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Eva Koper is taking and drinking the juice and posing for a picture while wearing a check-shirt looking happy.
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Eva Koper is a recipe creator, TikTok star, Instagram celebrity, and social media influencer. She is well-known for her easy-to-make, dietary, nutritional, vegan, lactose-free recipes and ASMR cooking tutorials, which she shares on her Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Eva Koper is sitting in a restaurant and giving a cute smile while wearing a muffler, shirt with jeans looking beautiful.
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Eva Koper Biography/Wiki:

Eva Koper is a content and recipes creator, Instagram and TikTok star. She is Dutch, born in the Netherlands on March 8, 1999, and is 23 years old. She is also known as a student chef, as she learned during her college years that college students lacked cooking skills because she had a poor cooking experience during that time. Eva began sharing her quick and simple cooking techniques on her Instagram and TikTok.

Later on, she made her website where you may get quick, healthy meals without giving up your favorite foods and flavors. These recipes still incorporate your favorite foods while being simple and healthy &the recipes come in vegan and lactose-free forms. The net worth of Eva Koper is around $300k to $500k.

Real nameEva Koper
Nick NameEva, Student chef
BirthdayMarch 8, 1991
Zodiac (Birth sign)Pisces
Net worth$300k to $500k
Primary Income SourceWebsite, E-books,  social media star

Eva Koper Birthday And Age:

Eva Koper was born in the Netherlands on March 8, 1999, and she is Pisces by her birth sign(Although Pisces are renowned for their exceptional creativity, empathy, and generosity, they may also be compassionate, impressionable, and reclusive).

Eva Koper is a 30-year-old recipe and content creator.

Eva Koper is sitting in a restaurant and is celebrating her 23th birthday.
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Eva Koper Body Measurements &Appearance:

Eva Koper is a stunning woman with a perfect body. She is attractive, confident, and courageous, and her personality is nothing short of amazing. She is 5’4″ tall and 55kg in weight. Although her additional physical measurements have yet to be unavailable, we will update this article if we learn more.

Eva Koper also has a beautiful fair white porcelain skin tone and lovely, almond-shaped Green eyes. She has waist-length wavy blonde hair and changes her hairstyle occasionally.

Chest sizeN/A
Waist sizeN/A
Hip sizeN/A
Shoe sizeN/A
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBlonde
Skin ToneWhite porcelain

Eva Koper’s Family:

Eva Koper is a Dutch girl from the Netherlands who follows Christianity. She never talks about her parents on her social media accounts. Eva has 2 sisters, Sophie Koper and Zoe Koper, and one brother Tom Koper & she mostly talks about her grandma and grandfather. She still needs to reveal info about her family.

MotherName: N/A
FatherName: N/A
SisterSophie Koper and Zoe Koper
BrothersTom Koper
Eva Koper is with her sister Sophie Koper and Brother Tom Koper they all looking happy together.
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Education/Early Life &Career:

After completing college, she completed her graduation in International Hotel Management from Breda University.

Eva Koper first found her love of cooking in the kitchen with her mom when Eva was young. She decided to pursue her interest in cooking further by studying international hotel management. During her college years, Eva discovered that few students understood how to cook, and her friends frequently asked her for help.

Eva Koper knows that most college students live in a hostel and don’t know how to cook; she only wants to help them. This led her to the bright idea of using Instagram to help others. That’s how she began posting quick dishes that take a half-hour to prepare.

Over time, a passion for wholesome cuisine has also grown. Eva initially had a bad relationship with food, but now she leads a balanced lifestyle and still eats all the foods she enjoys. This inspired her to experiment with recipes to add nutritional value without sacrificing flavor. On Instagram, she also offers advice on how to live a more balanced existence. Now she has over 834k followers with 19.3 Million likes on her TikTok videos, and on Instagram, she has over 219k followers. On which she uploads balanced dietary food and easy and nutritional recipes.

Eva Koper is just standing in a street while wearing a pant-shirt looking gorgeous.
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Her Favorite Clothing List:

Eva loves to wear a Bikini dress, Bra with pants, cropped shirts with jeans or pants, tank tops, tank tops with jeans or pants, pant-shirts, mini-skirts, short or long maxis, t-shirts with pants or jeans, neck-less or sleeveless stylish shirts or tank tops with palazzo pants or jeans Etc.

Associated With:

Eva Koper associates with Halle Burns  & Surthany Hejeij; Surthany is a Muslim TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube sensation, also known as Surthycooks. She is a well-known TikToker from Lebanon, famous for her cooking videos. Due to her dual origin, she frequently combines Venezuelan and Lebanese cuisines in her cooking.

Eva Koper a TikTok Celebrity:

Eva joined TikTok on August 25, 2020, and now she has over 834k followers with 19.3 million likes on her TikTok videos. She shares easy food recipes and other random and funny videos with her followers on her TikTok.

Instagram Star:

Eva started to post on her Instagram on April 13, 2020, and now she has 219k followers. She uploads dietary and balanced food recipes, easy and nutritional recipes, lactose-free and vegan recipes, Etc.


Website &Gmail:

Eva Koper created her website. You can discover her recipes on her website, all written by a 23-year-old Dutch woman named Eva Koper. The dishes are simple and healthful while still using your favorite foods! There are vegan and lactose-free variations of the recipes. Adopt a balanced lifestyle with her!

Eva also sells her E-books on her website, which are based on Baked oat, which is in English. You can easily buy her Recipe E-books from here_ E-books.

She has also provided her Gmail for collaborations:

[email protected] 

AccountsLinksJoining date
TikTok AccountEva.KoperJoined August 25, 2020
Instagram AccountEva.KoperJoined April 13, 2020  
YouTubeEva KoperJoined February 19, 2021
Facebook PageEva KoperJoined August 13, 2020

Marital Status/ Boyfriend:

Eva Koper is not yet married, but she was dating a boy named Geerd Cretier, as she posted on her account, “I’m with my love in Rome.” So it is clear that couples are dating each other.

Eva Koper is with her boyfriend as she dating him as she is traveling to Rome.
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Eva Koper Net Worth:

Eva Koper has a net worth of $300k to $500k, and her primary source of income are her website, Recipes, and E-books which she sells on her website. She is living a luxurious lifestyle.

Truth &Facts:

  • She is a TikTok, Instagram star, Entrepreneur, and social media influencer.
  • Eva Koper is a Dutch lady who was born in the Netherlands.
  • She is also a gym rat, a fitness freak girl.
  • She loves to wear unique outfits for special events and likes traveling, adventures, trips, and online shopping.
  • She sells her recipes and e-books on her website.
Eva Koper is just posing for a picture and giving a beautiful smile while wearing a tank top.
(Image: EvaKoper/Instagram)

Why Should We Follow Her?

  • If you are diet conscious and want a balanced lifestyle, you should follow her as she uploads Dietary, Nutritional, Vegan, and Lactose-free food recipes.
  • If you are a Hostel student, you should follow her because she offers easy food recipes that can prepare in 30 minutes or less.
  • You should follow her as She’s a social media influencer who motivates others through her cooking and food recipes, so I’m confident you’ll enjoy her TikTok and Instagram Vlogs and blog posts.  


Who is Eva Koper?

Eva Koper is a recipe developer, TikTok celebrity, Instagram famous person, and social media influencer. She is highly recognized for her simple, healthy, vegan, lactose-free, easy-to-prepare recipes and ASMR cooking demonstrations, which she posts on her Instagram and TikTok accounts.

How Old is Eva Koper?

Eva is 23 years old.

Is Eva Koper in a relationship?

Currently, she is dating Geerd Cretier.

On which date did Eva Koper celebrate her birthday?

On March 8.

What is the net worth/total earnings of  Eva Koper in 2022?

It is around $300k to $500k.

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