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Growingannanas is ust posing for a picture and here she is wearing a coat and bra suit.
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Growingannanas (real name: Anna Engelschall) is a German YouTuber, TikTok, Instagram star, certified fitness trainer, and @CrossFit coach. She has gained over 2 million subscribers to her @growingannanas YouTube channel with her long-form home workouts. She focuses on cardiovascular exercise, HIIT(high-intensity interval training), and strength training. Additionally, she regularly publishes YouTube videos with recipes for nutritious meals.

Growingannanas is looking beautiful and she is here posing for a picture while wearing a cropped shirt with shorts.
(Image: Anna Engelschall/Instagram)

Growingannanas (Anna Engelschall) Biography/Wiki:

Growingannanas (Anna Engelschall), a professional fitness trainer with certification, a gym rat, and a social media influencer, motivates people with her inspirational story and physically fit and attractive appearance. She spread the idea that you can do and get everything you set your mind to, but it takes hard effort and dedication.  

As she likes eating pineapples and gaining muscle, Growingannanas got her moniker from the words “growing” and “Annanas” (pineapple). She is the proprietor of a website and an online store where she offers her fitness and exercise e-books for sale. In addition to running her YouTube channel, Instagram account, and TikTok account, Anna has developed her workout applications. Growingannanas has a net worth of between $1 million and $1.5 million.

Real nameAnna Engelschall
Nick NameGrowingannanas
BirthdayJune 27, 1995
Zodiac (Birth sign)Cancer
Net worth$1M to $1.5M
Primary Income SourceWebsite, E-books, Online store, fitness apps, YouTube channel Etc
Growingannanas is doing exercise in a gym as she is a fitness freak model and a certified fitness trainer.
(Image: Anna Engelschall/Instagram)

Growingannanas Birthday And Age:

Growingannanas (Anna Engelschall) was born in Germany on June 27, 1995, and her zodiac sign is Cancer(Cancer women: She is romantic and devoted and values her relationships and her spouse. She will expect the same in return no matter how many times she says, “I Love You.” She has a natural flair for fashion and can make a potato sack appear lovely. She has a strong personality and is relentless, but she can also be reticent).

Growingannanas is a 27 years old fitness freak girl.

Body Measurements &Appearance:

Growingannanas is a fitness model and trainer, and she has a fit and perfect physique. She is a young fitness model with an athletic build and runway appeal; given that, she is moving forward in her career. The girl weighs 55 kg, and her measurements are 32C-26-35. She is 5’3” and 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Growingannanas is taking a selfie as she is selfie lover and queen while wearing a Gray t-shirt.
(Image: Anna Engelschall/Instagram)

Growingannanas(Anna Engelschall) exudes a strong presence. She is a fitness model with medium-length Whitish blonde hair that swirls around her face and White-Porcelain skin. Anna’s cuteness is evident regardless of her expression. She has lovely almond-shaped, deep Blue ocean eyes.

Chest size32
Waist size26
Hip size35
Shoe sizeN/A
Eye ColorBlue  
Hair ColorWhitish Blonde
Skin ToneWhite porcelain

Growingannanas Family:

Growingannanas is living in Austria as she is a German lady. She follows Christianity. Anna Engelschann has a loving and supportive mother, Elisabeth Engelschall (Growingmamanas). Anna Engelschall said:  “My mom is my best friend.”  Moreover, she didn’t share any info about her father or sibling, and we think she is her parents’ only daughter.  

MotherElisabeth Engelschall
Growingannanas is posing and taking a selfie with her mom Elisabeth as she also upload videos and pictures on her social media accounts with her mom.
(Image: Anna Engelschall/Instagram)

Growingannanas Education/Early Life &Career:

Anna Engelschall didn’t disclose her academic credentials or educational background.

GrowingAnnanas’ creator, Anna Engelschall, decided to sign up for a trial CrossFit session around 3 years ago. So she entered with a body weight of around 39kg, was utterly unsatisfied with herself and her physique, and had only one goal: She desired to lose weight and possibly get more defined. Anna was also well aware of the low weight that she was already suffering from an eating disorder, and those extra jogging sessions would not help. However, this brave girl had to—or wanted to—change something, and Anna eventually learned about CROSSFIT.

There she saw many girls with perfect physiques doing gymnastics. Anna mentions that she was both enthralled and highly motivated at the same time. And as Anna noted, her desire to “become even thinner” was incorrect, and then she decided to gain weight, grow muscle, be extremely fit, and one thing above all. Anna aspired to be a strong, healthy, happy, and confident woman. Under the motto “Become the best version of yourself,” Anna Engelschall is still working toward this objective. Now she gained weight from 39kg to 55kg, and undoubtedly it’s a significant and big change. She said:

“I focused on GROWING my body, GROWING my mind, and GROWING as a person over the years. As a result, the word “GROWING” took on much importance for me.

Growingannanas is just doing comparison between her pictures of 2014 and 2022 as now she has a perfect figure and physique.
(Image: Anna Engelschall/Instagram)

The FITNESS lifestyle has been an essential tool in helping me GROW (both physically and psychologically). To become a more robust and better version of myself, I started by making tiny changes to my diet and working out more frequently each week. Inside and out, I’ve experienced such a significant good change that I must share it with everyone!

I’ve improved because of my fitness. It aided my growth and continues to do so in all aspects of my life.

It’s now your turn to shine, to grow.”

Now that Anna is a fitness trainer, she has created a team to work for her. Anna and her team’s goal is to motivate and inspire others. Growingannanas has a large following on all her social media platforms and is now a certified fitness trainer and model.

Clothing List:

Growingannanas have a peculiar style and prefer short, fitted attire & she enjoys wearing bras with pants, Gym-wear, cropped shirts with shorts and pants or jeans, and bikinis in particular! she likes wearing miniskirts, gym and fitness legging dresses, frocks, check shirts, tank tops, short maxis, Etc.

Associated With:

Growingannanas associates with  Kenzie Jo Clark; She is a famous social media influencer in the United States. She is well recognized for posting uncomplicated, healthy, vegan supper and lunch recipes and straightforward workout advice on her TikTok account.

Growingannanas A YouTuber:

Growingannanas is a German YouTuber who created her YouTube channel on January 21, 2017, and now she has 2.21 million subscribers with 536 million views on her YouTube videos. Anna shares her home workout videos on her YouTube channel.

TikTok Account:

Anna Engelschall has 856.5k followers on her TikTok account and 22.7 million likes on her TikTok videos. She inspires people with her healthy food recipes, fitness videos, and routines.


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Instagram Account:

Anna Engelschall started to post her pictures on Instagram on April 15, 2014, and now she has 663k followers. She posts her fitness and healthy recipe images and videos to inspire people who want to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

Website, Online Shop, &Gmail:

Anna developed a website where she offered and made available her fitness app. On her fitness app, she provided all her cardio, yoga, TABATA, HIIT strength, and other workouts.

Growingannanas (Anna Engelschall) has an online shop in which she sells her 3 e-books.


Anna Engelschall also provided her Gmail for business inquiries:

[email protected] 

Growingannanas is showing that she is a trainer of CrossFit and is couch while wearing a logo shirt looking cute here.
(Image: Anna Engelschall/Instagram)
AccountsLinksJoining date
TikTok AccountgrowingannanasN/A
Instagram AccountgrowingannanasJoined April 15, 2014 
YouTubegrowingannanasJoined January 21, 2017
Facebook PageGrowingannanasJoined July 14, 2018
Website growwithannaN/A
Online Fitness Shop OnlineshopN/A

Marital Status/ Boyfriend:

Growingannanas is not married yet and is single. We are unsure of her previous relationship as she never posts and shares any info related to her love, boyfriend, or prior relationship. We will update this web page if we find any details about her boyfriend or relationship. So stay tuned!

Growingannanas Net Worth:

She has a net worth of $1 million to $1.5 million as of 2022. The primary source of income of (Anna Engelschall) is her website, YouTube channel, fitness apps Etc.

Truth &Facts:

  • The real name of Growingannanas is Anna Engelschall.
  • She got the idea for her online pseudonym, Growingannanas, from the pineapple because Annanas is the name of the fruit in German. Because she wants to bulk up, she combines both Growing and Annanas to produce Growingannanas.
  • She is a certified fitness trainer and inspires people with her fit and perfect body.
  • Her mother is a Hiker and Adventurer.
Growingannanas is sitting on a weight as showing herself as a fitness trainer and model while wearing a sporty clothing.
(Image: Anna Engelschall/Instagram)
  • She was skinny at a young age and started working at home. She gained weight from 39kg to 55kg now she is living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Anna Engelschall is a fitness trainer and a YouTuber on which she has over 2 million subscribers.
  • Anna also shares healthy and balanced food recipes with her followers so that they can also live a healthy lifestyle.

Why Should We Follow Her?

  • Anna Engelschall is a qualified trainer, fitness model, and social media influencer. She is pursuing her goals with the hope of inspiring and motivating others. She is a professional trainer, so if you’re a fitness enthusiast who desires a flawless body, you should follow her.
  • Follow her on YouTube as she offers workouts that anyone can do at home, even if they cannot pay for a gym membership.
Growingannanas is during her exercise as she is running and recording her YouTube video as well.
(Image: Anna Engelschall/Instagram)
  • Personal style: Anna blended elements of her life experiences into her appearance to establish a unique look. She guides, motivate &inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle.


Who is Growingannanas?

Growingannanas, whose real name is Anna Engelschall, is a famous CrossFit coach, TikTok, and Instagram user from Germany. Her lengthy home training videos have helped establish her @growingannanas YouTube channel to over 2 million subscribers. She emphasizes strength training, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and cardiovascular exercise. She also frequently uploads YouTube videos with recipes for wholesome meals.

How Old is Growingannanas?

Growingannanas is 27 years old.

Is Growingannanas in a relationship?

Nope, she is single.

On which date did Growingannanas celebrate her birthday?

On June 27.

What is the net worth/total earnings of  Growingannanas in 2022?

It is around $1M to $1.5M

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