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Brittney Saunder

If you don’t know Brittney Saunders, you probably should know her. After all, she’s been dubbed America’s Sweetheart in the music industry and has also become famous as a beauty blogger with almost 3 million subscribers on YouTube. Her makeup tutorials have gotten rave reviews from all over the world, and her love of food has helped her to build up an Instagram following of more than 2 million people who follow her every move.

Brittney Saunders is one of the rising stars on YouTube, but she’s also carving out an impressive path in the entertainment industry overall. She has already reached over 1 million subscribers and continues to build her fan base through regular uploads. Not only that, but her acting chops are also well-respected, and she continues to pop up in guest spots in shows like The Walking Dead and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit every now and then.

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Brittney Saunders

Brittney Saunders Wiki:

Real name:  Brittney Saunders

Nickname:  Brittney

Date of birth:  27 April 1993

Birth Place: Australia

Nationality: Australian

Age:  29 Years

Profession:  Youtuber, Social media Personality

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height:  5’6”

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Brittney Saunders

Brittney Saunders Career:

Professional YouTuber, beauty blogger, and pop star. She was born on April 27 1993 in Australia where she has lived for all of her life. She began to develop an interest in fashion at an early age after being inspired by her mother who was modeling professionally at one point in time. After giving up on her dreams of pursuing a career as a lawyer she decided to do something that would make her happy which led her to start YouTube vlogging about fashion. She made her youtube account in August of 2011. She is one of the most prevalent Influencers in Australia.

From a young age she spent her time writing reviews on all things make-up-related and even started a beauty channel where she’d post videos reviewing different products. As time went on she began being noticed by brands who were keen to get their products reviewed by one of YouTube’s most popular bloggers.

Brittney Saunders Youtube Content Creator:

Brittney Saunder of YouTube fame took her talents to another level recently as she covers popular songs on her YouTube channel and reveals more about herself through interviews with other YouTube stars. However, she did not always have the same success as she has now. 

Little more than two years ago, fashion blogger Brittney Saunders quit her job at Starbucks to start working on her social media brand full time. She never dreamed that she would be where she is today, but with a passion for style and self-motivation, she’s built an empire.

Brittney Saunders Age:

As per her date of birth, her age is 29 years old in 2022.

Brittney Saunders Height and Weight:

Brittney Saundersis 5 feet 6 inches tall, with blonde hair, hazel-colored eyes, and a curvy frame. Her measurements are proportional to her height, making her modelesque without seeming frail. She weighs 70 kgs.

Brittney Saunders Net Worth:

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Brittney Saunders is estimated to have a net worth of $1.2 million in 2022. Brittney Saunders has earned from her Youtube videos. She makes Videos on Beauty, Makeup, and Fashion. Her Youtube Channel is her primary Source of income. 

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Brittney Saunders

Brittney Saunder Boyfriend:

Brittney has been dating Devin Asher, who is also a YouTuber. The pair have been courting seeing that February 2017. Just like her, he is also famous on Youtube. He has more than one million subscribers and 10.5 million views in total. He uploads videos of him and his friends doing stuff they do every day like going fishing and playing video games together as well as pranks on each other, funny Vlogs and challenges that they make themselves do every week.

Brittney Saunder Family:

Her parents have always been supportive of her decisions and have given her enough freedom to make her own choices in life. She is also grateful that they keep supporting her passion for making covers on youtube and will continue to do so as long as she wishes. Her family always cheers for her no matter what happens, in all areas of life.

Brittney Saunders Social Media Accounts:

Brittney Saunders  Instagram:

Brittney Saunders  TikTok:

Brittney Saunders YouTube:

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Brittney Saunders

Favorite Things:

 Favorite Color: Lavender, white

Favorite Places: London

Favorite Actor:  Adam Sandler

Favorite Actresses: Emma Watson

Favorite Sports:  Cricket

Facts about Brittney Saunders:

  • She is from New Castle, New South Wales, Australia.
  • She is one of the most famous celebrities recorded on the youtube star list.
  • She owns a company Getnkd.
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Brittney Saunders


Who is Brittney Saunders?

 With her bubbly personality and her positive outlook, Brittney Saunder has been able to turn something that she loves doing into a lucrative career. As both an online fashion blogger and Youtuber, Brittney has built up quite the fan base for herself, receiving over 2 million views in just one of her Youtube videos alone!

What is the Relationship status of Brittney Saunders?

She is Unmarried.

What is the Age of Brittney Saunders?

She is 29 years old.

When was Brittney Saunders Born?

 Her Birthday is on April 27, 1993

What is her Star Sign Brittney Saunders?

Her star sign is Taurus

What is the height of Brittney Saunders?

 She is 5’6” Tall.

What is the Hometown of Brittney Saunders?

She is from Australia.

What is the value of all assets of Brittney Saunders?

The Net worth of Brittney Saunders in 2022 is almost 2m USD. 


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