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Fashion influencer, Tik Tok star, and social influencer Jasminesinging, sometimes known simply as Jasminesinging, is from Canada and is well known for her brief dance and lipsync videos. She has a lot of fans in India, and there are millions of people who follow her on different social media sites. Aside from the above, she is also well-known worldwide as a fashion model. She is known for her curvy models and content that influences fashion.

Jasminesinging Biography / Wiki

Canada is where Jasminesinging was born. She is also known as “Jasmine,” another name for her. She was born into a Canadian family with money and business class; when it comes to her education, Jasmine has finished elementary and primary school. She also went to a private high school near her home in her hometown.

Real Name Jasminesinging
 Nick NameJasmine
Birth PlaceCanada
Date of BirthNot Found
Zodiac SignNot Found  
  ProfessionModel and Video Content creator
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  Jasminesinging Age / Birthday

The exceptional social media celebrity has, as of right now and up to this point, refrained from disclosing any information that You may use to determine her age or birthdate.

Jasminesinging Height, Weight, and Measurements

Jasminesinging is about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 51 kg in terms of how she looks. Her hair is a golden color, and her eyes are a brown color. She now has a beautiful body that draws you in.

Jasminesinging Early fame

After she graduated, Jasmine shared her well-choreographed reels and videos on the TikTok forum and found out about her early career. She became known as a popular creator of video content. Aside from that, Jasmine joined the Instagram forum and started posting her beautiful and impressive photos and videos of modeling and influencing fashion. 

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2008 marked the beginning of Jasmine’s career as a singer with the release of the song “Muskan,” which was penned by Lalie Gill. The public very well received the piece. Her album “Gulabi,” which was released in 2012 and included a collaboration with Bohemia, is what brought her prominence in the Punjabi music business. 

Jasminesinging TikTok

She is famous worldwide because of TikTok, which makes her one of the most famous TikTokers in Canada. She joined the Tiktok forum in 2017. For showing her amazing lipsync and facial expressions in short videos on it. She has many followers on her handle because of the great and attractive videos she posts under the handle Jasminesinging. 

Jasminesinging Instagram

She became more interested in modeling and fashion over time and was determined to make a living in the same field. I didn’t think she would become famous on TikToker, even though she was known as a video creator there.

She joined Instagram right away to pursue her career as a model and fashion influencer and started doing what she loved on it. She joined the forum in 2018; she started posting her unique and impressive photos and modeling work, where she has become known worldwide.

As her popularity on Instagram and other social media sites grew, she became the face and promoted many fashions and clothing brands. Soon, Anjali will probably be on both style and digital magazines’ covers.

Jasminesinging Instagram

Jasminesinging Net Worth and Earnings

Jasminesinging is a well-known model and social media influencer. Her earnings and net worth add up to about USD 1 million. Modeling is where she earns the majority of her income., dancing, creating video content, Only fans, and being a fashion influencer.

Jasminesinging Family / Siblings and Relatives

There is currently no precise information about Jasminesinging’s parents or siblings available to the general public. If she says anything about her family that makes sense in the next few days, we will notify you immediately.

Jasminesinging Relationship / Boyfriend and Husband

At this point, the public domain and social media platforms don’t have any accurate information about Jasminesinging’s connections or girlfriends.

Like other famous models and people who have a lot of followers on social media, There is currently no precise information about Jasminesinging’s parents or siblings available to the general public. and out of the public eye. I’ll inform you as soon as we learn anything significant regarding her romantic life.



• Jasminesinging was born and raised in Canada.

• She has a lot of influence on social media.

• Jasminesinging became well-known as a model and a person who made videos.

• On Instagram, she has tens of thousands of followers.

• Jasminesinging is beautiful, captivating, and stunning to look at.

• She enjoys traveling and has visited many lovely locations, including Russia, Italy, London, and Paris.

• She loves animals, especially cats and dogs.

• She likes to sing, dance, read books, take pictures, write, swims, goes on hikes, and paint.


Who is the singer Jasmine?

Jasminesinging is known worldwide as a video creator on different social media platforms, especially Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, where she shares her fantastic singing, dancing, and lipsyncing videos.

Is Jasminesinging tied the knot?

No, she hasn’t shared any information about her relationship status online yet.

What is Jasminesinging’s age?

There is no information about how old Jasmine is when she sings.

When is Jasminesinging’s birthday?

The information about her birthday is not available right now.

What sign does Jasminesinging belong to?

At this point, the reader can assume that they don’t know anything about Jasminesinging.

What is Jasminesinging’s height?

On average, Jasminesinging is about 5′ 8″ tall.

Where is it that Jasmine is singing?

Canada is where Jasminesinging comes from

How much does Jasminesinging have in the bank?

Right now, Jasminesinging has a net worth of USD 1 million. She makes a considerable amount of money from modeling and making videos.

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