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Mia Sand is just giving a hot pose while wearing a black cropped shirt.
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Mia Sand, also known as Missmiafit, is a Danish professional online fitness coach, entrepreneur, Fitness trainer, Nutritionist, Instagram star, Twitter celebrity, and social media Influencer. Mia Sand is famous for her Instagram account, with 2.4M followers.

Mia Sand is looking hot in a bikini dress and here she is giving a killer pose.
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Mia Sand (Missmiafit) Biography/Wiki:

Mia Sand is a professional coach, fitness trainer, social media star, and Influencer. She is mainly famous for her Instagram, with 2.4M followers. She uploads her workout and fitness-related content. Mia Sand also collaborates with many famous brands. As a fitness coach, she has helped countless ladies develop healthy lifestyles and achieve their fitness objectives. Her net worth is around $500k to $600k as of 2022.

Real nameMia Sand Jakobsen
Famous asMissmiafit
BirthdayOctober 18, 1987
BirthplaceCopenhagen, Denmark
Zodiac (Birth sign)Libra
Net worth$500k to $600k
Primary Income SourceOnlyfans, Website, Fitness trainer, Instagram, collaborations, social media stars &Influencer.
Mia Sand is just posing for a picture while wearing a red amazing outfit.
(Image: missmiafit/Instagram)

Mia Sand Birthday And Age:

Mia Sand was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, on October 18, 1987, and her zodiac sign is Libra(Librans are outgoing, cozy, and kind. Librans typically have their sights set on bringing harmony, peace, and justice in the world, just like the Scales symbolize their sign. Thanks to their vast stores of charm, intelligence, frankness, persuasion, and effortless connectivity, they are well-suited to do so).

Mia Sand is a 35 years old Fitness coach and social media Influencer.

Appearance &Body Measurements:

She has Blonde shoulder-cut hair and Blue Almond-shaped eyes. Moreover, she has white porcelain skin tone.

Mia Sand is a fitness model who maintains her body in shape. Mia stands at 5’7 tall and weighs around 78kg. Her other physical measurements are 38E-26-42.

Height5’7 (5 feet 7 inches)
Bust size38E
Waist size26
Hip size42
Shoe sizeN/A
Eye ColorBlue
Eyes shapeAlmond shape
Hair ColorBlonde
Hair StyleShoulder-Length Straight
Skin ToneWhite Porcelain
Mia Sand is drinking coffee and is posing for a picture while wearing a shirt with blue jeans.
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Mia Sand Family And Background:

Mia Sand is standing with his elder son Sean and is posing for a picture while laughing.
(Image: missmiafit/Instagram)

Mia is a Danish lady, and she follows Christianity. She wrote about her mother’s illness and mentioned her younger sister, too, as she captioned:

“At the age of 19, my mother suffered three blood clot attacks while having back surgery, necessitating caregiving duties for her and my younger sister, who was experiencing obsessive thoughts and mental health problems.”

Although she never mentioned her father on her social media accounts.

Marital Status/Relationship:

Mia Sand is posing for a picture with his husband and both are smiling in a picture.
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Mia is a married woman with two children, her 1st born, Sean, and her younger daughter, Norr. She didn’t mention the identity of her husband, but she said that she and her husband had been together for ten years.

When she turned 24, she ended a bad relationship and became pregnant with a cruel, controlling, and spiteful man. From his 1st boyfriend, she has a son named Sean.

MotherName: N/A
SisterName: N/A
Marital statusMarried
HusbandName: N/A
ChildrenSean &Norr
EthnicityDanish, White
LanguageDanish, English
Mia Sand is looking happy with her daughter and they are just posing for a picture.
(Image: missmiafit/Instagram)

Education, Early Life &Career:

She avoided elementary school as much as possible because she detested it. She is still the only family member with a formal education or degree.

Mia, better known online as “Miss Mia Fit,” is a popular social media influencer from Denmark recognized for her distinctive muscular and voluptuous body that, in her words, “defies the conventions of today.” She only began her fitness journey a few years ago as a mother of a 4-year-old child, but she has already established herself as a well-known fitness model supported by several leading fitness companies, like @WorkoutEmpire. She published a brief video named “Mia Sand: Fitness Model – Bigger Butt Exercises – Building Massive Butt @ Denmark” on the “My Fitness Girls” YouTube channel in July 2016.

Her workouts have also been featured on the YouTube channels “Fitness Superstar,” “Big Booty TV,” and “Its Booty Thing.” However, she differs from the other fitness models in that she encourages young girls to “not be scared to be different.” Unknowingly, she has become a spokesperson for young mothers and women who want to feel empowered and confident. She tells her supporters worldwide that “others can only take from you what you allow” and to stop letting others limit their potential.

Mia Sand had always been a curvy, tall girl. She struggled to accept her size because everyone around her was smaller than most girls her age. Mia Sand ultimately understood, though, that Mia needed to appreciate what she saw in the mirror and was resolved to improve the appearance of her current figure. By the time she was well over 25 and a mother, she started going to the neighborhood gym. She decided to begin frequently exercising because she had put on some weight that she did not like. She quickly developed a love for weight lifting and started doing the heavy lifting to build her muscles on the advice of a knowledgeable trainer.


Now she is a Fitness coach and advises and gives guidelines to other Young women and mothers who are conscious about their body shape. Mia Sand runs her Fitness website, on which she has assisted countless women in creating healthy lifestyles and attaining their fitness goals as a fitness instructor.  

Mia Sand started her Instagram in November 2013, and now she has over 2.4M followers &on Twitter, she has nearly 50K followers. She collaborates with many famous fitness brands and supplement companies on her Instagram, including @loungeunderwear.

Currently, Mia Sand is a Fitness model &Fitness Coach, Instagram Star, Twitter Celebrity, and social media Influencer. Mia also has started her Onlyfans account for extra financial support, but she did not post explicit content there. She posts her photos there as she posts on her Instagram.

Clothing List:

Mia Sand loves to wear gym suits, two-piece legging suits, long or short maxis, Bikinis, Lingerie, pant-shirts, pant-shirts with jackets, cropped shirts with leggings, bra suits, tank tops, and expensive undergarments. She is well known for being unconventional and outspoken and wears numerous small outfits.

Associated With:

Mia Sand is associated with Maria Fitbcheeks; Maria is a fitness model from Ukraine who goes by the name Fitbcheeks or Fitbuttcheeks. She is also a TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube celebrity and a fashion and fitness model.

Mia Sand, Instagram Star:


Mia Sand is an Instagram star who joined her Instagram in November 2013, and now she has 2.4M followers. She uploads her workout pictures and videos, and fitness-related content.

Twitter Celebrity:

Mia joined Twitter in January 2017 and has around 50k followers. She tweets fitness-related content on her Twitter account and also gives guidelines and facts about fitness.

Fitness Website:

Mia Sand manages her fitness website; whereas a fitness instructor and coach, she has helped numerous women develop healthy lifestyles and reach their fitness objectives.

AccountsLinksJoining date
InstagrammissmiafitNovember 2013
TwitterMia SandJanuary 2017
Website sandfitnessN/A
YouTube N/AN/A
FacebookMia SandN/A

Mia Sand Net Worth:

Mia Sand is just posing for a picture while giving a cute smile.
(Image: missmiafit/Instagram)

The net worth of Mia Sand is around $500k to $600k as of 2022, and her primary sources of income are her website, Fitness trainer and Coach offline and online, Collaborations, social media star, and Influencer.

Truth &Facts:

  • Mia Sand is a professional Fitness trainer and coach online and offline, fitness model, Nutritionist, fitness spokesperson, Instagram star, Twitter celebrity, and entrepreneur.
  • Mia Sand was born on October 18, 1987, in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was given the sign of Libra.
  • Mia Sand is a 35-year-old social media influencer and fitness coach.
  • Mia Sand is also available on the Onlyfans account but doesn’t upload her adult content there.
  • Before falling in love with weightlifting, she spent practically every weekend drinking and partying.
  • Over four years, she has assisted over 1000 women and men in transforming their bodies and relationships with food and exercise.

Why Should We Follow Her?

  • Follow her! Mia Sand advises young women who are self-conscious about their size and form to take the initiative to work hard to reach their ideal bodies because no one else can do it for them, the light of her personal experiences.
  • She also counsels new mothers to care for their bodies and themselves rather than only focusing on being moms.
  • She isn’t afraid to remind herself and everyone around her that she didn’t achieve what she has by following social standards but rather by setting her norm-defying goals. Her 2.4M Instagram followers, a mix of young men and women, are drawn to her because of this mentality.
Mia Sand is posing for a picture while wearing a bra suit and leggings.
(Image: missmiafit/Instagram)
  • She has helped over 1000 women and men transform their bodies and relationships with food and exercise over four years.


Who is Mia Sand?

Mia Sand, commonly known as Missmiafit, is a professional online fitness trainer, businesswoman, Nutritionist, Instagram and Twitter personality, and social media influencer from Denmark. She has 2.4 million followers on her Instagram account, which is her main source of fame.

What is Mia Sand’s exact birth date?

Her accurate date of birth is October 18, 1987.

How old is Mia Sand?

Mia Sand(Missmiafit) is 35 years old, as it is 2022.

What is Mia Sand’s total earnings/net worth in 2022?

Mia Sand has an estimated net worth of $500k to $600k as of 2022, and her main sources of income include her website, her work as an offline and online fitness trainer and coach, collaborations, a social media influencer, and as such.

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