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Maggy Legs is looking beautiful and hot while wearing a mini skirt.
(image: maggy_legs/Instagram)

Maggy Legs is a Polish Instagram model, entrepreneur, fashion model, YouTuber, Onlyfans and Fansly model, webcam lady, and social media Influencer. She is mainly famous for her Instagram, with above 540K followers.

Maggy Legs is sitting on her bed and is posing for a picture in Black outfit.
(image: maggy_legs/Instagram)

Maggy Legs Biography/Wiki:

Maggy Legs is a social media star and Influencer. She is a pantyhose and high heels lover. On Instagram, she collaborates with many pantyhose and heels brands. Moreover, she also collaborates with many clothing and beauty products. Furthermore, she also runs her clothing brand. The net worth of Maggy will be around $500k as of 2023.

Real nameGosia
Nick NameMaggy Legs, Maggy, Margarita
BirthdayJanuary 6, 1997
Zodiac (Birth sign)Capricorn
Net worth$500k
Primary Income SourceModeling, Brands Collaborations, Onlyfans Account, social media Influencer, Fansly, clothing line

Maggy Legs Birthday And Age:

Maggy Legs is looking hot while wearing a gray mini skirt.
(image: maggy_legs/Instagram)

Maggy Legs was born in Poland on January 6, 1997, and her zodiac sign is Capricorn(They are robust, materialistic, aspirational, and tenacious. Even though others may have given up five kilometers sooner, they will continue. As a result, they make excellent friends, partners, and coworkers. Even though Capricorns prefer to spend out in small groups, they are devoted to and supportive of their friends and family).

Maggy is a 26-year-old Onlyfans and Instagram model as of 2023.

Appearance &Body Measurements:

Maggy is a cute and beautiful lady, and her skin tone of Maggy is White porcelain. Her almond-shaped Gray eyes are round, and she has smooth, straight, waist-length Blonde hair. Her beautiful, slanted Almond Gray eyes, which symbolize her pleasure in the finer things in life, give off an air of mystery. Her personality complements her straight, shiny hair.

Despite being 26 years old, Maggy has a beautiful and fit body. The measurements of Maggy are approximately 34 inches around the hips, 32 inches around the bust, and 26 inches around the waist. She is about 55 kg and stands at (5’5″) 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

Height5’5 (5 feet 5 inches)
Bust size32
Waist size26
Hip size34
Shoe sizeUnknown
Eye ColorGray
Eyes shapeAlmond shape
Hair ColorBlonde
Hair StyleWaist-length
Skin ToneWhite Porcelain

Maggy Legs Family And Background:

Maggy Legs is looking hot while posing for a picture as she is wearing a stylish shirt.
(image: maggy_legs/Instagram)

Maggy Legs is a Polish girl who follows Christianity. Unfortunately, she has never mentioned her family on her social media as, like other celebrities, she doesn’t like to share her family info on her accounts.

Marital Status/Relationship:

She is unmarried and single. Maggy has never mentioned her relationship and boyfriend; she seems single and is focusing on her career. Moreover, she is an Onlyfans model and sells her explicit content there.

Maggy Legs is enjoying her vacation and is drinking orange juice.
(image: maggy_legs/Instagram)
Marital statusSingle
LanguagePolish, English

Education/Early Life &Career:

Maggy Legs has not provided any information about her academic background or prior education.

In September 2018, Maggy launched her profession by sharing her sensual, sultry, and audacious photos in Hosiery, leggings, lingerie, and undergarments on Instagram. There, she gained much popularity, and her followers began encouraging her. Now, as of January 2023, she has above 540k followers.


Maggy has created two more backup accounts on which she has thousands of followers. There, she attracted many individuals who sent her enormous sums of money and gifts because she also had an Amazon wish list. Moreover, Maggy worked with numerous renowned fashion companies, including those that sell nylon, Hosiery, heels, stylish undergarments, and tights.

She is also a YouTuber; she started her YouTube channel on February 5, 2016, and now she has over 14k subscribers with around 6M views on her YouTube videos. Maggy earns money on her Onlyfans, Patreon, and Fansly accounts by selling her adult content.

She is an Instagram star, YouTuber, Patreon, Fashion model, Onlyfans and Fansly model, and social media Influencer.

Clothing List:

Maggy Legs is just posing for a picture while wearing a short maxi.
(image: maggy_legs/Instagram)

The numerous photos of Maggy Legs showing her in various outfits demonstrate her eccentric nature, which is well known. She enjoys wearing a variety of exotic clothing, including bikinis, lingerie, pleated skirts, leather skirts, tights, shirts with pantyhose, nylon leggings, miniskirts, shorts, sleeveless crop tops with pants, trench coats with garter belts, lace undergarments, knee boots, heels, and sleeveless tank tops.

Associated With:

Maggy Legs is associated with Loredana Milano; Loredana Milano is a successful businesswoman, Instagram personality, fashion blogger, and model. She is renowned for her provocative and seductive photographs in heels, tights, and Hosiery & is an Italian fashionista. She works as a computer technician in addition to digital media.

Maggy Legs, Instagram Star:


Maggy is an Instagram celebrity with 540k followers on her primary account and joined Instagram in September 2018. She publishes posts about fashion, uploads provocative erotic photos, promotes various businesses, and works with several well-known brands.

On her backup accounts, which she created in January and July 2021, she has above 267k and 61k followers. She uploads the same content on these accounts, which she posts on her main account.

YouTube Channel:

She is also a YouTuber as she launched her YouTube channel on February 5, 2016, and as of now, she has over 14k followers and around 6M views on her videos. She is also a YouTuber. She uploads fashion vlogs about nylon leggings, pantyhose, heels, and stylish undergarments.

AccountsLinksJoining date
Instagram Mainpolishgirl_in_heelsSeptember 2018
Instagram 2nd Accountmaggy_legsJanuary 2021
Instagram 3rd Accountprincess_in_highheels July 2021
YouTube ChannelPolishgirl_in_heelsFebruary 5, 2016
Patreon gosiaN/A
Further Linksmaggy_legsN/A

Maggy Legs Net Worth:

Maggy Legs is taking mirror selfie as she is a selfie queen while wearing a stylish outfit.
(image: maggy_legs/Instagram)

Maggy has a net worth of $500k as of 2023, and her primary source of income are her Onlyfans, Fansly, Patreon, Instagram star, collaborations, advertisements, YouTube, and Digital influencers.

Truth &Facts:

  • Maggy Legs is a social media influencer, fashion model, Instagram star,  YouTuber, Patreon, Onlyfans, and Fansly model.
  • Maggy Legs was born in Poland on January 6, 1997, and her zodiac sign is Capricorn.
Maggy Legs is looking hot in a Black stylish outfit and is posing for a picture.
(image: maggy_legs/Instagram)
  • Maggy is a 26-year-old Onlyfans and Instagram model as of 2023.
  • She is a Polish model and loves Hosiery, pantyhose, nylon leggings, and High heels.
  • Red and Black are her favorite color.

Why Should We Follow Her?

  • If you prefer wearing tights, knee boots, heels, nylon leggings, stylish undergarments, or Hosiery, you should follow her because she frequently posts about these things.
  • Follow her and contact her for partnerships, sponsorships, sales boosts, and promotions.
  • Maggy Legs is a well-known Instagram user and online Influencer. She attracts many friends and admirers because of her distinct sense of style.
Maggy Legs is looking beautiful and hot while wearing a mini skirt.
(image: maggy_legs/Instagram)


Who is Maggy Legs?

Maggy Legs is a Polish social media influencer, businesswoman, fashion model, YouTuber, Onlyfans and Fansly model, and webcam performer. She has more than 540K followers on Instagram, where she is most well-known.

What is Maggy Legs’s exact birth date?

Her accurate date of birth is January 6, 1997.

How old is Maggy Legs?

Maggy Legs is 26 years old, as it is 2023.

What is Maggy Legs’s total earnings/net worth in 2022?

Maggy’s net worth is around $500k.

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