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Rosanna Pansino is looking attractive in a black outfit and is posing for a picture.
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Rosanna Pansino (born Rosanna Reardon) is an American Youtuber, blogger, baker, singer, actor, author, and social media star. In 2017, Forbes “Top Influencers: Food” report ranked Rosanna Pansino as the top-paid content creator on YouTube. She got a deal with Kin Community, one of the most extensive multi-channel networks for women on YouTube, and is the founder and creator of the popular baking show Nerdy Nummies. In short, she is famous for her YouTube, published books, recipes, acting, singing, and as a social star.

Rosanna Pansino is just showing her baking looking absolutely stunning while wearing a stylish cropped shirt with pant.
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Rosanna Pansino Biography/Wiki:

Rosanna Pansino is an American Youtuber, entrepreneur, singer, actor, author, Baker, Instagram &TikTok star, and Twitter celebrity. On June 8, 1985, in Seattle, Washington, Rosanna was born. She is 37 years old. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. Since 2011, Pansino has served as the host of the online series Nerdy Nummies, for which she was nominated for five Streamy Awards and received a Shorty Award. In addition to launching a baking line, she has authored and released two cookbooks based on the series. Her food-related videos frequently feature recipes and try TikTok food hacks.

Additionally, she would play Violet in the Broken Quest YouTube series. In 2013 Pansino participated in the web series Broken Quest, and in 2018 and 2019, she featured in the YouTube Premium series Escape the Night, for which she received two Streamy Award nominations. She appeared as the host of the HBO Max series Baketopia in 2021. A classically trained singer, Pansino debuted in 2015 with the tune “Perfect Together,” Then she sang more songs and performed in many shows and series with different characters. The estimated net worth of Rosanna Pansino is around $12 million to $13 million.

Real nameRosanna Reardon
Nick NameRosanna Pansino, Ro, Nerdy Nummies
BirthdayJune 8, 1985
BirthplaceSeattle, Washington
Zodiac (Birth sign)Gemini
Net worth$12 to $13 Million
Primary Income SourceYouTube, Acting, Singing, Amazon Seller, Website, Clothing brand, paid partnerships Etc.
Rosanna Pansino is just posing for a picture in a top tank looking cute.
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Rosanna Pansino Birthday And Age:

On June 8, 1985, Rosanna Pansino was birthed in Seattle, Washington. She is Gemini by her birth/star sign(Gemini continually balances many interests, hobbies, jobs, and social circles. The social butterflies of the zodiac are these sharp-witted twins and can converse with anyone about anything. You can hear them humming between happy hours, dinner parties, and dance floors).

Rosanna Pansino is a 37 years old multi-talented lady.

Rosanna Pansino Height/Weight/Body Measurements:

Rosanna Pansino is a famous American YouTuber with a kind demeanor. She is an exceptional girl who is gorgeous, sensual and has a pleasant attitude. Rosanna is a short, heightened girl, yet her height suits her personality so we can claim that:

“Rosanna is not short; rather, her height is adorable.

Rosanna Pansino is thin, well-formed, gorgeous, and hot, and she has the perfect physique as she workout in the gym from time to time to make her body more perfect and attractive. She also smiles sweetly. She can fascinate everyone, regardless of gender, thanks to her compelling personality and stunning body. Rosanna Pansino measures roughly 32 inches around the breast, 24 inches around the waist, and 34 inches around the hips. She stands 147 cm (4’10”) tall and weighs 50 kg.

She had a breast implant, but her breast implants were removed in February 2021, and she revealed it on Instagram. A year later, Pansino talked about her decision to get her implants removed in a YouTube video.

Rosanna Pansino is smiling and just prmoting her clothing brand which she sells on her website.
(Image: Rosanna Pansino/Instagram)
Height4 feet 10 inches, 1.47m, 147cm
Weight50 kg
Waist size24 inches
Bust size32
Bra size30B
Hip size34
Dress sizeN/A
Shoe size4.5 US size

Rosanna Pansino Skin Tone/Hair Color/Eyes Color:

Rosanna Pansino is a cute and charming young blonde with a relaxed grin/smile and a stunning face that radiates elegance and grace. She has blonde, just-medium-length dark brown hair. She also keeps her nails in equally good shape and stunningly well-groomed eyebrows & has a beautiful porcelain skin tone, round almond light brown eyes, and a fair complexion.

Hair ColorDark brown
Eyes colorLight Brown
Eyes shapeRound Almond
Skin tonefair white porcelain
HairstyleMedium-length blonde/Occasionally changes her hairstyle.
Rosanna Pansino loves photography and here she is just posing for a picture and promoting her apparel brand.
(Image: Rosanna Pansino/Instagram)

Rosanna Pansino Family And Background:

Rosanna Pansino followed Christianity, was born in Seattle, Washington, and grew up with her sister Molly Lu. Rosanna is of Croatian, German, Italian, and Irish descent. Her mother’s name is Jeanne Ellen Reardon, or “Mama Mia.” Rosanna Pansino claimed that she loved her father, Michael Robert Reardon (better known as “Papa Pizza”), because he always had her back, taught her a lot about many things, especially music, and gave her much support. Her father and grandmother inspired Pansino’s love of cooking, and she remarked in 2014 that.

“One of my all-time favorite pastimes has always been baking. I’ve always enjoyed using my culinary creativity to create themed treats for my buddies.”

On December 17, 2019, Pansino made the tragic announcement on her social media platforms that her father, who had starred in several of her videos, had died after a six-year battle with Leukemia. Unfortunately, her father died on December 16, 2019, at 68, due to Leukemia. Her parents have frequently been seen in her YouTube videos.

Of her sibling, she only has a younger sister Molly Pansino (Molly Lu), who is married and a social media Influencer. Moreover, she has two nieces and many aunts. In short, she has a vast background.

Rosanna Pansino is with her complete family looking happy together but her father had died . she is saying that her family is growing.
(Image: Rosanna Pansino/Instagram)
MotherJeanne Ellen Reardon, well-known as Mama Mia
FatherMichael Robert Reardon, famous as Papa Pizza
Siblingsyounger sister Molly Pansino, Molly Lu
EthnicityIrish, German, Italian, and Croatian

Rosanna Pansino Education/Early Life:

Rosanna Pansino completed her early education at West Seattle High School, Seattle, Washington, in 2003 and then moved to Tacoma for higher education. She completed her graduation from the Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma. Throughout her youth, Rosanna Pansino battled dyslexia in school, and her friends and family called her a “nerdy” and “awkward” child. After graduating from Pacific Lutheran University and setting her sights on performing

, Rosanna relocated to Los Angeles.

Rosanna Pansino Career; As A YouTuber:

Rosanna Pansino created her YouTube channel on April 8, 2010. Baking is what Rosanna does best, so she decided to publish her first video of herself making a “Super Mario Star cake,” which she had initially intended to make for a party. Her 1st YouTube video later received 6 million views. She started creating videos to become more at ease in front of the camera after receiving encouragement from a handful of her friends who had previously worked on YouTube.

In 2011, Rosanna Pansino started the Nerdy Nummiesseries(cooking show). She later admitted that when she first started on YouTube, her agent had given her the choice between acting and YouTube while she was still working as an actress. Regardless of the dangers at the time, she was determined she would not stop using YouTube. In 2015, Pansino stated to Cosmopolitan:

“I wasn’t generating any income off of YouTube right now. Despite the fact that I had no income, I knew it was feasible to accomplish it. I decided to move forward with this. I won’t give up my efforts to use YouTube.”

Rosanna Pansino received a lot of fame and praise for Nerdy Nummies, which spread like wildfire. The most-watched cooking channel on YouTube is hers, with more than 3 billion views & she said that I had never watched a cooking program on television or the internet. She was the recipient of the 2013 Shorty Award for Social Media’s Best Foodie, Chef, or Food Lover. Since then, she has increased her.

Additionally, she was nominated for five Streamy Awards for her work on Nerdy Nummies. Forbes claims that Pansino has continued to be one of the highest-paid YouTubers and that she earns seven figures a year through sponsorships and commercials. She said in an interview with Business Insider in 2014:

“I’ve never thought about how to make a video go viral.”

Since starting her channel, Pansino has been praised for maintaining a regular upload schedule and has never missed a deadline. In a Forbes interview, she claimed that

“There will always be a video ready for them on Saturday. I don’t want to miss one upload; I can’t do that to my community. They have always supported me and have been so supportive of me. Although challenging, I’m delighted I haven’t broken this tie or relationship.”

She expressed her hopes for the near future, stating that she would

“continue making baking videos till I’m 90 years old.”

Now it is 2022, and her viral uploaded playlists are:

  • My BEST Shorts!
  • TV Shows / Movies-Rosanna Pansino
  • Nerdy Nummies & Recipes
  • Collabs with Friends!
  • Vlogs
  • Music
  • gaming
  • NERDY NUMMIES – Geeky Cooking Show
Rosanna Pansino is just showing her baking skills and showing that she baked a pizza looks delicious.
(Image: Rosanna Pansino/Instagram)

Now she has 13.2 Million subscribers on her YouTube channel, and recently in Sep 2022, Together with her friend Chef Jet Tila, she hosted and judged the new Food Network program “Halloween Cookie Challenge”! Some of the best bakers in the nation are represented here!

Rosanna Pansino Career; As An Author, Actress &Singer:

The early dream of Rosanna Pansino to become an actor never faded. Rosanna had modest roles in TV shows, including “Parks and Recreations” and “Glee” as she pursued a career in Hollywood. She also reached the “Scream Queens” finals on VH1, a competition show. It only helps to demonstrate how committed Rosanna is to achieving her goals despite all obstacles, inspiring her followers to do the same.

In 2013, she gave the voice to Violet in the animated online series Broken Quest; the same year, she created a series named ‘Ro’s Life.’She appeared in the 2015 music video for the song “Dessert” by Darwin ft. Silentó. Additionally, in 2015, she dropped her debut single, “Perfect Together.” Producer Kurt Hugo Schneider was involved. The music video was released later that year after the song was first made available on iTunes. It has received over 25 million views as of 2022.

The “Nerdy Nummies cookbook,” written by Rosanna Pansino, was also released to the public in 2015 after publication. The book includes remastered versions of some of the Nerdy Nummies recipes and others. The book was among the New York Times best-selling titles, and BookRiot listed it among the “50 Must-Read Books by YouTubers” on its list.

In 2016, she appeared as a cameo appearance in the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark, and she voiced recurring characters on the show Emo Dad. In August 2017, a baking line developed by the cooking company Wilton and Pansino was made public. The collection comprises kitchen tools and gadgets better suited for inexperienced users, along with suggestions and specifications for each. Numerous retailers, including Walmart and Michael’s, had access to it. In 2018, she announced additional products to broaden her assortment even more. In 2018, Pansino released Baking All Year Round, her second cookbook, which shared the same general premise as her first.

Rosanna Pansino performed in The Jet Setter in the third season of YouTube Red’s Escape the Night in 2018 and The Socialite in the fourth season in 2019. Rosanna Pansino and the rest of the cast were nominated for Streamy Awards for the third/fourth seasons of the show. In 2019, she made a special appearance as a judge on the Netflix original competition baking series Nailed It!

In 2020, she appeared on the Craftopia show hosted by YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki. Pansino hosted the HBO Max program Baketopia in 2021; This included bake-off contestants competing for a chance to win up to $10,000. She has received accolades for her efforts as the show’s host and has executive-produced several episodes. Along with several other YouTubers, she participated in MrBeast’s “$1,000,000 Influencer Tournament” that same year.

As it is 2022, she had paid partnership with the @idlivesimply, on which she released a pantry and home organization line at the container store. Rosanna Pansino also has a website on which she sells clothing line. Etc.

Rosanna Pansino Awards &Nominations:

The Year 2013: She won Shorty Awards in the category of Best Foodie, Chef, or Food Lover in Social Media.

The Year 2014: Nominated for the Streamy Award in the category of Best Show of the Year and Best food and Cuisine(Nerdy Nummies), and the same year, she was nominated for Shorty Awards in the category of Best Foodie, Chef, or Food Lover in Social Media.

The Year 2015: Nominated for the Streamy Award in the category of Best Food and Cuisine for Nerdy Nummies, and in the same year, she won the Taste Award in the category of Kikkoman Breakout Foodies of the Year.

The Year 2017: Rosanna was Nominated for the Streamy Award in the Best Food &Cuisine category for her series Nerdy Nummies.

The Year 2018: Nominated for Streamy Award in the category of  Best Ensemble Cast for “Escape The Night.”

The Year 2019: Nominated for Streamy Award in the category of Best Ensemble Cast for “Escape The Night.”

Rosanna Pansino Wardrobe:

Rosanna Pansino always appears stunning in whatever she wears and dresses elegantly. Everyone in her vicinity feels safe because of the way she conducts herself. She prefers wearing a bikini, lingerie, pant-shirts with joggers, T-shirts with shorts, fashionable miniskirts, cropped t-shirts with joggers, short and trendy maxis, shirts with jeans and leggings, sports attire, sleeveless shirts, and cropped t-shirts, but she occasionally dresses.

Rosanna Pansino Associated With:

Rosanna Pansino associates with Jenna Ezarik; Jenna Ezarik is a Los Angeles-based American blogger, podcaster, host, Instagram and TikTok star, and Twitter personality. She is iJustine’s youngest sibling (Justine Ezarik).

Rosanna Pansino YouTube Channel:

Rosanna Pansino is an American YouTuber who joined YouTube on April 8, 2010, & has 13.1 Million subscribers and 4,167,252,692 views on her YouTube videos. She uploads strong content related to cooking and Baking and other random videos of her performance in famous shows Etc.

Rosanna Pansino Instagram Account:

Rosanna Pansino joined Instagram in March 2012 and now has over 4.5 Million followers. She posts her daily activities, events, random solo pictures and with her family and friends.

Rosanna Pansino Twitter Celebrity:

Rosanna Pansino is also a Twitter celebrity, as she joined Twitter in August 2009 and now has 917.3k followers with 24.5k tweets as she tweets daily and is active on Twitter. She uploads the same stuff as she does on her Instagram and YouTube.

Rosanna Pansino TikTok:

Rosanna Pansino joined TikTok on December 9, 2019, and has 1.2Million followers with 14.6million likes on her TikTok videos. She uploads her funny videos, dance, and random videos on it.

Rosanna Pansino Facebook, Web& Gmail:

Rosanna Pansino created her facebook page on Jan 3, 2011 and has 762k followers. Here she announces her new uploads and updates about her accounts, shows, and sales on her March Website Etc.

Rosanna Pansino has also created her online website store, where she sells apparel, recipes, Etc. Rosanna has also provided her Gmail for business inquiries as she is an entrepreneur.

 [email protected] 

AccountsLinksJoining date
YouTubeRosanna PansinoJoined April 8, 2010.
TwitterRosanna PansinoJoined August 2009
InstagramrosannapansinoJoined  March 2012
TikTokrosannapansino Joined December 9, 2019
FacebookRosanna Pansino Joined Jan 3, 2011
Rosanna Amazon StoreAmazon storeN/A
Rosanna Container StoreropansinoN/A
Rosanna BooksRosanna Pansino Amazon BooksN/A

Rosanna Pansino Marital Status/ Boyfriend:

Rosanna Pansino revealed in 2018 that she is dating Mike Lamond, also known as Husky, a former E-sports commentator who presently collaborates with Pansino on Nerdy Nummies. Husky is a former E-sports commentator. According to her 2019 Valentine’s Day video, they have been dating for six years and have worked together for nine years.

Rosanna Pansino is with her boyfriend on Christmas and showing how much she loves him. perfect couple.
(Image: Rosanna Pansino/Instagram)

If talking about her previous relationship, we don’t know if it’s actual news or a rumor that Rosanna was in a relationship with actor Josh Sussman, but now it’s clear that in 2022 she is dating Mike Lamond.

Rosanna Pansino Net Worth:

Rosanna Pansino makes money off her YouTube channel in various ways, including acting, gaming, Baking, different shows, singing, brand collaborations, Etc. Rosanna Pansino is thought to have a net worth of $12 to $13 million.

Rosanna Pansino Truth & Facts:

  • Currently, Pansino resides in Los Angeles, California, where she records all her YouTube videos.
  • Rosanna Pansino was brought to a nearby hospital in 2019 after claiming to be ill and in extreme pain. Later she revealed that she had contracted a bacterial illness that was potentially fatal and was treated right away.
  • She underwent a breast implant removal procedure in February 2021, which she disclosed on Instagram. A year later, In a YouTube video, Rosanna Pansino discussed her choice to get her implants removed.
Rosanna Pansino is looking cute and she is with her best friend means she is with her dog.
(Image: Rosanna Pansino/Instagram)
  • At Tsinghua University in China, she once held the title of “Educational Goodwill Ambassador” as she taught English as a part of the campaign to combat global poverty while living in China.
  • Rosanna Pansino has been featured in many Magazines, including Forbes, Locale, Girl’s Life, Nylon, Seventeen, Etc.
  • She is obsessed with dogs and is a dog lover as she owns two dogs, Blueberry and Coconut, after the death of her pet dog, Cookie, in March 2020.
  • She loves adventures, traveling, cooking, archery, and singing in her spare time.
  • The meaning of her name is Rose Of  Grace in Italian and Ro is her often-used nickname.

Why Should We Follow Rosanna Pansino:

  • Rosanna Pansino is a well-known figure in the food and baking industries, with interests that extend beyond cakes. Rosanna’s work is adored by millions, as seen by the astonishing 2.9 billion views on her YouTube channel and a total following of over 15 million on her social media platforms.
  • We should pay attention to her because she is multi-talented and outgoing. Rosanna is among the most well-known social media and food influencers and has garnered numerous honors.


Who is Rosanna Pansino?

Rosanna Pansino is a well-known American YouTuber, baker, singer, actor, author, and social media celebrity. Her birth name is Rosanna Reardon. One of YouTube’s highest-paid content producers is Pansino, who topped Forbes’ list of “Top Influencers: Food” in 2017.

How Old is Rosanna Pansino?

She is 37 years old.

Is Rosanna Pansino in a relationship?

She is dating Mike Lamond.

On which date Rosanna Pansino celebrates her birthday?

On June 8.

What is the total earnings/net worth of  Rosanna Pansino in 2022?

It is around $12M to $13M.

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