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Sara Dietschy is a Queen of tech as here she is posing for picture in a check shirt.
(Image: Sara Dietschy/Instagram)

Sara Dietschy is an American tech YouTuber, Queen of technology, Instagram star, Twitter celebrity, TikTok star, and content creator. Sara Dietschy (Rhymes with Peachy) is a Dallas-based YouTuber and content developer. Sara produces and uploads web documentaries, tech reviews, and vlogs on her channel of the same name, which has over 835,000 subscribers. She investigates how creativity and technology intersect in her work. To inspire the audience to live their best creative lives, she discusses the creative processes of other filmmakers, photographers, and artists in addition to her own. 

Sara Dietschy is in shirt and pant and posing for a picture while traveling. looking cute here.
(Image: Sara Dietschy/Instagram)

Sara Dietschy Biography/Wiki:

Sara Dietschy is a YouTube personality and content creator and has become well-known for the documentary web series Creative Spaces TV, in which she covers different artists and the places they find inspiration. Sara was born in Dallas, TX, on August 11, 1994, and is 28 years old. She is Leo by her birth/star sign.

Sara has collaborated with companies like Intel, AT&T, Visa, Squarespace, Adobe, Sony, Luminar NEO, and Greatest Buy to unleash her creativity and produce the best content. Every Monday, she hosts a podcast that features frank discussions with some of the world’s top creative and business minds. Sara has conducted interviews with prominent figures, including Mark Zuckerberg. The estimated net worth of Sara Dietschy is around $5M to $7M.

Real nameSara Dietschy
Nick NameSara(Rhymes with Peachy)
BirthdayAugust 11, 1994
BirthplaceDallas, Texas
Zodiac (Birth sign)Leo
Net worth$5M to $7M
Primary Income SourceYouTube Channels, Collaborations, Web series,

Sara Dietschy Birthday And Age:

Sara Dietschy was born in Dallas, Texas, on August 11, 1994. She is Leo by her star sign(Leo women always carry themselves with pride as if they don’t give a damn about anything. They desire to do everything flawlessly and refuse to acknowledge defeat. Despite having a temper at times, they always appear happy and energetic).

Sara Dietschy is a 28-year-old outspoken lady.

Sara Dietschy is smiling in a photo and giving a cute pose for a picture, looking cute in hoodie.
(Image: Sara Dietschy/Instagram)

Sara Dietschy Height/Weight/Body Measurements:

Sara Dietschy is a friendly American YouTuber from the United States & is an exceptional lady who is gorgeous, stunning and has a pleasant attitude. She possesses a slim, well-shaped, attractive, and hot body type, which is appealing and ideal. She also smiles sweetly.

She can captivate everyone, regardless of gender, thanks to her captivating personality and amazing body. Sara Dietschy measures roughly 32 inches around the breast, 26 inches around the waist, and 34 inches around the hips. She stands 160 cm (5’3″) tall and weighs 59 kg.

Height160 cm (5’3″)
Weight59 kg
Waist size26 inches
Bust size32
Hip size34
Dress sizeN/A
Shoe sizeN/A
Sara Dietschy is at the Apple event in shirt and jeans looking gorgeous.
(Image: Sara Dietschy/Instagram)

Sara Dietschy Skin Tone/Hair Color/Eyes Color:

Sara Dietschy is a charming young blonde with a relaxed grin and a stunning face who exudes refinement and grace. Her dark brown hair is just medium-length and blonde & she maintains equally well-groomed nails and astonishingly well-groomed eyebrows. Sara has a beautiful porcelain skin tone, round almond bluish-gray eyes, and a fair complexion.

Hair ColorBlonde dark brown
Eyes colorBluish Gray
Eyes shapeBluish-Gray
Skin tonefair white porcelain
HairstyleWavy Medium-length

Sara Dietschy Family And Background:

Sara Dietschy has a strong background and follows Christianity. She was raised in a loving and devoted family. Her father, Dan Dietschy, is very encouraging, and her mother, Jeannie Dietschy, is exceptionally kind & sweet and active on Instagram. She only has a younger brother, John Dietschy, as a sibling. Additionally, her grandma and grandpa reside with them. Sara has other relatives, including an aunt and other cousins & this is all about the Dietschy family.

MotherJeannie Dietschy
FatherDan Dietschy
Siblingsyounger brother, John Dietschy
Sara Dietschy is with her family, she is spending Quarantine with her family.
(Image: Sara Dietschy/Instagram)

Sara Dietschy Education/Early Life &Career:

Sara Dietschy completed her early education in a private high school in Dallas, Texas, America, and earned a B.Tech. from the University of Texas at Arlington. She then became interested in social media to launch her profession.

Sara Dietschy, a YouTuber/content creator from Dallas, Texas, is 26 years old. In addition to interviews, vlogs, and documentaries, Sara has been creating YouTube videos since joining the platform in September 2011. Her main topics of interest are tech reviews, creativity, and entrepreneurship. She also presents the well-known podcast show “That Creative Life,” where you can listen to incredibly in-depth and enlightening conversations with some of the most important producers in the industry.

Sara Dietschy posted a video on YouTube on September 17, 2011, which was to forever alter her life. It was an introductory video review of the Fulltone Soulbender music pedal. Despite her modest start, Sara continued to establish one of the best-known female tech review channels on YouTube over the following ten years.

As of Oct 2022, she had 889k subscribers and over 97 million viewers. Sara has conducted interviews with some of the top figures in technology on the phenomenally successful Podcast she created, “That Creative Life,” including  Marques Brownlee, Gary Vaynerchuck, Mark Zuckerberg, Tyler Stalman, Austin Evans, Nilay Patel, Shelby & Monica Church, Hank Green, Peter Mckinnon, and many others.

Sara has earned the honor of being listed alongside these well-known figures in business and technology by speaking with and conducting interviews with them. So, while most viewers and listeners tuned in because of Marques, Gary, or Mark, they stayed because of Sara’s incredible talent as a YouTuber.

Sara Dietschy Collaborations &Nomination:

Sara has collaborated with companies such as Intel, AT&T, Logitech, Samsung, Crucial, Luminar NEO, VISA, SONY, and Finest Buy to help her creativity and give the best material possible.

Sara Dietschy was nominated for a 2019 Streamys Award in the “Best in Technology” category.

Sara Dietschy Featured On:

Sara Dietschy featured on Matt D’Avella Podcast, The Inforium Podcast, Streamys Nominee (2019) Best in Technology, MKBHD’s Retro Tech – S2E4, Yahoo Interview, Genius Bar Podcast, Meet Kevin Podcast, Surviving Ghostbusters, B&H Interview, AT&T – NYC Vulture Festival, CES – Las Vegas.

Sara Dietschy Business:

Sara Dietschy has started and launched her own online business, LAB22, where she sells technology products and desk accessories like iPhone stands, headphones, camera lenses, Cameras gear, mobile gear, Desk setup accessories, Podcast set production gear Etc.

Sara Dietschy is just reviewing about camera, as she is a tech YouTuber always gives reviews and technology videos.
(Image: Sara Dietschy/Instagram)

Sara Dietschy Wardrobe:

Sara dresses in luxury clothes and always looks fantastic in whatever she wears. Her demeanor gives those in her immediate vicinity a feeling of security. She enjoys wearing a check shirt with pants, pant-shirts with joggers, T-shirts with pants and jeans, stylish tank tops, cropped t-shirts, shirts with coat,  shirts with jeans and occasionally leggings, sporty clothing, sleeveless shirts, and casual office shirts, but she also dresses according to events.

Sara Dietschy Associated With:

Sara Dietschy associates with iJustine, The American social media personality known as iJustine, whose real name is Justine Ezarik; she is also a well-known actor, host, author, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter celebrity. One of the best tech YouTubers is iJustine, an American YouTube star, host, and actor.

Sara Dietschy is associated with iJustine, they all are tech sisters in one picture.
(Image: Sara Dietschy/Instagram)

Sara Dietschy YouTube Channels:

Sara is a YouTube personality and started her YouTube channel on September 17, 2011, and now has 889k subscribers with 97,060,475 views on her YouTube videos. She posts videos on various topics, including tech, creativity, vlogs, documentaries, reviews, and how-to guides.

In addition, Sara started a YouTube podcast channel called “That Creative Life” on February 20, 2014, and as of  October 2022, the channel has over 55.2k subscribers and 5,422,849 views. You may listen to open discussions with some of the world’s top creative and business people on this Podcast—everyone in between, including CEOs, YouTube stars, and artists.

She started her other YouTube channel, Sara Dietschy Diaries,” on July 18, 2020, and has 8.58k subscribers with 46,568 views on her YouTube videos. She uploads game streaming and funny blog videos on it.  

Sara Dietschy Twitter Celebrity:

Sara Dietschy is a Twitter celebrity who joined Twitter in Feb 2011 and has 162.2k followers. She socializes with her fans, uploads tech videos and pictures, and tweets memes daily.

Sara Dietschy Instagram Account:

Sara Dietschy is also an Instagram star, as she joined Instagram in November 2010 and has over 198k followers. She uploads her tech and reviews pictures &videos, pictures with her family, and daily activities.

Sara Dietschy TikTok &Gmail:

Sara Dietschy started her TikTok on August 17, 2019, and has 17.8k followers. She uploads her funny, tech, adventures, and trips videos and also uploads her daily activities.

She also has provided her Gmail for business inquiries:

[email protected] 

AccountsLinksJoining date
YouTube ChannelSara Dietschy Joined Sep 17, 2011
YouTube ChannelThat Creative LifeJoined Feb 20, 2014
YouTube ChannelSara Dietschy DiariesJoined July 18, 2020
TwitterSara DietschyJoined Feb 2011
InstagramsaradietschyJoined November 2010
TikToksaradietschyJoined Aug17, 2019
FacebookSara DietschyJoined Sep 13, 2008
LinkedinSara DietschyN/A

Sara Dietschy Marital Status/ Boyfriend:

Sara Dietschy married her long-term boyfriend, John Hill, in 2019; John is an Athlete as he is a pro-skater, a Youtuber, a Creator of the Skatewear brand progressdailyskate Etc. They go on traveling and do adventures together, and both love each other. John Hill is a fun-loving and jovial person who always makes Sara laugh. They make a perfect and ideal couple.

Sara Dietschy is with her husband John Hill, what a perfect and ideal couple are they!
(Image: Sara Dietschy/Instagram)

Sara Dietschy Net Worth:

Sara Dietschy makes money from her YouTube channel through a podcast, gaming, streaming, hosting, business, collaborations with famous companies, product reviews Etc. Sara is thought to have a net worth of $5 to $7 Million.

Sara Dietschy Truth & Facts:

  • Sara Dietschy was born in Dallas, Texas, on August 11, 1994.
  • She is 28 years old (it is 2022).
  • Sara is Leo by her birth sign.
  • Sara Dietschy (rhymes with peachy) is a Dallas, Texas-based Youtuber and content creator. Sara produces and uploads vlogs, tech reviews, and docuseries. She investigates how creativity and technology intersect in her work. Thanks to her authenticity and magnetic enthusiasm, Sara is a force on the YouTube scene.
  • Sara has collaborated with companies such as Intel, AT&T, Logitech, Samsung, and Finest Buy.
  • Sara has interviewed influential figures like Peter McKinnon, Gary Vaynerchuk, Mark Zuckerberg, and MKBHD.
  • Sara has a solid commitment to the creative community.
  • She enjoys taking care of animals, spending time with her family, going on weekend vacations, and having adventures.
  • Judie is her cat, and she claims that he is our son. She loves him a lot.
Sara Dietschy during her interview as she has been featured in many viral YouTube videos.
(Image: Sara Dietschy/Instagram)

Why Should We Follow Sara Dietschy?

  • You should follow her as she is the technology queen and provides tech evaluations, and you will undoubtedly enjoy her YouTube and TikTok videos as well as her blogging and Vlogging.
  • Follow her as there is no one better if you want in-depth reviews of the newest laptops, Apple devices, and cameras, in-depth interviews with some of your favorite creators and YouTubers, or simply guidance and perspective on what it takes to be a YouTuber and entrepreneur in 2022.


Who is Sara Dietschy?

Sara Dietschy, whose name rhymes with “peachy,” is a Youtuber and video producer in Dallas, Texas & she creates and distributes vlogs, technology evaluations, and documentaries. She investigates the confluence of creativity and technology in her work. Sara’s sincerity and contagious excitement make her a powerhouse on the YouTube scene.

How Old is Sara Dietschy?

She is 28 years old.

Is Sara Dietschy in a relationship?

Sara Dietschy married her long-term boyfriend, John Hill, in 2019.

On which date  Sara Dietschy celebrates her birthday?

On August 11.

What is the net worth/total earnings of Sara Dietschy in 2022?

It is around $5M to $7M.

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