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Ruba Ali, also known as Ruba, is a 27 years old American fitness model, and social media influencer. She was born on the 22 of August 1995 in Los Angeles, U.S, where she was raised in a middle-class family by her parents who are Americans, her family members are currently unknown by the media except her twin sister Heba Ali who also shares Rub’s sports and modeling passion. Ruba obtained a bachelor’s degree in health and physical education from the University of Montclaire State.

As a child, Ruba went to a local high school for graduation then she moved to a university where she completed her bachelor’s degree. Ruba firstly shared on social media platforms photos and videos of her with her friends and classmates. But currently, she seems to be more interested in coaching and sharing her workouts and body transformations.

Ruba Ali is considered one of the leading artists of the century, she has made a name for herself in many fields. She has a huge public on social media platforms: 1,9M followers on Instagram, 34,3K subscribers on Youtube, 322,1K on TikTok, and 600 followers on Twitter.


While studying in school, Ruba started her career as a Model by participating in various competitions as she was a fan of this field since she was a child. She used to participate in dress competitions as well. Now she is a very popular social media star who accumulated thousands of followers due to her fabulous looks on photoshoots, and her unusual captions.

In December 2016, Ruba Ali started her Youtube channel where she posted videos of her health, nutrition, and workout tips, she widened her popularity due to the following videos; ‘How to lose weight during Ramadan’, ‘Killer leg workout’, ‘Home abs’ and so on.

Ruba Ali

Concerning Ruba Ali’s love life, She has been dating someone in the past but unfortunately, his name is unsaid. As for now, no concrete information has been given, she prefers leaving her relationships hidden from the public and she wants to focus more on her career.

Ruba’s net worth in 2021 is estimated to overcome $1,5M.


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