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Andy Hearnden is just posing for a picture and taking selfie in a banyan.
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Andy Hearnden, or Andy cooks, is a New Zealand-born chef, TikTok celebrity, Instagram Star, and social media sensation. He is well-known for posting food-related content. Additionally, he has experience working at some of the top eateries in Melbourne, Sydney, London, Sydney, and Melbourne. He also manages restaurants, cafes, and pubs in the hospitality industry. His estimated net worth ranges from $1 million to $2 million.

Andy Hearnden is just taking selfie for a picture while wearing a T-shirt.
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Andy Hearnden/Andy_cooks Biography/Wiki:

Andy Hearnden is a TikTok celebrity and New Zealand-born chef who posts food-related videos. He was born in New Zealand on October 7, 1985. He is a highly accomplished chef. One of his most popular videos shows how to prepare the perfect poached egg. He oversaw kitchens in London, Sydney, and Melbourne. He began working at the Great Eastern Dining Room in Shoreditch, London when he was 24. He was the Head of Food & Beverage for Emirates Leisure Retail ANZ in Australia and New Zealand. On Tiktok, he has over 3.2 million followers under the handle andy_cooks.

Real nameAndy Hearnden
Famous asAndy_cooks or AndyKitchens
BirthdayOctober 7, 1985
BirthplaceNew Zealand
Zodiac (Birth sign)Libra
Net worth$1M-$2M
Primary Income SourceTiktok star, Instagram stars, Businesses, and Social media influencers.
Andy Hearnden is just posing for a picture and taking selfie and gives a cute smile.
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Andy Hearnden/Andy_cooks Birthday And Age:

Andy Hearnden was born in New Zealand on  October 7, 1985. Libra is his astrological sign(Libra guys get along with practically everyone since they understand the skill of consoling others. A Libra man is sensitive while being macho. They are well-balanced people who never have emotional outbursts).

He is a 37-years-old successful chef.

Andy Hearnden/Andy_cooks Height/Weight/Body Measurements And Appearance:

The individual weighs approximately 73kg and stands 5’6″ tall. He has short white hair that complements his personality perfectly. He has lovely sea-green eyes. His waist, biceps, and chest all measure 32 inches, 36 inches, and 14 inches, respectively.

Weight73 kg
Eye colorSea green
Hair ColorWhite
Chest36 inches
Biceps14 inches

Andy Hearnden/Andy_cooks Family And Background:

On social media, he hasn’t said much about his family. We don’t have any information about his parents or family. He recently appeared in the role of a New Zealand chef.

Andy Hearnden/Andy_cooks Relationship Status:

Andy Hearnden is in a relationship with a girl. He called her Babes. He has started a babes series with her and is starting to share videos with babes. You can see him making different foods and serving them.

Andy Hearnden is just taking a selfie with his Girl friend and posing for a picture as he called his girlfriend a babe.
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NationalityNew Zealand

Andy Hearnden/Andy_cooks Education/Early Life &Career:

He was raised in New Zealand. Andy was about three years old when he first put on an apron and began assisting his mother in the kitchen. He was a bad student. As a result, In year 10, he left his studies and enrolled in culinary school.

He has worked in some of the best restaurants in Auckland, London, Sydney, and Melbourne. He also worked in the hospitality business, managing restaurants, cafes, and bars in airports and experimenting with outstanding Australian beef and lamb in a test kitchen.

Then he began posting culinary vlogs and short recipe videos on Instagram and Tiktok. People enjoyed his films and followed him. He now has millions of Instagram and Tiktok followers. Now, he is a well-known chef.

Andy Hearnden is cooking and preparing the things for cooking as he is cutting Onion.
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Andy Hearnden/Andy_cooks Clothing List:

In his videos, people see him wearing an apron, a T-shirt with jeans, shirts, and hoodies. The tattoo on his hand attracts many people.

Andy Hearnden/Andy_cooks Associated With:

Andy Hearnden is associated with Lennard Young &Cooking With Shereen; Singaporean chef and Instagram and TikTok celebrity Lennard Yeong. Lennard, one of Singapore’s top chefs and a self-taught cook, participated in the inaugural season of MasterChef Asia in 2015, and Cooking With Shereen is also an American Chef.

TikTok Star:

Andy Hearnden is a well-known TikTok celebrity. On November 2, 2021, he began posting on TikTok. He has 3.2 million followers and 58.7 million likes on his Facebook page. His TikTok account is brimming with videos of his cooking approach. He is also known as the Beef chef.


Croque madame Ingredients – Bread (I like sourdough but any will work) – 60g of ham per sandwich (I used prosciutto, leg ham works well) – 1 fried egg per sandwich – 300g Comte cheese – 1 teaspoon of mustard per sandwich and 1 tbsp for the sauce – 120g butter – 2 heaped tbsp flour – 200ml milk – Salt to taste – Chives to garnish Method 1. Start by buttering one side of each piece of bread with melted butter and grill on a hot pan or under the grill. 2. Spread the mustard on 1/2 of the bread, then place the ham and some of the grated cheese (saving at least half the cheese for the mornay sauce). 3. Place the second piece of bread on top of the cheese and onto an oven-safe tray. 4. To make the mornay sauce, add flour to the leftover butter and whisk until it turns golden brown. 5. Slowly add the cold milk and whisk until smooth. 6. Add the rest of the grated cheese and whisk until smooth and silky. 7. Take it off the heat, add the mustard, season with salt and stir well. 8. Pour the finished mornay sauce over the sandwiches and place in a 200°c oven for 15-20 minutes or until they go a lovely brown colour. 9. While the sandwiches are in the oven, fry some eggs. 10. Serve each sandwich with a fried egg on top and garnish with chopped chives. 11. Enjoy! #foodie #cooking #recipe #viralvideo

♬ Beat Goes On – The All Seeing I

Instagram Star:

Andy Hearnden has 1.8k followers and 1.7 million posts. In January 2014, he joined Instagram. He is well-known for his recipes, such as beef sandwiches, poached eggs, and houmous with ground beef.

YouTube Star:

He is also a famous YouTube star, with 1.85 million subscribers on his channel. He joined YouTube on July 27, 2008. He also shares his cooking videos on YouTube, which people love.

Business Website:

He also runs an online business. On his business website, he used to sell different unique appliances, cookware, tools and gadgets, knives, beer books, etc., on eBay. He has also shared food recipes on his business website.

Business Website: Andy Cooks | Instagram, TikTok | Linktree

AccountsLinksJoining date
Instagram AccountandyhearndenJoined January 2014.
TikTok Account@andy_cooksJoined November 2, 2021.
Business AccountandycooksJoined 2021
YouTube ChannelandrewhearndenJoined  July 27, 2008.

Andy Hearnden/Andy_cooks Net Worth:

Andy Hearnden  has a net worth of  $1M-$2M. His primary income sources are his Tiktok, Instagram, and Business accounts. He is living a luxury lifestyle.

Andy Hearnden is sitting with his girl friend and posing for a picture while holding a dog.
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Andy Hearnden/Andy_cooks Truth and Facts:

  • He is a TikTok star and New Zealand-born chef known for posting foodstuff.
  • He is also known as a Beef chef.
  • A skilled chef has revealed his recipe for flawless poached eggs.
  • According to Gold Coast resident Andy Hearnden, fresh eggs will poach the finest.
  • People loved his Babes series a lot.
  • He started cooking with his mother in early childhood.
Andy Hearnden is just posing and taking selfie with his girlfriend.
(Image: AndyCooks/Instagram)

Why Should We Follow Andy Hearnden/Andy_cooks:

  • He is an inspiration to his fans. He is a well-known TikTok star and also runs a side business.
  • You will find different delicious beef recipes on his social platform if you love beef.
  • You should follow him if you desire healthy recipes and wellness material.
  • One of his most popular videos shows how to prepare the perfect poached eggs. You will find the recipe on his social account.


Who is Andy_cook or Andy Hearnden?

He is a TikTok star and New Zealand-born chef known for posting foodstuff. One of his most popular videos shows how to prepare the perfect poached eggs. Andy Cooks’ Instagram account has over 3.2 million followers.

How old is Andy Hearnden?

He is 37 years old.

When was Andy Hearnden born?

He was born on October 7, 1985.

What is Andy Hearnden Net Worth in 2022?

Her Net worth is estimated to be $1M-$2M.

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