Romi Chase: Plus-Size Model, Tiktok Star, and Instagram Influencer

Romi Chase trending celebrities

Romi Chase is an Instagram star who has used her platform to talk about mental health and body positivity and give fashion advice to her fans in the plus-size community. She’s also the first plus-size model to reach more than 1 million fans on Tiktok, the popular video app known for celebrity influencers like Logan Paul and Amanda Cerny. 

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Romi Chase Wiki/ Biography:

Real name: Romi Chase

Nickname: Romi Chase

Date of birth: January 27, 1993

Birth Place: Poland

Nationality: Polish

Age: 29 Years

Profession: Instagram Star, Plus size Model

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height: 4’7″

Romi Chase trending celebrities
Romi Chase

How tall is she?

Romi is 4’7′′, which makes her a beautiful-looking model in her industry. Romi Chase is Plus-Size Model, Tiktok Star, and Instagram Influencer from the USA. Weight 165 pounds or 75 kgs, Body Measurements are 42-32-50 inches.

Romi Chase Age/ Birthday

Romi Chase was born on July 1, 1993. She is 29 years old at present in 2022.

Romi Chase Family:

She is born in a middle-class Christian family in Poland. Romi’s family was always her top priority when making life decisions. 

Romi Chase trending celebrities
Romi Chase

Boyfriend of Romi chase:

Romi Chase is an American plus-size model, TikTok star, and social media influencer who recently found herself in trouble with her fans after news leaked of her new boyfriend. Fans instantly began questioning who Romi’s new boyfriend was—and their reaction when they finally found out shocked everyone. 

Romi Chase Tiktok:

Romi chase is a plus-size model from st. Louis mo recently became an internet sensation after her Tiktok video took off social media. In her short viral clip, Romi explains that it took two years to feel confident enough to post her photos in public on social media. However, she discovered that people were excited and appreciative of her body, regardless of her size, leading to a new sense of self-love and empowerment.

Romi chase Model:

Romi Chase is a plus-size model that continues to push boundaries in an industry where plus-size models are often overlooked. A graduate of Ball State University, she worked as a manager at Abercrombie & Fitch before being scouted for modeling by Mademoiselle. However, her most significant accomplishment is becoming one of Tik Tok’s most significant sensations, with over 3 million followers! If you love her style, look into our Romi chase plus-size clothing collection on eBoutique.

As a plus-sized model, Romi was told she was too big for fashion at first. Not one to let that stop her, she continued to pursue her career in modeling. Now, Romi is an influencer who wants to show women everywhere that they’re beautiful no matter what society says! She encourages all women to stay true to themselves and never give up on their dreams! 

Romi Chase trending celebrities
Romi Chase

Romi Chase Instagram Influencer:

Romi Chase is an Instagram influencer who promotes a healthy body image. While many influencers are careful not to offend, Romi doesn’t hold back when discussing her favorite places to eat and how she loves dressing up for Halloween. She often speaks out against Photoshopping—but what can people do if they want to make their waist smaller or their teeth whiter? After all, everyone wants to look their best on Instagram.

What does it take to be a model?

After high school, Romi wanted to focus on plus-sized modeling because she was sick of going to castings and being turned away for not being sample size. After seeing other plus models at shows like New York Fashion Week, she decided to submit her photos. Her friends thought it was a silly idea, but it wound up working out!

Romi Chase’s Net worth:

Romi Chase (also known as That TikTok Chick) is an internet sensation whose net worth is $1.1 million. Her source of income is fashion modeling, brand endorsement, and Tik Tok. Romi has her clothing line, LASIK, which sells on Amazon Fashion.

 She has over 1.8 Million followers on Instagram and 180+ posts showing her various style choices. She regularly collaborates with other popular influencers such as Camila Coelho, Mia Rose Elize, and Anna Victoria. Her audience loves her positive message about self-love, which she constantly shares across her social media channels.

Romi Chase Social Media Accounts:

Romi Chase Instagram:  romi_chase

Romi Chase TikTok: romi_chase

Favorite Things:

 Favorite Color: Blue, white

Favorite Places: Switzerland

Favorite Actor: Tom Hardy

Favorite Actresses: Anne Hathaway

Favorite Sports: Tennis

Romi Chase trending celebrities
Romi Chase

Facts about Romi Chase:

  • She drops from Poland.
  • Her fame rests with being a social media personality, a Plus-size Model, and Instagram Star.
  • She is a content creator.
  • She has Millions of Followers on Instagram.
  • She likes Dogs and Cats.
  • She spends her leisure time cooking, dancing, swimming, fishing, boating, modeling, and surfing. 
  • She loves Travelling. 
  • She is a famous face for many brands like Fashion Nova, One Swimwear, etc.


Who is Romi Chase?

Romi Chase is one of the most famous plus-size models globally, and she’s redefining beauty standards by posting photos of herself in her underwear on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where more than 1 million people follow her every move. She uses her platform to empower other women to feel confident about their bodies, just as she does, no matter their size or shape.

What is the Relationship status of Romi Chase?

She is Unmarried.

What is the Age of Romi Chase?

She is 29 years old.

When was Romi Chase Born?

 Her Birthday was on January 7, 1993

What is her Star Sign, Romi Chase?

Her star sign is Aquarius.

What is the height of Romi Chase?

 She is 4’7″ Tall.

What is the Hometown of Romi Chase?

She is from Poland.

What is the value of all assets of Romi Chase?

The Net worth of Romi Chase in 2022 is almost 1.1m USD. 

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