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Lennard Yeong is just posing for a picture while wearing a 3 piece suit looks charming and handsome.
(Image: Lennard Yeong/Instagram)

Lennard Yeong is a Singaporean chef, Instagram, and TikTok star. Lennard is a self-taught chef who participated in the first season of MasterChef Asia in 2015 and is currently regarded as one of Singapore’s most talented cooks. He has been the in-house chef for the Miele brand in Singapore since 2018, where he also teaches culinary lessons and creates new recipes. At the restaurant Mi Casa, he held the position of Head Chef.

Lennard Yeong is just posing for a picture as he loves do modeling and photographing.
(Image: Lennard Yeong/Instagram)

Lennard Yeong Biography/Wiki:

Lennard Yeong is a professional Singaporean Chef, Instagram, and TikTok star, who was born in Singapore on October 3, 1988, and is 34 years old. Lennard graduated in engineering but has spent more than ten years cooking with a concentration on food science. He worked as an Engineer for 4 to 5 years, but he didn’t like the work.

However, he discovered that cooking at home on the weekends offered him considerably more satisfaction. He decided to pursue his passion at that point, so he started cooking. Lennard Yeong has also produced a series of documentaries for the Channel NewsAsia TV network titled “For Food’s Sake!” that looks into the reasons behind Singapore’s food supply issues.

Singapore imports 90% of its food. By making thoughtful food product choices, the chef hopes to inspire and inform the next generation about the importance of attentive nutrition. The net worth of Lennard Yeong will be around $1 million to $2 million in 2022.

Real nameLennard Yeong
Nick NameLennardy
BirthdayOctober 3, 1988
Zodiac (Birth sign)Libra
Net worth$1 Million to $ 2 million
Primary Income SourceCooking Off and on social media, Social media cook, Head Chef of Mi Casa.

Lennard Yeong Birthday And Age:

Lennard Yeong was born in Singapore on October 3, 1988, and his star sign is Libra(Libras are pretty relaxed and laid back. Due to their talent for consoling others, Libra men get along with practically everyone. Although incredibly sensitive, a Libra man is also vital. Since they are balanced individuals, they never have emotional outbursts).

Lennard Yeong is a 34 years old passionate cook and social media star.

Lennard Yeong is celebrating his 34th birthday at a restaurant and blowing the candle.
(Image: Lennard Yeong/Instagram)

Lennard Yeong Body Measurements &Appearance:

Lennard has a fair complexion and a handsome appearance & his eye and hair are the same shade of Black. Lennard Yeong is undoubtedly an attractive man with an outgoing personality. His fans admire his smartness and charm as he stands 6’2 feet and weighs around 73kg. His other body measurements are unknown then, but if we find any info about his body stats, we will update the info.

Height6’2 (6 feet 2 inches)
Chest sizeUnknown
Waist sizeUnknown
Hip sizeUnknown
Shoe sizeN/A
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorDark Black
Skin ToneFair/Ivory

Lennard Yeong Family And Background:

Lennard Yeong is a Chinese Singaporean, and he is of mixed ethnicity who follows Christianity. Lennard sometimes posts about his mother and says that her mother has retired from her work and works as SG digital ambassador and is the most inspiring person in his life; she was the breadwinner of his family because his father has been stopped working at a relatively young age. He said:

Lennard Yeong is cooking with his mother as he said that his mother is his 1st inspiration for cooking.
(Image: Lennard Yeong/Instagram)

“I was raised by the strongest person I know and grew up surrounded by strong women.”  

But he didn’t reveal his parent’s names as he said:

“I don’t post that much about my family because I respect their privacy.”

He has two sisters, Jasmine Yeong and Charlene Yeong.

MotherName: Unknown
FatherName: Unknown
SiblingsTwo Sis: Jasmine Yeong and Charlene Yeong
LanguageEnglish, Chinese

Lennard Yeong Education/Early Life &Career:

Lennard Yeong studied Mechanical Engineering at UCLA  and completed his graduation in 2009. he also worked as an Engineer at Shipyard for about three years but didn’t like it.

Lennard said that he was inspired by her mother’s cooking. He has always been passionate about food and cooking and was always curious if he could make it a full-time job. So Lennard quit his career at the end of 2017. Lennard started a part-time cooking job for almost the first 6 months. He didn’t have a steady income at that time. He said:

“It was terrifying, but I worked hard for it.”


But in that six months, he realized that was the happiest he had ever been in his whole life. Moreover, he said:

“Despite being afraid, you do the right thing or do what feels right. Be courageous with your life decisions, as you only have one life, explore that bit more. Just go at it fearlessly!”

One of Singapore’s most brilliant chefs, Lennard is a self-taught cook who participated in the first season of MasterChef Asia in 2015 and was one of the finalists. He worked as the Head Chef at the Hotel Mi Casa.

Currently, Lennard ranks among Singapore’s most promising cooks. Since 2018, he has served as the Miele brand’s in-house chef in Singapore, conducting cooking classes and developing new recipes.

Lennard Yeong has also produced “For Food’s Sake!” films for the Channel NewsAsia TV network that explore the causes of Singapore’s food supply problems. 90% of Singapore’s food is imported. The chef wants to inspire and educate the future generation about the significance of careful nutrition through his careful selection of food products.

Apart from cooking, he also does modeling for famous brands of Perfumes, facial creams, and sunscreens. Lennard is also a social media cook and star and has many followers on his social platforms.


Lennard Yeong Wardrobe:

Lennard likes to wear dress ideally as he likes to wear shirts and jeans, three-piece suits, cardigans, Hawaiian shirts with jeans and trousers, t-shirts with pants, hoodies with pants or jeans, jackets, Jersey with pants or jeans, Check shirts with pants or jeans, hoodies with pant or jeans, Office shirts Etc. He also used to wear an apron shirt during cooking.

Lennard Yeong Associated with:

Lennard Yeong associates with Rosanna Pansino, American YouTuber, baker, singer, actor, author, and social media star Rosanna Pansino is well-known. She was born Rosanna Reardon. Top of Forbes’ list of “Top Influencers: Food” in 2017, Pansino is one of YouTube’s highest-paid content creators.

Lennard Yeong TikTok Account:

Lennard gained fame as a TikTok Cook due to his 8.9 million likes and 989.9k followers. Being a skilled and enthusiastic cook, he uploads his cooking tutorials and shares his recipes with his followers.


Crystal ‘bread’, looks sus as hell but its actually just a crispy hollow chip in a rectangular shape, a recipe that was developed by el bulli. Topped one with snow crab with and wasabi, and another with whipped cream cheese, smoked salmon tartare and chives. Recipe in the comments ->

♬ Relaxing lofi music(1014185) – Akase

Lennard Yeong Instagram Star:

Lennard Yeong is an Instagram star as he has 143k followers on his Instagram account and joined Instagram in April 2012. Lennard uploads his blog posts, cooked food pictures, cooking videos, and random pictures. He also engages in paid sponsorship and modeling for certain well-known companies but does it as a hobby.

AccountsLinksJoining date
TikToklennardy Joined April 5, 2022
InstagramlennardyJoined April 2012
FacebookLennard YeongJoined November 2011
YouTube N/AN/A

Lennard Yeong Marital Status/ Girlfriend:

Lennard Yeong is not yet married, but on June 16, 2022, he was engaged to Ann Louise Chia and decided to marry her soon. Ann Louise Chia works as a Senior Associate in Dentons Rodyk’s Corporate practice. In 2015, Ann earned her degree honors from the University of Bristol.

Lennard Yeong is with his girlfriend as he recently engaged to her in June 16, 2022.
(Image: Lennard Yeong/Instagram)

Lennard Yeong Net Worth:

The net worth of Lennard Yeong is around $1 million to $2 million as his primary source of income is cooking as a head chef at MI Casa, social media cook, cooking class, and modeling for famous brands.

Lennard Yeong Truth &Facts:

  • He claims that in 2017 he experienced his first gout attack due to overeating in snacks and neglecting to drink enough water. However, he is now more aware of the problem.
  • Lennard is also involved in several health campaigns to educate the next generation about the benefits of a good diet. Through his careful selection of food products, the chef hopes to inspire and educate future generations about the need for proper nutrition.
  • Yeong is currently the head chef for Miele Singapore, a retailer of upscale home products.
  • Lennard Yeong enjoys socializing offline as well. “I host private events at work where friends are welcome to bring anybody they like, and at one point, I realized that the food is only a byproduct—more it’s about the occasion, connecting with others, making connections, and having conversations. There is a certain vitality with a good ensemble,”
  • In episode 11, on November 12, 2015, he was removed from the competition. He was one of the Masterchef Asia finalists and had triumphed in five episodes of the season.

Why Should We Follow Lennard Yeong?

  • He is a passionate cook, and he is not the type of person who seeks popularity; therefore, we should follow him. He enjoys interacting with his followers and showing them respect.
  • If you want to attempt something new to cook, you should follow Lennard because he also posts amazing cuisine recipes and images.


Who is Lennard Yeong?

Lennard Yeong, a self-taught Singaporean chef who competed in the first season of MasterChef Asia in 2015, is now considered one of the city-most state’s proficient cooks. Lennard is also a well-known character on Instagram and TikTok. He has worked as the in-house chef for the Miele brand in Singapore since 2018, leading cooking classes and creating new dishes there. At the restaurant Mi Casa, he held the position of Head Chef.

How Old is  Lennard Yeong?

He is 34 years old.

Is  Lennard Yeong in a relationship?

He is dating Ann Louise Chia.

On which date Lennard Yeong celebrates her birthday?

On October 3.

What is the net worth/total earnings of  Lennard Yeong in 2022?

It is around $1M to $2M.

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