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Kizactivelife is also a swimmer and she keeps fit and healthy body and here she is posing for a picture while wearing a bra and shorts.
(Image: Kizactive/Instagram)

Kizactivelife, Kirrily Edwards, is a TikTok superstar, Instagram star, YouTuber, and social media influencer. She is well-known for her videos sharing recipes and footage of her nutritious meals and desserts. She also swims and posts TikTok videos of her fitness program.

Kizactivelife is on traveling and vacation with her sister and is showing her self made food and is ready to eat.
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Kizactivelife (Kirrily Edwards) Biography/Wiki:

Kizactivelife, also known as Kirrily Edwards, is an Australian social media celebrity best known for her TikTok and Instagram videos in which she shares recipes and footage of her healthy meals and desserts. She is a freestyle swimmer who detailed her daily diet to preserve her strength, stamina, and fantastic shape. She posts various workout programs, Vlogs, and food videos on her TikTok and Instagram channels. She enjoys making desserts and meals. Kirrily Edwards was born on February 9, 2001, in Sidney, Australia, and is 21 years old. Kirrily Edwards’ net worth is estimated to be between $700,000 and $800,000 as of 2022.

Real nameKirrily Edwards
Famous asKizactivelife
BirthdayFebruary 9, 2001
BirthplaceSydney, Australia
Zodiac (Birth sign)Aquarius
Net worth$700k-$800k
Primary Income SourceTikTok star, Instagram star, Swimmer, Social media influencer.

Kizactivelife (Kirrily Edwards) Birthday And Age:

Kizactivelife, Kirrily Edwards was born in Australia on February 9, 2001. Aquarius is her astrological sign, and they are said to be honest, creative, passionate, altruistic, friendly, mysterious, and spontaneous. They are eccentric and unpredictable and must take a position on what they believe in).

She is twenty-one years old.

Kizactivelife is doing jogging and here she is just posing for a picture while wearing a jacket with sporty clothing.
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Kizactivelife (Kirrily Edwards) Height/Weight/Body Measurements And Appearance:

Kirrily Edwards, Kizactivelife, is a stunning girl with a perfect body. She has an exceptional personality; she is assertive, confident, and gorgeous & has a chest measurement of 34 inches, a waist measurement of 26 inches, and a hip measurement of 36 inches. She weighs 54 kg and stands 5 feet 5 inches (5’5) tall.

She also has striking black narrow eyes and fair skin. Her hair is dark brown.

Weight54 kg
Waist size26
Bust size34
Hip size36
Dress sizeUnknown
Eyes ColourBlack
Hair ColourDark brown  hairs
Skin ToneWhite
Shoe sizeN/A

Kizactive Kirrily Edwards Family And Background:

Kirrily Edwards is a Christian who is from Australia. Kirrily Edwards has a younger sister Kate Edwards with whom she used to post pictures but didn’t disclose her parent’s or other siblings’ names, although she never mentioned her parents on social media.

Kizactivelife is with her younger sister Kate Edwards and is enjoying vacations at beach.
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Kizactive Kirrily Edwards Relationship Status:

Kirrily Edwards is only 21 years old and is not yet married. Records show that She is not in a relationship. Her attention is mainly on her career.

SiblingYounger sister Kate Edwards

Kizactivelife (Kirrily Edwards) Education/Early Life &Career:

Kirrily Edwards attended Al Saints’ College in Bathurst.

In December 2019, she released her first TikTok video. She showed photographs of her favorite healthy treats in the video. In other videos, she presented images of her favorite healthy treats.

On TikTok and Instagram, she posts videos about her meals, exercise tips, and lifestyle. On her Instagram, Kizactivelife, she shares healthy meals and wellness tips. She is an Australian professional swimmer from Sydney. As time progressed, she received more notice and fame.

She now has 785.6k TikTok followers and 247k Instagram fans.

Kizactivelife is showing her self-made cakes and is happy because she made tasty cakes.
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Kirrily Edwards Clothing List:

Leggings, sportswear, Latex pants and dresses, crop tops with leggings, miniskirts, swimwear, gym wear, shirts with short sleeves, sleeveless crop tops, pant-shirts, trendy top tanks, full latex dresses, two-piece legging suits, long and quick Maxi’s, lace, shirts with jeans and shorts are among the clothes Kirrily Edwards has been spotted wearing.

Kizactivelife Associated With:

Kirrily Edwards is associated with Cooking With Shereen; Shereen Pavlides, a professional chef, runs the TikTok and Instagram account Cooking With Shereen, where she prepares delicious, wholesome, and appetizing meals for her family and friends. American chef Shereen Pavlides is a YouTuber, TikTok, Instagram star, Twitter personality, and cookbook author. She is a social media chef, to put it briefly.

Kizactivelife TikTok Star:

Kirrily Edwards is a TikTok star. She joined the site on May 21, 2019, and currently has 785.6K followers and 10.5 million likes on her TikTok videos. She rose to prominence through her films, sharing recipes and footage of her healthy meals and desserts. She also swims and posts TikTok videos of her fitness program.


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Instagram Star:

On September 11, 2021, Kirrily Edwards joined Instagram. She has 247k Instagram followers, posts lovely images of herself and her sister and friends, explores her lifestyle and everyday activities, and shares healthy recipes and wellness material on her Kizactivelife Instagram.

YouTube Star:

Kirrily Edwards started her YouTube channel on September 15, 2015, and she currently has 3.8k subscribers and 269k views as of 2022. She posted her Vlogs and recipes there.


She used to sell support equipment and shares dessert and meal recipes on her website. The link to her website is as follows: 

AccountsLinksJoining date
Instagram AccountkizactivelifeJoined September 11, 2021.
TikTok AccountkizactivelifeJoined May 21, 2019
Business AccountKizactiveJoined 2022
YouTube ChannelKirrilyEdwardsJoined September 15, 2015

Kizactivelife (Kirrily Edwards) Net Worth:

Kirrily Edwards has a net worth of  $700k-$800k. Her primary income sources are her Tiktok, Instagram, and swimming. Moreover, she is living a luxurious and happy life.

Kizactivelife is on traveling and enjoying her vacations as she is in Sydney, Australia and is looking happy here.
(Image: Kizactive/Instagram)

Kizactivelife (Kirrily Edwards) Truth and Facts:

  • Kirrily ‘Kiz’ Edwards, 20, is an Australian professional swimmer from Sydney.
  • She revealed the diet she follows to keep her strength and fantastic condition.
  • Ms. Edwards fuels her body with three big meals and three hefty snacks.
  • Protein oats, vegetable burgers, egg sandwiches, and fruit salads are among the dishes available.
  • Ms. Edwards encourages young women to approach fitness in a balanced manner.

Why Should We Follow Her:

  • A freestyle swimmer revealed her daily diet to keep her strength, stamina, and fantastic shape – and she still eats dessert every night. So, if you want to prepare these dishes, follow her instructions.
  • Kirrily Edwards recently showed her 3.8k YouTube subscribers what she eats daily to fuel her body through double two-hour swimming sessions and 45 minutes of athletes and body weight training. So you should follow her if you want to be healthy and fit.
  • If you want healthy recipes and wellness content, you should follow her.
Kizactivelife is wearing a shirt with pant and is posing for a picture while traveling.
(Image: Kizactive/Instagram)


Who is Kizactivelife (Kirrily Edwards)?

Kizactivelife is an Australian TikTok and Instagram celebrity who rose to prominence for her daily routine images and videos in which she shares recipes and footage of her nutritious meals and desserts. She also swims and broadcasts TikTok videos of her workout program.

How old is Kizactivelife (Kirrily Edwards)?

Kizactivelife is 21 years old.

When was Kizactivelife (Kirrily Edwards) born?

Kizactivelife was born on February 9, 2001.

What is Kizactivelife’s (Kirrily Edwards) Net Worth in 2022?

Kizactivelife Net worth is estimated to be $700k-$800k.

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