Thaslima Akkas Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Why Should You Follow Thaslima

Thaslima Akkas is looking attractive in a hoodie hijjab .
(Image: Thaslima Akkas/Instagram)

Thaslima Akkas is a Muslim American fashion blogger, an Instagram star, and a TikTok celebrity. She has 84.6 k followers on TikTok and 26.4k followers on Instagram. She has gained many followers even without showing her body and is an Influencer on social media.

Thaslima Akkas is posing for a picture in a Jacket looking attractive.
(Image: Thaslima Akkas/Instagram)

Thaslima Akkas Biography/Wiki:

Thaslima Akkas is a famous Muslim fashion blogger, TikTok star, and Instagram star born in America. She was born in America on September 1, 1999, and is Virgo by her birth sign. Thaslima is 23 years old blogger. She blogs about fashion and also collaborates with some fashion brands. She also uploads Makeup & Hijab Tutorials on TikTok and Instagram. The estimated net worth of Thaslima Akkas is around $200K to $300k

Real nameThaslima Akkas
Nick NameThaslima
BirthdaySeptember 1, 1999
Zodiac (Birth sign)Virgo
Net worth$200K to $300k as it is 2022
Primary Income SourceBrands Collaboration, product reviews (Makeup Products), Blogging

Thaslima Akkas Birthday And Age:

Thaslima Akkas was born in America on September 1, 1999. Her birth sign is Virgo (Virgos are among the zodiac signs that are the most careful since they are constantly paying attention to even the littlest things and have a strong sense of humanity. Despite their tenderness, they may be cut off from the outer world due to their precise way of living)

Thaslima Akkas is 23 years old famous fashion blogger in the social world.

Thaslima Akkas is looking fantastic sitting in an outdoor Restaurant posing for a picture.
(Image: Thaslima Akkas/Instagram)

Thaslima Akkas Body Measurements/Height/Weight:

Muslim girl, Thaslima Akkas, is about 5’7″ (or 5 feet, 7 inches) tall and weighs close to 55 kg. She has a 27-inch waist & is an extroverted fitness enthusiast. Thaslima Akkas, a Muslim girl, also withheld her other body measurements.

Height5 feet 7 inches (160 cm) 
Weight55 kg (121.2 lbs)
Waist size27 inches
Bust sizeN/A
Hip sizeN/A
Dress sizeN/A
Shoe size8 (US size)

Thaslima Akkas Skin Tone/Hair Color And Eyes Color:

The undertone of Thaslima Akkas is perfect Golden warm cool. She is a hijab-wearing woman who never exposes her hair. She always wore a headscarf to cover her hair, and she had upturned black eyes. Hijab and raised black eyes to fit her gloomy personality.

Thaslima Akkas is in pant shirt and in a Hijab as her clothing style is just an awesome.
(Image: Thaslima Akkas/Instagram)
Hair ColorN/A
Eyes colorBlack
Eyes shapeUpturned black eyes
Skin toneGolden warm, cool undertone
HairstyleShe always covered her hair with Hijab

Thaslima Akkas Family And Background:

Thaslima Akkas is a famous fashion blogger and TikTok star from America. If we talk about her family, she never spoke about her family on social media, but in one of her story, she was talking about her Grandma, so In short, her family detail is unknown. As soon as we find out more about her family, we’ll update this page.

Mother nameUnknown

Thaslima Akkas Education/Early Life &Career:

Thaslima Akkas has attended high school & completed her graduation from America.

Thaslima Akkas started her career by posting her videos on TikTok. She published her 1st video on June 29, 2020, and then gained much popularity on TikTok. After gaining popularity on TikTok, she also started to post her cute and attractive pictures on Instagram. She also reviews products and promotes apparel companies. She enjoys exploring new places and having adventures; thus, she blogs about these things and fashion. She collaborates with many brands just as clothing brands, Under-scarfs brands, jewelry brands Etc.

Thaslima Akkas while wearing a hijab with shirt and pant. she love to take photos of her self.
(Image: Thaslima Akkas/Instagram)

Thaslima Akkas Wardrobe/Favorite Clothing List:

As a Muslim girl, she enjoys wearing a headscarf and clothing influenced by Islamic culture and style. Most of the time, her look is classified as stylish and current. Her social media posts demonstrate how much attention to clothes quality, outfit coordination, and general attractiveness she places on display.

Thaslima’s styling is different as she enjoys wearing a t-shirt with pants, tracking suits, denim jackets, casual hijab style with jeans and shirt, uppers, Hoodies with a sun cap with Hijab, shirt with Palazzo pants with Hijab, wide pants culottes, and the list continues on and on!

Thaslima Akkas is sitting in a restaurant posing for a picture as she is fond of photoshoot.
(Image: Thaslima Akkas/Instagram)

Thaslima Akkas Associated With:

Thaslima Akkas is associated with IIso Abyy. is a Muslim fashion blogger, an Instagram star, and a TikTok star, and she also loves traveling and uploads makeup and Hijab tutorials.

Thaslima Akkas TikTok Account:

Thaslima Akkas started her career as a TikTok star when she posted her 1st video on June 29, 2020, and now in 2022, she has over 84.6k followers on it with a total of 4.4 M likes on her TikTok videos. She uploads makeup and hijab tutorials, travels, and posts about her religion “Islam” and shows her love for Allah Almighty.

Thaslima Akkas Instagram:

Thaslima Akkas is a well-known Instagram star with 26.4k followers & joined Instagram for the first time in June 2016. She posts images on Instagram of herself dressed in various costumes. She loves exploring new cities and towns, so she blogs about her travels and offers product reviews. She posts images and stories to her Instagram account daily to document her daily activities. She also posts her pictures with her best friend, Zhaheera. She is no doubt a selfie queen.

Thaslima Akkas Social Media:

AccountsLinksJoining date
InstagramthaslimaakkasJoined June 2016
TikTokthaslimaakkasJoined June 29, 2020
YouTube channelN/AN/A

Thaslima Akkas Marital Status/ Boyfriend:

Thaslima Akkas is single and has never been in a relationship before.

Muslim Thaslima prefers to avoid such things, which is why she is entirely unmarried and devoid of romantic relationships.

Thaslima Akkas is looking attractive in a hoodie hijjab while she is smilling
(Image: Thaslima Akkas/Instagram)

Thaslima Akkas Net Worth:

This social media influencer has made lots of money from photo shoots, product endorsements, and other promotional jobs. Thaslima’s financial situation is astounding, even for someone so young. As of 2022, her estimated net worth ranges from $200K to $300K.

Thaslima Akkas is in her casual dressing she is on travel.
(Image: Thaslima Akkas/Instagram)

Thaslima Akkas Truth &Facts:

  • Thaslima Akkas is a well-known Muslim blogger, Instagram star, TikToker, and social media influencer.
  • Thaslima was born on September 1, 1999.
  • She is 22 years old outgoing girl.
  • She was born under the Virgo sign.
  • She enjoys exploring new places.
  • Thaslima loves her Religion “Islam” so much and mostly posts about it.
Thaslima Akkas is taking her mirror selfie . she loves to take picture and undoubtedly she is a selfie Queen.
(Image: Thaslima Akkas/Instagram)

Why Should We Follow Thaslima Akkas:

  • Thaslima is an Influencer on social media and has inspired many girls with her clothing, Hijab style, makeup & Hijab tutorials, and from her pictures.
  • She also works with numerous clothes and jewelry companies. If you’re interested in jewelry and clothing trends, follow her.


Who is Thaslima Akkas?

Thaslima Akkas is a well-known TikTok, Instagram, and social media influencer.

How old is Thaslima Akkas?

23 years old.

Is Thaslima Akkas in a relationship?

No, she is single.

What is Thaslima Akkas estimated net worth for 2022?

It is around $200K to $300k.

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