Janexy Sanchez parents or siblings that is available to the public. If she tells us anything meaningful about her parents, we’ll let you know first.

Janexy Sanchez Relationship / Boyfriend and Husband

Janexy Sanchez is a well-known actress and social media influencer. She is currently in a relationship. Tyler, also a YouTuber, has been in several relationships with the model and fashion influencer. They’re frequently spotted hanging around and having fun together.

Janexy Sanchez with her boyfriend holding Youtube Silver Award
Janexy Sanchez with her boyfriend holding Youtube Silver Award

Interesting Facts About Janexy Sanchez

  • Janexy Sanchez is from Miami, Florida, in the United States.
  • She is a well-known blogger and YouTuber.
  • Janexy Sanchez became well-known as a vlogger and TikTok player.
  • She has thousands of people who follow her on Instagram.
  • Janexy Sanchez is beautiful, captivating, and appealing to look at.
  • She enjoys traveling and has visited many lovely locations, including Russia, Italy, London, and Paris.
  • She likes to sing, dance, read books, write, travel, ride bikes, takes pictures, paint, and draw.


What’s Janexy Sanchez’s name?

Janexy Sanchez wants to be a social media influencer and a fashion model. She has gained fame and attention worldwide by showing off how good she is at modeling.

Does Janexy Sanchez have a husband?

The relationship between Janexy Sanchez and her boyfriend is still going strong.

What is Janexy Sanchez’s age?

Based on when Janexy Sanchez was born, she is 22 years old.

When is Janexy Sanchez’s birthday?

Based on her birth date, her birthday is on December 28.

What sign does Janexy Sanchez belong to?

Based on the date she was born, her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

What is Janexy Sanchez’s height?

Janexy Sanchez is about 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

From what place is Janexy Sanchez?

Janexy Sanchez is from Miami, Florida, in the United States.

How much does Janexy Sanchez have in her bank account?

As of right now, Janexy Sanchez is thought to have more than USD 3 million. Her main ways to make money are acting, singing, endorsing brands, running a business, etc.

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