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Samantha Gangewere is a well-known American model, fashion influencer, and fantastic video content developer. She is situated in the United States. She is well-known all around the world for her aesthetically stunning social media posts and spectacular photographs and videos on social media. In addition to this, she has gained renown on a global scale and many millions of followers across a variety of social media platforms.

Samantha Gangewere Biography / Wiki / Education

On January 6, 1992, SAMANTHA DABASH entered this world as a member of an American family with Christian beliefs. She was born in Pennsylvania, which is located in the United States of America. She received her early education in a high school located in her hometown. After she had finished that, she enrolled at a public university located in the state of Pennsylvania.

Real NameSamantha Gangewere Dabash
 Birth PlacePennsylvania, United States of America
 Date Of BirthJanuary 6, 1992
 Zodiac SignCapricorn
 ProfessionModel and Social media influencer
Samantha Gangewere Profile

Samantha Gangewere Age and Birthday

The date of birth that Samantha Gangewere provided places her age at 30 years old (as of now, in 2022). On January 6, 1992, in the United States of America, she was born in Pennsylvania. Therefore, SAMANTHA throws a party in honor of her birthday on January 6 each year, inviting all her family, friends, and other members to join in the festivities. Capricorn is the sign that she was born under.

Samantha Gangewere Height and Weight

Samantha Gangewere is around 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 54 kg. Her height is roughly the same as her weight. Her brown eyes and brownish blonde hair make for a stunning combination in her appearance. SAMANTHA has an alluring and magnetic demeanor. She eats a healthy diet and works out consistently to keep her incredible physical shape.

Samantha Gangewere TikTok and Videos

She is well-known for her modeling profession as well as her status as a prominent Instagram celebrity, but she is also well known for the excellent video material that she creates. She became a member of the TikTok forum, a well-known site, to share and disseminate her stunning and brief movies and reels. Similarly, she achieved early success as a model, and it was not difficult for her to capitalize on that fame. At the same time, she has amassed one million lakhs of followers and likes during the platform’s existence.

Samantha Gangewere Instagram and Modeling

She joined the Instagram forum to further her career as a model and fashion influencer. Which was lovely and unique, and she also influenced fashion. She is also well-known for the video material she has created, which contributed much to her rise to stardom.

thatboostedchick is well-known on the network for publishing photographs and videos of herself engaging in particular activities like modeling, traveling, and endorsing various businesses. As a result of her rising celebrity, she has garnered the interest of several different fashion and apparel firms.
Samantha Gangewere Instagram

Samantha Gangewere Twitter

Samantha is a very well-known figure on social media and has maintained an active presence on Twitter for several years. Her Twitter account has millions of followers, and she uses the medium to share pictures of herself and photos from her travels regularly. In addition to that, she offers her opinion on various other subjects. She has many lakhs of followers on her Twitter profile, indicating that she is very active.

Samantha Gangewere Family / Siblings / Parents

She has not yet divulged any information about her family or any of her relatives’ data. As a result, the critical information about her family’s particulars is inaccessible. We will communicate it to you right away when we have more information.

Samantha Gangewere’s Net Worth and Earnings

Samantha Gangewere has an estimated two million dollars worth of assets and earnings, which can be determined as follows: The amount of money she makes through modeling, influencing fashion, and promoting brands may all be considered her primary sources of income.

Samantha Gangewere Boyfriend / Relationship / Affairs

SAMANTHA devoted followers are curious about the status of her romantic life, namely who she sees at the moment and to who she has been romantically linked in the past. However, she has not disclosed any accurate information about the specifics of her relationship, nor has she even posted this information on the social media platform that she uses.


  • Samantha Gangewere is a Canadian native, and in the year 2016, she became a member of the Instagram community forum.
  • She has visited several nations and cities all over the globe, particularly those located in the western hemisphere.
  • As of right now, she has not tied the knot.


Who is Samantha Gangewere Dabash?

SAMANTHA is a remarkable model and influencer who has earned international recognition and popularity by exhibiting her outstanding and astonishing images and videos over the platform. She has played an important role in the careers of a number of models and industry leaders.

Is Samantha Gangewere currently in a relationship?

No, Samantha Gangewere is not married at this time in 2022; in fact, she does not even have a significant other.

How many years has SAMANTHA Dabash been alive?

As of right now, in the year 2022, her date of birth indicates that she is 30 years old.

When exactly does SAMANTHA Dabash celebrate her birthday?

January 6 is the day when SAMANTHA Dabash celebrates her birthday.

What sign of the Zodiac does SAMANTHA Dabash belong to?

Capricorn is SAMANTHA DABASH’s birth sign according to the astrological calendar.

What is SAMANTHA Dabash’s height like?

SAMANTH DABASH is has a height of around 5 feet 8 inches, which is considered ordinary.

Where exactly does Samantha Gangewere originate from?

Samantha Gangewere is was born in Pennsylvania, which is located in the United States of America.

How much does Samantha Gangewere have in terms of her wealth?

It is possible to estimate that Samantha Gangewere’s current earnings and net worth amount to around 2 million US dollars. It can deduce that her modeling and fashion impact are the most significant contributors to her income.

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