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Klaudia Wonatowska is smiling in a bra suit with denim jacket making her portfolio image for the future modeling.
(Image: Klaudia Wonatowska/Instagram)

Klaudia Wonatowska is a well-known Polish fashion model, Instagram star, and actress. Most importantly, Klaudia Wonatowska was the 2nd runner-up/winner of Miss Polonia in 2020 and became Vice Miss Polonia. She has been featured in many fashion shows and commercials. She is the Ambassador of Chelmza City in Polland.

Klaudia Wonatowska is promoting the hair band brand and clothing brand looking cute and beautiful.
(Image: Klaudia Wonatowska/Instagram)

Klaudia Wonatowska Biography/Wiki:

Klaudia Wonatowska is a well-known fashion model, Instagram star, social media influencer, and actress. She was born in Chelmza, Poland, on September 17, 1998. Klaudia is a Virgo by her birth sign. Klaudia is a 24-year-old Polish model. She collaborates with many famous companies and brands, gives product reviews, and does commercials, and models in fashion shows. She is the Ambassador of Chelmza, Poland, and she is very proud to represent this city. Currently, she lives in Warsaw, Poland, and is growing herself in her career. The estimated net worth of Klaudia is about $3M to $4M as of 2022.

Real nameKlaudia Wonotowska
Nick Namekwonatowska 
BirthdaySeptember 17, 1998
BirthplaceChelmza, Poland
Zodiac (Birth sign)Virgo
Net worth$3M to $4M
Primary Income SourceBrands Collaboration, Modeling for various brands/fashion bloggers, Commercials, Product Reviews, Modeling in fashion shows Etc.

Klaudia Wonatowska Birthday And Age:

Klaudia was born in Chelmza, Poland, on September 17, 1998. She is a Virgo by her zodiac/star sign (Virgo women are dependable, loyal, and trustworthy. They are sincere when they commit. Since Virgos prefer long-term partnerships, they would never betray or unexpectedly leave their spouse).

Klaudia Wonotowska is 24 years old polish model.

Klaudia Wonatowska is a fashion model showing her cute face and posing for the modeling her blue eyes suits her personality.
(Image: Klaudia Wonatowska/Instagram)

Body Measurements/Height/Weight:

Klaudia is one of the most beautiful models in the Polish fashion industry. She can dazzle anyone with her stunning physique and charm, regardless of gender. Klaudia’s measurements are 25 inches around the waist, 37 inches or so around the breast, and 35 inches or so around the hips. She is 55 kg and stands 5’7.72″ (170.18 cm) tall.

Height5’7.72″ (170.18 cm)
Weight55 kg (121.2 lbs)
Waist size25 inches
Bust size37
Hip size35
Dress sizeN/A
Shoe size37 (European size)
Klaudia Wonatowska is in yellow shirt and shorts looking cute while traveling.
(Image: Klaudia Wonatowska/Instagram)

Klaudia Wonatowska Skin Tone/Hair Color And Eyes Color:

Klaudia’s appearance is shown here. A warm, killer smile, a delicate, even fair porcelain complexion, and elegant and classic good looks are all features of this stunning blonde-haired model and woman. Her pretty, upturned almond-blue eyes reflect her love of the most delicate things in life and give her a feeling of mystery.

Hair ColorBlonde
Eyes colorBlue
Eyes shapeUpturned  Almond
Skin tonefair white porcelain
HairstyleLong smooth, and silky

Klaudia Wonatowska Family And Background:

Klaudia Wonatowska is a Polish Model and follows Christianity. Klaudia grew up and belonged to a loving and supportive family & she has a loving mother and father. She did not reveal her mother’s name, but she posted her picture with her mother on mother’s day. She said that her father, Adam Wonatowski supported her in fulfilling her dreams. Moreover, she has only one brother Samuel Wonatowski as a sibling. She loves him a lot as his brother is only 11 years old. She has a vast background and many relatives.

MotherName N/A
FatherAdam Wonatowski
Siblings(11 years old, Brother)Samuel Wonatowski
EthnicityWhite Polish ethnicity
Klaudia Wonatowska is giving her cute smile and standing in a salon to ready her self for photoshoots.
(Image: Klaudia Wonatowska/Instagram)

Education/Early Life &Career:

Klaudia Wonatowska has completed her Master’s degree in Poland.

On July 21, 2018, Klaudia began posting her stunning photos on Instagram, attracting many photographers and marketers. She started modeling before she joined Instagram.

Klaudia said in her interview that:

  • I find professional fulfillment working for Samsung, a multinational company. I moved to Warsaw four years ago, one of the best moves I’ve ever made. Making work enjoyable and adding wings has always been my main objective. Today, I can claim that I accomplished this because I enjoy my work and the coworkers I see every day.
  • My second Job—and a major passion—is modeling. I was able to support myself and succeed in small but significant ways. For example, I often participated in Commercials/retail orders and took second place in the Miss Polonia competition.
  • I have worked on advertising campaigns for Polish companies, including Wittchen, Contigo, Lavashka, Gift of Nature, and many others.
  • I fulfilled a lifelong dream in February 2022 when I participated in a fashion presentation for renowned Italian designer Elisabetta Franchi during Milan Fashion Week. Every collaboration I am a part of makes me incredibly proud, so I’m thrilled to be able to share this one with you.

Klaudia Wonatowska Wardrobe:

The numerous photos of Klaudia that show her wearing various outfits demonstrate her unique personality, which is well known. She likes to dress in a variety of unusual clothing, including bikinis, lingerie, pleated skirts, shirts with shorts, miniskirts, shorts, sleeveless crop tops with pants, trench coats with garter belts, lace undergarments, heels, long and short maxis, T-shirts with shorts and pants, sleeveless tank tops, and other stylish dresses.

Klaudia Wonatowska is promoting the handbag brand as she collaborates with various famous brands.
(Image: Klaudia Wonatowska/Instagram)

Associated With:

Klaudia Wonatowska is associated with Abril Zabaleta and Loredana Milano. Loredana Milano is a successful businesswoman, Instagram personality, fashion blogger, and model. She is well known for her provocative and seductive photos wearing nylon, hosiery, tights, and high heels. She is an Italian fashionista.

Klaudia Wonatowska Instagram Account:

She is also an Instagram star and has over 90.2k followers on her Instagram account. She collaborates with many brands, promotes accounts and products, advertises clothing brands, etc., and joined Instagram in April 2014.


Facebook Account &Gmail:

Klaudia is also active on Facebook, where she posts pictures and shares beautiful moments and feelings with her fans.

Klaudia provided her Gmail for business Inquires:

[email protected] 

Klaudia Wonatowska is looking stunning as she made this picture for her portfolio as a model for the future work.
(Image: Klaudia Wonatowska/Instagram)

Klaudia Wonatowska Studio & Contact Number:

Additionally, Klaudia Wonatowska offered a portal where she uploaded additional information and her portfolio for potential future employment. So, if somebody wants to work with her, they may quickly get in touch with her. She also includes her business contact information to make it easy for people to contact her.

Phone: +48 783 604 312

AccountsLinksJoining date
InstagramkwonatowskaJoined  April 2014.
FacebookKlaudia WonatowskaN/A
Portal (website) For Future Employment as a ModelKLAUDIA WONATOWSKAN/A

Klaudia Wonatowska Marital Status/ Boyfriend:

Although Klaudia is not yet married, she is dating Maciek Jeziorski, who is also a blogger on Instagram. They both love one another and are getting married soon. They travel and go on vacation together. Klaudia spends the majority of her spare time with him. They appear to be an ideal and lovely couple, made for one another.

Klaudia Wonatowska is with her boy friend looking happy, what an ideal couple is this. looking like they made for each other.
(Image: Klaudia Wonatowska/Instagram)

Klaudia Wonatowska Net Worth:

Klaudia Wonatowska’s primary source of income is her Job in a multinational company, modeling, Commercials, Collaborations, product reviews Etc.

Her estimated net worth is around $3 to $4 million in 2022.

Truth &Facts:

  • Klaudia Wonatowska is a Polish fashion model, Jobian, Instagram star, and entrepreneur.
  • Klaudia was born in Chelmza, Poland, on September 17, 1998, but is currently living in Warsaw, Poland.
  • She won second place on the podium in Miss Polonia.
  • In February 2022, she made her dreams come true and took part in a fashion show at Fashion Week in Milan for a famous Italian designer, Elisabetta Franchi.  
  • She is a 24-year-old model, and her star/birth sign is Virgo.
  • She loves to travel, and she loves dogs, and she also has one as a pet.
  • She is the Ambassador of Chelmza, Poland.

Why Should We Follow Her?

  • We should follow her to see her passion for modeling, as she is one of the most successful models in the Polish industry.
Klaudia Wonatowska took second place in miss Poland Contest and wearing a barbie frock looking beautiful and stunning
(Image: Klaudia Wonatowska/Instagram)
  • Follow Klaudia because she is a young, passionate model who is just 24 years old; if you are starting in this field, you should take guidance from her.
  • Follow her and contact her for partnerships, paid sponsorship, sales boosts, and promotions.
  • Klaudia Wonatowska is a prominent Instagram user and a digital influencer. She is well known for her unique sense of style and has a remarkable variety of friends and admirers.


Who is Klaudia Wonatowska?

Klaudia Wonatowska is a well-known Polish fashion model, Instagram star, actress, and the most important one; Klaudia Wonatowska was the 2nd runner-up/winner of the Miss Polonia in 2020 and won the title Vice Miss Polonia. She has been featured in many fashion shows and commercials. She is the Ambassador of Chelmza City in Polland.

How Old is Klaudia Wonatowska?

She is 24 years old.

Is Klaudia Wonatowska in a relationship?

Yes,  she is dating Maciek Jeziorski

On which date Klaudia Wonatowska celebrates her birthday?

On September 17.

What is the net worth/total earnings of Klaudia Wonatowska in 2022?

It is around $3M to $4M.

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