Mealsandmunchies (Brooke Aka) Biography, Food Recipes, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Husband, Interesting Facts &More

Mealsandmunchies is just taking her selfie and is posing for a picture while wearing a beautiful outfit.
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Mealsandmunchies is a TikTok and Instagram channel where professional chef Brooke AKA makes lovely, healthy, and delectable food recipes for her followers. On her social media accounts, she also provides daily mental health suggestions. Brooke AKA is a talented American chef, TikTok and Instagram sensation, and mental health advocate.

Mealsandmunchies is sitting in a car and taking a selfie with her dog she said she is a dog mom so taking selfie with her dog.
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Mealsandmunchies (Brooke AKA) Biography/Wiki:

Brooke AKA is an Instagram and TikTok star born on August 25, 1998, in America & she is a mental health counselor who provides advice and quick and healthy meal ideas. She works as an Amazon Associate. She is committed to living a healthy lifestyle, both emotionally and physically. She also sells green vitamins for intestinal health, protein, and collagen coffee.

Brooke’s net worth is estimated to be $500k-$600k.

Real nameBrooke AKA
Famous asMealsandmunchies
BirthdayAugust 25, 1998
Zodiac (Birth sign)Virgo
Net worth$500k-$600k
Primary Income SourceWebsite, TikTok star, Instagram star, and Social media influencer.
Mealsandmunchies is enjoying her honeymoon with her husband and is looking happy as she is enjoying the dinner.
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Mealsandmunchies (Brooke AKA) Birthday And Age:

Brooke AKA was born on August 25, 1998, in the United States, and her zodiac/star sign is Virgo (Virgo women are extremely discriminating ladies, natural observers, and sharp analyzers of everything. She is highly analytical and can detect what is off-key about a person or circumstance and attempt to improve it.

She is a 24-year-old social media sensation.

Mealsandmunchies Body Measurements And Appearance:

Mealsandmunchies is just showing to her fans that how strong is she as she also treats the health of brains and her goal is to keep happy all people.
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The fashionable lady weighs approximately 55 kg and stands 5’6′′ tall. Brooks’s hair is blonde, and her eyes are large and Gray in color & her skin tone is soft and flawless. Her body measurements are 34 in the breast, 26 in the waist, and 35 in the hips.

Weight55 kg
Waist size26
Bust size34
Hip size35
Dress sizeUnknown
Eyes ColourGrey
Hair ColourBlonde  hairs
Skin ToneWhite
Shoe sizeN/A
Mealsandmunchies is posing for a picture with her husband on her wedding day and both are looking happy together.
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Mealsandmunchies (Brooke AKA) Family And Background:

Brooke AKA, is from the United States and is a Christian. The celebrity has never previously discussed her family. She never mentioned her parents or siblings on her social media pages.

Mealsandmunchies (Brooke AKA) Relationship Status:

She is a married woman. On October 16, 2021, she married. She has posted numerous photos of herself with her husband on her Instagram account but has not revealed his identity.

Mealsandmunchies is on her wedding as she loves her husband a lot so she is randomly posts about her husband.
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Mealsandmunchies Education/Early Life &Career:

After graduating from an American college in 2018, she found her interest in cooking and creating healthy meal recipes.

She started sharing healthy meals, supplements, and mental health tips on TikTok and her Instagram account. Her fans found these tips beneficial and benefited. She also shares her lifestyle on social media. She first posted on TikTok and Instagram simultaneously in 2021. By sharing magical tips and creative recipes, she gets fast fame. Now she has millions of fans on her social media accounts.

Mealsandmunchies Brooke AKA Clothing List:

She prefers to dress in a tank top with reformation jeans, a sports bra with trousers, a tank top with denim shorts, a tank top with a denim jacket and pants, a stylish top with a skirt, a T-shirt with pants or jeans, mini-skirts, short and stylish maxis, check shirt with jeans or pants, pant-shirts, and so on. She usually wears full-sleeved, half-sleeved, or sleeveless T-shirts with slacks or jeans.

Mealsandmunchies is posing for a picture with niece but she never disclose her sister and parent's name.
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Mealsandmunchies Associated With:

Brooke is linked to Kizactivelife;  Kirrily Edwards, a TikTok star, recipe developer, swimmer, and social media influencer. Kirrily Edwards, better known online as Kizactivelife, is a social media influencer, Instagram celebrity, and YouTube sensation. She is highly renowned for her videos, sharing recipes, and showing off her wholesome dishes and sweets. She shares TikTok videos of her workout routine and swims as well.

Mealsandmunchies TikTok Star:

Brooke AKA is a TikTok celebrity. She joined TikTok on August 21, 2021, with 1.4 million followers and 15.1 million likes on her videos. She rose to notoriety with her daily videos, which gave nutritious food recipes and mental health suggestions.

Instagram Star:

Brooke AKA joined Instagram on August 21, 2021. She has 136k Instagram followers and posts beautiful photographs of herself and her hubby performing various things. There, she also shares mental health ideas and cuisine recipes.

Business Website:

Brooke AKA, also has an internet business using her website. She used to offer health-related products and cooking equipment on her website through Amazon. She also shares recipes there.

To contact Brooke AKA, she has provided her Gmail.

Gmail: [email protected] 

AccountsLinksJoining date
Instagram AccountmealsandmunchiesJoined August 21, 2021.
TikTok AccountmealsandmunchiesJoined August  21, 2021
WebsitemealsandmunchiesJoined 2021
YouTube ChannelMealsandmunchiesJoined November 8, 2021

Mealsandmunchies (Brooke AKA) Net Worth:

From her TikTok, Instagram, and business accounts, she has an estimated net worth of $500k-$600k. She sells health supplements and food equipment on her business account.

Mealsandmunchies is celebrating her 1 million followers on her TikTok and is happy.
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Truth and Facts:

  • Brooke AKA is a terrific source of inspiration for those who enjoy cooking.
  • On Instagram, TikTok, and her business account, she shares her unique and delectable dishes with her admirers.
  • She was an athlete in college.
  • Brooke AKA is a terrific source of inspiration for those who enjoy cooking.
  • On Instagram, TikTok, and her business account, she shares her unique and delectable dishes with her admirers.
  • She was an athlete in college.
  • She is a dog owner and a wife.
  • She promotes leading a balanced life that is both mental and physical.
  • She works as a full-time collegiate athlete therapist.
  • She works as a full-time outreach coordinator, which entails organizing events and giving presentations on mental health.
  • She enjoys cooking and provides her busy followers with simple and practical recipe suggestions.
  • She is a 1st Form counselor who can assist you in achieving your objectives.
Mealsandmunchies is just posing for a picture and her husband is taking selfie with her and both are smiling.
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Why Should We Follow Her?

  • Brooke is a popular food and lifestyle blogger, TikTok celebrity, and social media influencer. Follow her if you want her recipes.
  • If you are mentally ill, look at her Mental health suggestions.
  • You can stay healthy by purchasing and consuming her healthy protein and collagen supplements.
  • On her business account, she also sells lashes.
Mealsandmunchies is with her husband and a dog as they are going for traveling and enjoying some games.
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Who is Mealsandmunchies (Brooke AKA)?

Brooke Aka is a famous TikTok and Instagram star who shares unique recipes for meals and munchies on her social media account. She also provides tips related to health there. She also sells supplements that keep you healthy and fit.

How old is Mealsandmunchies (Brooke AKA)?

She is 24 years old.

When was Mealsandmunchies (Brooke AKA) born?

She was born on August 25, 1998.

What is Mealsandmunchies (Brooke AKA) Net Worth in 2022?

Her Net worth is estimated to be $500k-$600k.

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