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Akanksha Pandey

Akanksha Pandey is a well-known Instagram star from India who has become very popular on the site. She gets known because she posts her lip sync videos and photos on different social media sites. Akanksha is also known for how beautiful she looks and how pretty her eyes are. Akanksha has also done some modeling and acting in videos that more than many people have seen. Her cute smile is also well-known. Akanksha Pandey is an Indian actress best known for playing Wrestler RENU in the TV show Aashram.

She has done several web series and movies, and she has also been in a lot of TV shows with short episodes. She recently played Captain Poorna Goyal in an Amazon Mini TV show called Crushed. She has also been in jar pictures’ web show Kathmandu Connection. She got her start in movies as a crowd artist. Her first movie was Petta, and after that, she danced in the background of Jabariya Jodi. In Gunjan Saxena, she played Janhvi Kapoor’s classmate Jaya, her first role as a character actor.

Akanksha Pandey
Akanksha Pandey

Akanksha Pandey Wiki Bio:

Akanksha is a well-known Instagram star and social media influencer born in Delhi. She was born and raised in India. We don’t know how old she is or when she was born, and she has never told us anything about herself. We only know that Akanksha went to a local high school and nothing else about her education. When asked what they like to do for fun, they say they want to act, dance, model, and travel. This article will talk about the most crucial dance to her and her career.

NameAkanksha Pandey
Birth PlaceDelhi, India 
Date of BirthNot known 
ProfessionInstagram star.

Akanksha Pandey Age

No one knows when she was born, and no one knows how old she is. how old she is. Her actual age is something she has never told anyone. But her posts say she is in her mid-20s. This page will soon have updated information about her age and date of birth.

Akanksha Pandey Height and Weight

Her height and weight are the suitable sizes and the correct height terms for her height. Akanksha is about 5’4″ tall and weighs about 60 kg. She does yoga and works out to stay healthy and fit. Akanksha has a cute face and beautiful black eyes.

Akanksha Pandey posing for a photograph indian dress
Akanksha Pandey

Akanksha Pandey Career

In this age of computers and the internet, everything is done online. At this time, no famous person can be kept from the public. Akanksha is a well-known social media influencer. A person who is charming and has a pleasant personality. Akanksha’s fans love how she looks and how she makes them feel. Her Instagram is full of pictures that could be interesting to anyone.

She also talked about her daily life, fitness tips, and helpful information. She also advertises for her brand on Instagram. People also know Akanksha for how great she is as a model. She now has more than a thousand people following her on Instagram. Akanksha is a well-known influencer on social media. So she has started her career on different social media sites. Through social media, she has become very famous.

She is busy with her job right now. She is working on her upcoming projects right now. She has been in a lot of ads for brands. Akanksha is also helping to make the new ad. She wanted to act and be a model. Akanksha is trying to make her career goals come true.

Akanksha Pandey Family

There is no precise information on her relatives and family members. Akanksha has never told anyone about who her parents are. We don’t know the names of her mother or father. We also learn about her brother and sister. But our research shows that her family and parents are accommodating. They helped her with her career and schooling.

Akanksha Pandey Boyfriend / Husband / Relationship

She is entirely focused on what she loves and her personal life. There isn’t any correct information about her marriage and relationships. She has never shown anyone the pictures and videos from her wedding. She has kept the details of her personal life a secret.

Akanksha might want to focus on her job for the time being. So, no one knows the answer to the question yet. We can wait or try to guess until she is ready to talk about her private life. But Akanksha has done a great job of hiding her personal life.

We can wait or try to guess until she is ready to talk about her private life. But Akanksha has done a great job of hiding her personal life. This page will soon have all the new details about her love life and marriage.

Akanksha Pandey Net Worth

The amount of money Akanksha Pandey has is about 40 Lakh Rupees. Acting and advertising are the main ways she makes money. Akanksha has worked with a lot of business brands. She has also gotten the word out about many trendy clothes, makeup kits, and other beauty products. She has made a tremendous amount of money from social media and ads.

Her business is the other way she brings in money. She is well-known on social media, and she has a lot of fans and followers on many different sites. So it’s safe to say that she makes a lot of money from social media. Her YouTube channel has vlogs about her travels and highlights from her games.

Akanksha makes a lot of money working with businesses and on YouTube.

Akanksha Pandey wearing an indian dress
Akanksha Pandey

Akanksha Pandey Facts

  • Akanksha Pandey has a big following on Instagram.
  • On Instagram, she has tens of thousands of followers..
  • She looks so pretty and handsome.
  • She enjoys travel.
  • She is an animal lover and has a dog.
  • She likes to eat food from Italy.
  • It’s her lucky number: 1.
  • She wants to tell her fans about her travels and post vlogs.
  • She is pretty on the outside and has a pleasant personality.


What is Akanksha Pandey’s age?

You can’t find out how old Akanksha Pandey is on the internet.

When does Akanksha Pandey’s birthday fall?

No one knows when Akanksha Pandey was born.

What is Akanksha Pandey’s height?

Akanksha Pandey is 5′ 8″ tall.

From what place is Akanksha Pandey?

Akanksha Pandey comes from India’s Delhi.

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