Leni Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Founder Of Peachy Gym-wear, Net Worth, Modelling Career, Family, Children, and More

Leni is posing for a picture while wearing a crop shirt with latex skirt.
(Image: Leni/Instagram)

Leni is a  Slovenian fashion and fitness model, Instagram star, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Peachy_gymwear, pikapolonica_prodajalna, and byrokko, the fitness gym-wear, clothing, style, and baby product brands. She is famous for her bold and perfect personality and body.

Leni is looking stunning in this outfit and here she is promoting the brand.
(Image: Leni/Instagram)

Leni Biography/Wiki:

Leni is a well-known fitness and fashion model, Instagram, and entrepreneur born in Slovenia on April 6, 1990. Leni is 32 years old, and her star sign is Aries & she is a fitness enthusiast model known for her sexy and brash physique. Leni is always concerned with the fitness and health of her body. She has a fantastic fashion sense, is a fashion model & works with a lot of well-known fashion companies and brands. In addition to running her brands of baby products, workout supplements, and gym gear, she also provides product reviews. As of 2022, Leni’s net worth is between $1 million and $2 million.

Real nameLeni
Nick NameLenii
BirthdayApril 6, 1990
BirthplaceSlovenia, Balkans (Region)
Zodiac (Birth sign)Aries
Net worth$1M to $2M
Primary Income SourceOwner of Brands, Brand Collaboration, modeling for various brands, product promotion, and reviews

Leni’s Birthday And Age:

Leni was born in Slovenia, Balkans, on April 6, 1990. She is Aries by her birth sign(Aries women are natural leaders and alphas. They are witty, self-sufficient, feisty, and imaginative. Aerians are enthusiastic people who demand nothing less than the best. Being a fire sign, Aries can be erratic sometimes, but they are also fun to be around).

Leni is a 32 years old outgoing fitness and fashion model.

Leni is just showing and promoting the clothing line while wearing a long pink maxi looking beautiful.
(Image: Leni/Instagram)

Leni Height/Weight/Body Measurements:

Leni is a fitness freak who lives mostly at the Gym. She places a high value on fitness & joined a gym in 2014; since then, she has made great strides toward having a toned and attractive body by 2022. Leni measures 26 inches across the waist, 34 inches across the bust, and 36 inches across the hips, and Leni is proud of her ideal, attractive, and sexy form. She is 5’7″ (5 Ft 7 inches) and 170.18 cm tall and weighs 59 kg.

Weight59 kg
Waist size26 inches
Bust size34
Hip size36
Dress sizeN/A
Shoe size8

Leni’s Skin Tone/Hair Color/Eyes Color:

Leni is the embodiment of beauty; besides being adorable, she also has lovely skin, eyes, and hair colors. She is a woman with a sophisticated aesthetic. Her almond-shaped dark brown eyes and long, smooth and straight black hair are attractive. Leni is at ease and well-known when participating in outdoor activities. She possesses splendor, a warm, captivating smile, and flawless skin with medium beige undertones.

Leni is a fitness model and is posing for a picture while workout showing her figure.
(Image: Leni/Instagram)
Hair ColorBlack
Eyes colorDark brown
Skin toneMedium-beige
HairstyleLong straight blonde/change hairstyle from time to time

Leni’s Family And Background:

Leni is a Slovene model, and she follows Christianity. She speaks Slovenian as she lives in Slovenia. Leni never talked about her parents on her social accounts, but Lena mainly talked about her grandma and grandpa. She has a younger brother, and she didn’t reveal the names of her other family members and never talked about them, but if we find any details about her family, we will update the info on this web page, so keep checking back!

Leni is celebrating her baby girl birthday with her husband and looking happy with her family.
(Image: Leni/Instagram)
Mother nameUnknown
SiblingYounger brother

Leni’s Education/Early Life &Career:

Leni has not yet disclosed her early education and educational history.

On September 22, 2014, she started to post her bold and sexy portfolio pictures on her Instagram, which attracted a lot of famous brands and photographers. She began to collaborate with many well-known brands, including Fashionnova. In August 2015, she started her Gym wear brand Peachy Gym-wear, and in March 2017, she started her other beauty, cosmetic and personal care brand Byrokko. In October 2017, after the birth of her baby girl, she released another brand with the handle name pikapolonica_prodajalna, on which she sells baby and kids products.

Now she is a famous fitness and fashion model, businesswoman, and an Instagram personality and model.

Leni is giving the product review as she is a brand promoter and give product reviews while wearing 2 piece legging suit.
(Image: Leni/Instagram)

Leni Clothing List:

She can be seen wearing leggings, sportswear, short and long maxis, bra suits, crop tops with leggings, miniskirts, swimwear, Gym-wear, shirts with short sleeves, sleeveless crop tops, pant-shirts, fashionable top tanks, two-piece legging suits, Long and quick Maxi’s, lace, shirt with jeans and shorts, and other sensual and sophisticated sexy and daring outfits. Leni is known for her undeniable charm.

Leni Associated With:

Leni associates with  Demidova Helenka; Demidova Helenka is a fitness and fashion model from Ukraine, a businesswoman, an Instagram and TikTok celebrity, and a social media influencer. Demidova partners with many of her fans’ preferred brands and businesses and is renowned for her bold, sensual, and fit body.

Leni, an Instagram Star:

Leni is a famous Instagram star; she joined Instagram in August 2013, and now she has 61.7k followers on it. She uploads her sexy and sharp pictures on her IG, collaborates with many brands, and gives product reviews. Leni is only an Instagram star and is not active on other social accounts. She runs her brands on Instagram, as discussed earlier.

AccountsLinksJoining date
Instagram Main Account_____lenii_____Joined August 2013  
Instagram Gymwear Brandpeachy_gymwearJoined August 2015
Instagram Byrokko BrandbyrokkoJoined March 2017
Instagram Baby Goodspikapolonica_prodajalnaJoined October 2017

Leni’s Marital Status/ Boyfriend/ Husband:

In 2015, Leni and her longtime partner Blaz Wravor got married. His lover is an engineer and the owner of WRAVOR SNOWMOBILE CENTER, a snowmobile shop. He also sells woodworking equipment. On August 5, 2021, Leni gave birth to a girl named Dion. They make the ideal relationship and parents because they adore one another.

Leni is with her new born baby girl Deona and with her husband. a happy and complete family.
(Image: Leni/Instagram)

Leni’s Net Worth:

As of 2022, Demidova has a net worth of $1M to $2M. Her primary sources of income are her brand collaborations, modeling for various brands, and her Gym-wear, supplements, and kid goods Brand.

Leni Truth &Facts:

  • Leni is a famous fitness and fashion model, Instagram star, blogger, and entrepreneur.
  • Leni is a Slovene model as she was born in Slovenia.
  • Leni is 32 years old and was born on April 6, 1990.
  • Her star sign is Aries.
  • She has had a less expressive lower jaw or jaw that has migrated backward since childhood, which causes asymmetry of the face, mainly from the profile. The previous year, she dealt with this problem and treated this at a Clinic.
  • She gave birth to cute princess Diona in 2021.
  • Leni loves adventures, traveling, and trips.
Leni is looking beautiful in mini skirt as she is posing for a picture to include it in her portfolio.
(Image: Leni/Instagram)

Why Should We Follow Leni?

  • As a self-made model, Leni is a digital influencer and inspiration for many people.
  • Follow her as she promotes many fashion and supplements brands on her IG and also gives fitness supplements reviews. She also runs her brands which she links on her Instagram profile bio.
  • If you want to increase your sales, follow her tips. If you are a businessperson interested in a shootout, send her a message on Instagram because she loves working with brands and businesses.


Who is Leni?

Leni is a popular Instagram user, businesswoman, and Slovene fashion and fitness model. She is the creator of the fitness clothes, baby products, and fashion businesses Peachy gym wear, pikapolonica prodajalna, and byrokko. She is well known for having an ideal body and a bold personality.

What is the exact birth date of Leni?

Her actual birthdate is April 6, 1990.

How old is Leni?

She is 32 years old, as it is 2022.

What is the net worth of  Leni in 2022?

Her net worth is around $1M to $2M

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