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Glennda Baker is smiling and posing for a picture while making TikTok video as she is also a famous TikToker.
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Glennda Baker is an Atlanta Realtor, Entrepreneur, Ambassador of the American Dream, The Real Estate Video’s Most Recognizable Face & Voice, Speaker, and social media personality. She is also a Real Estate Broker, TikTok &Instagram star, Twitter celebrity, and YouTuber.

Glennda Baker is taking her selfie and is posing for a picture while wearing a T-shirt.
(Image: Glennda Baker Atlanta/Instagram)

Glennda Baker Biography/Wiki:

Glennda Baker, an Atlanta Realtor, and 50-year-old digital Influencer is a real estate broker. She is a motivational speaker and a social media sensation. Glennda Baker LeBlanc claims, “She does not work in real estate; it is her life.” Her clients turn into family and close friends. Families are brought up in the houses she sells to her clients. Her customers’ precious memories are created in the homes she sells.”

She specializes in purchasing and trading places in the Atlanta area and has more than 30 years of residential sales and marketing expertise. Due to her extensive marketing expertise, She can optimize a property for sales and shorten the time it spends on the market. To increase visitation and hasten the selling of a house, she may offer a modern marketing strategy and outstanding networking skills. The net worth of Glennda Baker is around $5 to $10 million.

Real nameGlennda Baker
Nick NameGlennda Baker Atlanta, Glennda Baker LeBlanc
BirthdayDecember 13, 1972
BirthplaceDruid Hills, Georgia
Zodiac (Birth sign)Sagittarius
Net worth$5 million to $10 million
Primary Income SourceReal Estate Broker, Agent, Atlanta Realtor, YouTube, Website, Social Media Influencer

Glennda Baker Birthday And Age:

Glennda Baker is taking morning's coffee and is posing for a picture while giving a cute smile.
(Image: Glennda Baker Atlanta/Instagram)

Glennda Baker was born in Druid Hills, Georgia, on December 13, 1972, and her zodiac/birth sign is Sagittarius (She is direct, honest, independent, open-minded, and prefers to get right to the point rather than wasting time. A Sag lady is kind, compassionate, and sympathetic to everyone without bias toward their socioeconomic class or using stereotypes about them).

Glennda Baker is a 50 years old strong and passionate woman.

Body Measurements &Appearance:

Glennda Baker is 50 years old; her height is 5 Feet and 4 inches, and she weighs around 57kg. Unfortunately, she didn’t reveal her other body measurements.

She has a stunning face with porcelain white skin and brown eyes in an almond shape. Glennda’s hair is shoulder-length blonde, smooth, and in good condition.

Chest sizeN/A
Waist sizeN/A
Hip sizeN/A
Shoe sizeN/A
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde
Skin ToneWhite Porcelain

Glennda Baker Family &Background:

Glennda Bakers Atlanta has a vast family background and follows Christianity. Her mother’s name is Betty Baker, and her parents have died. Glennda didn’t reveal her father’s name. She didn’t ever talk about her siblings.

Marital Status/Relationship:

Glennda Baker was divorced two times, and then she married Andrew LeBlanc. She has one son Lucas Pulgarin and one daughter Victoria Vasquez. Moreover, Glennda has two stepdaughters.  

Glennda Baker is sitting with her family including her daughter and son and husband and with two step daughters.
(Image: Glennda Baker Atlanta/Instagram)
MotherBetty Baker: Died
Marital statusMarried
SonLucas Pulgarin
DaughterVictoria Vasquez

Education, Early Life &Career:

Glennda endured constant harassment while she was a Druid Hills high school student. She was criticized for her speech and walking patterns. She was so frustrated that she missed 40 days of her senior year, threatening her graduation chance. Glennda barely made it through high school, and she still questions whether sympathy or merit led to her graduation.

Her mother advised her to pursue a career in real estate. She belonged to a middle-class family, and things didn’t change after Glennda got married. She was left with two kids to raise, a divorce from her second husband, and only $44 in her bank account. Her first husband had filed a custody and alimony lawsuit against her. Additionally, Glennda was a strong drinker who had only been sober for four years of her nearly 50-year drinking habit & she also defined her drinking. 

How Glennda Came Into The Real Estate Business?

Glennda Baker is sitting on a sofa's corner and is posing for a picture in house she will sell.
(Image: Glennda Baker Atlanta/Instagram)

Glennda decided to enroll in her broker’s course and launch her own real estate company from home after the divorce.

She decided to make real estate her career and her life. Her customers became become friends and, more significantly, family. Glennda was the first agent to sell a single-family home for more than $5,000,000  in 1995. Glennda established a group of professionals concentrating on buying and selling houses across the metro Atlanta area. From Dallas to Augusta and everywhere in between, they have developed a specialty in house sales from Buckhead to Cumming, Peachtree City to Gainesville, and everywhere else.

Glennda Baker, a real estate broker in Atlanta, has nearly 30 years of experience in residential sales and marketing. Glennda is well known for her local knowledge and international contacts and has been named one of Newsweek’s America’s Best Agents nationally. Glennda is the head of The Diamond Squad, an all-female real estate team, and has developed a reputation for having a solid eye for marketing and an unconventional way of thinking.

This admired role model in the real estate sector has successfully navigated various obstacles during her life. She raised her children independently, built a prosperous business, and even gave up drinking.


Today, Glennda Baker, 55, is a huge star in the county’s real estate industry and a viral hit on the social media platform TikTok. Her videos on TikTok have amassed more than 846.1k followers and 14.5 million likes. In 2021, she sold two of the most expensive homes in the county.

Glennda Baker is standing in front of a hopuse she wants to sell and is smiling and posing for a picture.
(Image: GlenndaBaker Atlanta/Instagram)


In all firms in Atlanta, Georgia, Glennda and her group were rated as the #7 team. Additionally, she has consistently had the most incredible agent production in a group for Berkshire Hathaway in Georgia.  Glennda is one of the top 100 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices providers worldwide. She is also among the top 1% of REALTORS worldwide, ranking in the full 1/2.

Glennda is recognized as “the ambassador of the American dream,” and there is no doubt that her real estate firm brings in millions of dollars annually.

Favorite Clothing List:

Glennda loves to wear almost professional clothing & business attire like a coat with shirts and pants, miniskirts, etc. Casually she prefers to wear trendy shirts with jeans or other bottoms, miniskirts and stylish maxis, tank tops with trousers or jeans, loose shirts with pants or jeans, cropped shirts with pants, long skirts, pant-shirts, checkered shirts with pants, and other stylish shirts with pants or jeans, etc.

Glennda Baker is sitting on a couch and is posing for a picture in a house she has to sell.
(Image: Glennda Baker Atlanta/Instagram)

Associated With:

Glennda Baker associates with By Sophia Lee; By Sophia Lee is also an entrepreneur and interior architect, famous on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. She is an obsessive decorator, a type-A perfectionist, and an expert planner. She likes to decorate homes and apartments.

TikTok Star:


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♬ original sound – Glennda Baker

Glennda Baker is a TikTok star with over 846.1k followers and 14.5 million likes on her TikTok videos. On TikTok, she uploads inspirational and motivational videos, and sometimes she gives Business guides and tips about buying homes, etc., as she is a Real Estate Agent.

Instagram Account:

She is an Instagram star, as she has over 114k followers on her Instagram with 1820 posts. She uploads motivational videos and also gives guidance and tips about the business. Glennda sometimes shares her life story and images with her family.


Glennda Baker has a website where she shares her portfolio, contact number, and almost all the details about her business and Diamond squad. You can find each piece about her and her business on the website.

YouTube Channel, Contact Number &Gmail:

Glennda created her YouTube Channel on September 6, 2014, and now she has over 8.26k subscribers with over 637k views on her YouTube videos. She talks about Real Estate in her videos and shares her experiences, giving guidance and tips about her business.

You can get in touch with Glennda Baker by her Gmail and phone number if you want to work together or if you want to purchase a home in Georgia, Atlanta, or the surrounding area(neighborhood).

Tel: (678) 755-3711 

Gmail: [email protected] 

AccountsLinksJoining date
TikTok AccountglenndabakerN/A
Instagram AccountglenndabakerN/A
YouTube ChannelGlennda Baker & Associates, Inc.Joined December 17, 2016
Facebook Glennda Baker AtlantaJoined September 6, 2014
TwitterGlennda Baker Leblanc, Atlanta REALTORJoined March 2009
LinkedinGlennda BakerN/A
Zillow AccountGlennda Baker LeBlancN/A

Glennda Baker Net Worth:

As of 2022, Glennda Baker’s net worth ranges between $5M to $10M. Her primary sources of revenue are her online and offline real estate businesses, her work as an American Dreams ambassador, and her influence on social media. Glennda was also invited to a few special occasions where she spoke to the crowd and gave advice on her business.

Truth &Facts:

  • Glennda Baker is an American entrepreneur, Real Estate Agent(Atlanta Realtor), and associate Broker in Georgia Atlanta.
  • Glennda is now 50 years old Influencer on social media.
  • She is the ambassador of the American Dream and The Most Recognized Face & Voice in Real Estate Videos.
Glennda Baker is sitting on a bath tub in a house and showing the house she is going to sell as she is a real Estate Broker.
(Image: GlenndaBaker Atlanta/Instagram)
  • She is a sweet, independent, humble, strong woman and a mother.
  • Glennda has been divorced two times in her life and is now married to Andrew LeBlanc.
  • She gives motivational and inspirational video messages to the women.

Why Should We Follow Her?

  • If you want to start your Real Estate business and buy a home, you should follow Glennda Baker! Because Many viewers are drawn to Glennda Baker’s no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point approach and love for hard work, they value her advice in the real estate industry amid a time of record-low mortgage rates and record-high sales.
  • As the “Queen of Real Estate Video,” Glennda imparts her knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry to influence, educate, and motivate buyers and sellers throughout the globe to build wealth for future generations through real estate and elevate the real estate agent profession.


Who is Glennda Baker?

The most recognizable face and voice in real estate videos, entrepreneur, ambassador of the American Dream, speaker, and real estate agent in Atlanta are Glennda Baker. In addition, she works as a real estate broker and is a YouTuber, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter superstar.

How Old is Glennda Baker?

Glennda is 50 years old.

Is Glennda Baker in a relationship?

She is married.

On which date did Glennda Baker celebrate her birthday?

On December 13.

What is the net worth/total earnings of Glennda Baker in 2022?

As of 2022, It will be around $5M to $10M.

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