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Xoan Ramos in a white t-shirt while looking towards camera

Xoan A Ramos Gabeiras, famous as Xoan Ramos, is a soccer player and social media influencer. He loves to play football and is now a national soccer player. He is a team member of CD Naron, an official football club in Galicia, Spain. When you think of the Spanish soccer league, you probably think of one player: Xoan Ramos.

The young soccer star has inspired youngsters worldwide with his impressive skills and popularity on social media (Instagram and TikTok). He’s also been featured in several popular YouTube videos. The young athlete has an awe-inspiring body of work under his belt—and he’s only getting started!

(Image: Xoan Ramos/Instagram)

Xoan Ramos Biography/Wiki:

On October 16, 2000, Xoan Ramos was born. He is a Libra by birth sign. Xoan Ramos is one of the top football and soccer players. In addition to his professional career, he has become popular on social media because of his frequent posting on Instagram and YouTube accounts. His videos have been viewed over million times on all three platforms.

  Real Name  Xoan A Ramos Gabeiras
  Nick Name (popular as)   Xoanramos  
   Age  22(As it is 2022)
  Birthday  October 16
  Zodiac sign  Libra
  Income source Soccer player, YouTube Brands Collaboration.
   Networth Approximately $2 to $3 million as it is 2022

Xoanramos Birthday and Age:

Xoanramos was born in Galicia, Spain, on October 16, 2000. His zodiac sign is Libra(They play reasonably in every situation. They are capable of managing a predicament. They have a sensitive nature. Also noted for their romantic tendencies is the Libran).

Xoanramos is 22 years old, as it is 2022.

Xoan Ramos wearing a t-shirt with matching jeans and sneakers, standing on the beach while giving side pose towards camera
(Image: Xoan Ramos/Instagram)

Xoanramos Body Measurements/Height/Weight:

The 22-year-old soccer player and a TikTok star Xoan Ramos is 165 cm (5 feet 5 inches) tall and weighs 65 kg. His waist, arms, and chest measurements are unknown at this time.

  Height  5’5 (in feet and inches) 165 cm
  Weight  65 kg  
  Shoe size  Unknown(will update soon)
  Chest size  Unknown
  Dress size  Unknown
  Waist size  Unknown

Xoanramos Skin Tone/Hair And Eyes Color:

Xoanramos has a fair complexion as his skin tone is white. He looks gorgeous, with black hair and dark brown eyes.

  Eye color  Dark brown
  Hair Color  Black
  Skin tone  Fair(white)
  • Xoan Ramos wearing a Nike t-shirt with Adidas shorts while playing football
  • Xoan Ramos playing football while wearing a Nike t-shirt with Adidas shorts
  • Xoan Ramos playing football while wearing a Nike t-shirt with Adidas shorts

Xoanramos Family And Background:

Xoanramos is from Galicia, Spain. We know nothing about Xoanramos’ family or background because, according to information from his social media sites, he never mentioned them. However, he does have a girlfriend. We’ll let you know if we ever learn anything about his family.

                 Marital Status   Not married yet
                 Relationship/Girlfriend   Yes (Aiona Villar)
                 Parents   Unknown
                 Siblings    Unknown
                Daughter/son   Unknown

Xoanramos Early Life & Education:

He was born in Galicia, Spain, and went to a private school near his house, but he never talked about his early life and degree/graduation.

He is now a National soccer player (team member of CD Narron), trainer, and Ambassador of the football player App.

Xoanramos Favorite Football Player:

His favorite soccer player is Lionel Messi.

A random click, Xoan Ramos in a green t-shirt is about to hit the football
(Image: Xoan Ramos/Instagram)

What Has Made Xoanramos Well-Known?

Xoanramos is a famous Spanish Soccer player and is an Ambassador of the football player app. He’s known for his outgoing personality and talent, which has led him to become one of the most famous soccer players on the internet.

He is best known for his Instagram & TikTok account and has amassed more than 1 Million fans following TikTok. He also has 197k subscribers on his YouTube account.

Xoanramos Social Media Accounts:

Xoanramos is a well-known social media person with 119k followers on Instagram with 967 following and over 1 Million followers with 52.7 likes on the TikTok account. Moreover, he is the Ambassador of the football player app on which he allowed other youth (who love to play football) to start their career in football. He trained and motivated them too.


Empate. – Si me sigues en IG me paso por tu perfil 🤯

♬ sonido original – Xxoanramos

Additionally, he has 197k subscribers and 141,934,034 views on his YouTube channel. He posts videos of himself playing soccer with his pals and tutorials, blogs, vlogs, and football-related stuff on YouTube.

 If you want to stay current with him, Check out the links below!

  Accounts  Links  Joining Date
  YouTube Channel      XoanRamos  Joined October 16, 2017
  TikTok  XoanRamos  Not Available
  Instagram  XoanRamos  Joined June 2014

Xoanramos Gmail Account:

Xoanramos has also provided his Gmail for business queries as he is a brand promoter.

[email protected]

Xoanramos Marital Status:

Xoanramos is not married yet.

Xoanramos Relationship/Girlfriend:

Xoanramos is dating his girlfriend, Aiona Vilar, who is also a fashion designer and an artist. They travel the world together and with their buddies on adventures. The lovely duo gives the impression that they were meant to be together.

Xoan Ramos in black shorts, standing along the pool while giving side pose
(Image: Xoan Ramos/Instagram)

Xoanramos Networth 2022:

Xoanramos net worth is about $2 to $3 Million as his primary sources of income are Youtube, Brands collaborations, football player apps, and as a soccer player.

Xoanramos Truth & Facts:

  • Xoanramos real name is  Xoan A Ramos Gabeiras.
  • He is a Spanish Soccer Player.
  • His team source is CD Narron, a famous Football club in Spain.
  • He is a social influencer having 1 million followers on TikTok, an Instagram star & a Youtuber.
  • He is of 22 years.
  • He is dating her girlfriend, Aiona Villar.
  • He collaborated with shoe brands.
Xoan Ramos wearing a grey matching outfit while poses for a picture
(Image: Xoan Ramos/Instagram)

Why Should We Follow Xoanramos:

  • People adore & follow him for his outgoing personality and talent.
  • He has a strong personality and is influential on social media, making Xoan Ramos a good influence for younger generations looking for someone to model their lifestyle after.
  • If you want to play soccer and are a football fan, you should follow Xoanramos.
  • He posts instructional videos, blogs, vlogs, and blogs about playing soccer and kicking the ball at the right angle.


What is the actual name of Xoan Ramos?

Xoan A Ramos Gabeiras

On which date Xoanramos celebrates his birthday?

On October 16.

What is the team source of Xoanramos?

CD Naron.

Is Xoanramos have a girlfriend?

Yes, her name is Aiona Villar.

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