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Aishah Sofey blond hair

In this article, we’ll talk about some details and facts about Aishah Sofey, a model and social media star on the rise. Most people know Aishah Sofey for how she looks in modeling and beauty contests. She is acknowledged as one of Canada’s supermodels. She first became well-known when she posted photos and videos of herself modeling on Instagram and TikTok, among other social media sites.

Aishah Sofey Biography / Wiki

The young model and social media star were born into a Christian family in Canada, where she lives with her family and other relatives. Also, we don’t know much about Aishah Sofey’s education level. As we learn more, we’ll let you know. As we all know, her parents sent her to a high school in her hometown, where she got her first few years of high school 

Real NameAishah Sofey
Nick NameSofey
Birth PlaceUnited States
Date of BirthMay 25, 2002
Age (as of 2022)20
Zodiac SignGemini
Professionmodel, Instagram star, and social media star
Aishah Sofey’s Quick Informatios

Aishah Sofey
Aishah Sofey

Family and Early Life

The United States is where Aishah Sofey Burgess was born. Aishah hadn’t told anyone when she was born until now. But based on her pictures and how she looks, Aishah Sofey Burgess seems to be over 18+. But the information might not be correct since it’s just our best guess. Aishah comes from more than one race. Aishah Sofey Burgess doesn’t seem to talk much about her family, so she hasn’t talked about her parents until now. Aishah has loved fashion ever since she was a little girl.

Aishah Sofey Burgess had a great childhood because her parents cared for and loved her. They were always giving Aishah everything she needed to get what she wanted. In simple terms, Aishah had a childhood that has unquestionably been a vital part of her progress right now. Aishah Sofey Burgess hasn’t said much about where she went to school or what qualifications she has. Aishah has finished high school, but no one knows anything about where she went.

Aishah Sofey Age / Birthday

Aishah Sofey’s birthday is on May 25, so she should be about 20 years old in 2022. Her home country is Canada, and she is a Christian.

Aishah Sofey Height, Weight, and Measurements

Aishah Sofey is about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 49 kilograms in terms of how she looks. Her hair is a golden color, and her eyes are grey. She now has a beautiful body that draws you in.

Aishah Sofey posing
Aishah Sofey

Aishah Sofey Early fame and Modeling

Aishah Sofey is famous worldwide because of how good and beautiful she is at Modeling and influencing fashion. She signed up for many beauty pageants and fashion competitions while finishing her graduation. That happened in both her hometown and high school. At the same time, many of them have been able to do this because God gave them the talent and skill to do it. Aishah chose to become a sorceress, which she did with the help of her family and friends. She began looking for work in the same field.

In the same way, she started using Instagram after getting information and ideas from many models and fashion influencers. So, she started putting her photos and videos of Modeling and influencing fashion on the platform, with led to and helped her become famous and well-known worldwide.

Aishah Sofey
Aishah Sofey

Aishah Sofey Instagram and TikTok

She joined Instagram in 2019, and on September 11, 2019, she made her first post. Aishah also got a lot of offers from modeling agencies and brand promotions because she was becoming more famous and had more fans. Aishah is also a well-known TikToker who makes amazing and original videos. In 2020, she talked herself into joining the forum, and in March of that year, she posted her first message there.

Aishah Sofey Net Worth and Earnings

Aishah Sofey is a young, well-known model who has made a lot of money and She rose to prominence as a model and fashion influencer.. If we talk about her net worth or earnings in 2022, we can say that it’s about USD 1 million.

Aishah Sofey Family / Siblings and Relatives

Apology At this time, Aishah Sofey has not shared details about her family and relatives. So far as this topic is concerned, the information is out of reach. We’ll tell you what happens.

Aishah Sofey smile
Aishah Sofey

Aishah Sofey Relationship / Boyfriend and Husband

There is no clear statement about Aishah Sofey’s relationship status at this point in the topic. We’ll put it on our website as soon as we find some reliable sources and confirmed information about Aishah Sofey’s relationship. Just don’t forget to come back to our website.


  • Canada is where Aishah Sofey is from.
  • She is a famous model and has a lot of influence on fashion.
  • She has thousands of people following her on Instagram.
  • Aishah Sofey is beautiful, captivating, and stunning to look at.
  • She loves animals, especially cats and dogs.
  • She is one of the world’s most famous Instagram models and fashion influencers under the age of 1000.
  • She loves going to places around the world that are cold.
Aishah Sofey body
Aishah Sofey


A lot of insufficient information about people like Aishah Sofey Burgess is spread all over the place. Haters of Aishah can make up stories and try to bring her down because they are jealous of her. But Aishah hasn’t thought much about it since. Aishah’s fans and followers like it best when she focuses on happiness and love. Aishah has done a great job up to this point of keeping herself out of trouble.

What is Aishah Sofey Burgess known for?

Aishah Sofey Burgess is an Instagram star from the United States. Aishah’s Modeling, which she posts on her Instagram account, aishahsofey, brought her much attention and fame. Aishah also started using Instagram for fun and because it was popular, but she had no idea that more than 416,000 people would follow her on Instagram alone.


Who is Aishah Sofey?

Aishah Sofey is a young, up-and-coming Canadian model and social media influencer. She has become well-known worldwide for sharing her beautiful and impressive modeling photos.

Is Aisha Sofey married?

No, the relationship between a young model and a new model is impossible.

What is Aishah Sofey’s age?

We can figure out that she is about 20 years old based on when she was born.

When is Aishah Sofey’s birthday?

Her birthday is May 25, which is when she was born. 

What sign does Aishah Sofey belong to?

Her star sign is Gemini, based on the month she was born.

What is Aishah Sofey’s height?

Aishah Sofey is 5′ 8″ tall, which is about average.

From what country is Aishah Sofey?

Canada is where Aishah Sofey comes from.

How much does Aishah Sofey have in her bank account?

People think Aishah Sofey’s net worth in 2022 will be around USD 1 million.

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