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Dina Khalil is looking like a doll and here she is just posing and promoting a clothing brand while wearing a black maxi.
(Image: Dina Khalil/Instagram)

Dina Khalil is an American fashion model, entrepreneur, Instagram and TikTok star, and Onlyfans lady. Undoubtedly, she is a fashion queen, knows how to deal with her wardrobe, and is an ambassador of the FashionNova brand. Dina is famous for her bold, attractive, and sexy pictures, which she posts on her social media accounts.

Dina Khalil is just promoting the clothing brand and while wearing a red maxi.
(Image: Dina Khalil/Instagram)

Dina Khalil(Dinaskha) Biography/Wiki:

Dina Khalil is an American model, social star, and Onlyfans lady born in America US on  January 15, 1998, and is 24 years old. Her star sign is Capricorn. She is well-known as  Fashion nova Ambassador as she is the partner of FashionNova. Dina collaborates with many other famous brands and gives a shoutout to different places like hotels, Restaurants, salons Etc  She also provides product reviews, so in short, she is a businesswoman  The estimated net worth of Dina is around $1M to $2M.

Real nameDina Khalil
Famous asDinaskha
BirthdayJanuary 15, 1998
Zodiac (Birth sign)Capricorn
Net worth$1M to $2M
Primary Income SourceBrand Collaboration, modeling for brands, Onlyfans, Paid partnership with Dollskill, and working on various projects.
Dina Khalil is posing for a picture as she amazing in this photo while wearing a shirt with shorts.
(Image: Dina Khalil/Instagram)

Dina Khalil(Dinaskha) Birthday And Age:

Dina Khalil was born in the USA on January 15, 1998, and is Capricorn by her birth/zodiac sign(Capricorns are robust, materialistic, aspirational, and tenacious &they will keep going even if others may have given up five kilometers earlier; as a result, they make excellent companions, as well as life partners. Capricorns enjoy being with others in small groups, but they also care deeply for and support their friends and family).

Dina Khalil is a 24 years old, profoundly passionate lady.

Dina Khalil(Dinaskha)Height/Weight/Body Measurements:

Dina Khalil is a gorgeous woman with a perfect body who models. She has a disposition that can only be expressed as outstanding; she is bold, confident, and alluring. She exudes stunning and hot physical attractiveness, 36 inches across the hips, 27 inches across the waist, and 34 inches across the bust. Dina’s dimensions  Isabel Vera is 57 kg(125lbs) and 5 feet, 8 inches (5’8) tall.

Dina Khalil is showing her outfit as she is just promoting the brand Fashion Nova while wearing a short maxi.
(Image: Dina Khalil/Instagram)
Weight57 kg
Waist size27 inches
Bust size34
Hip size36
Dress sizeN/A
Shoe size8

Dina Khalil(Dinaskha) Skin Tone/Hair Color/Eyes Color:

Dina Khalil is a gorgeous model with a flawless complexion, Medium-beige overtones, timeless charm, and a compassionate smile. She has lovely deep dark brown eyes with a unique almond shape. Light brown eyes are filled with skepticism and awe at life’s wonders. In addition to being straight and shiny, her dark brown hair has recently been dyed blonde as she occasionally switches up her look.

Dina Khalil is standing in a snooker club while wearing a black Fashion Nova jacket with black shorts.
(Image: Dina Khalil/Instagram)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eyes colorLight Brown
Skin toneMedium-beige
HairstyleWaist-length/change hairstyle from time to time

Dina Khalil(Dinaskha) Family And Background:

Dina Khalil is an American model, and she follows Christianity. Just like other social media stars, she also keeps her personal life away from social media, and she won’t discuss her personal life with anyone, so currently, we don’t have any info about her family, but if we find any detail regarding her family we will inform you on this web site so keep checking back!

LanguageEnglish, Arabic

Dina Khalil(Dinaskha)Education/Early Life &Career:

Dina Khalil completed her graduate studies before beginning her modeling career.

Dina has always wanted to be a fashion model because so many of them have inspired her. As a result, after graduating, she enrolled in a modeling and acting institute to receive more training & first signed with a modeling agency after gaining a lot of confidence and talent. She also began sharing her sexy and sizzling videos and photographs on Instagram in June 2013, which helped her gain recognition and popularity quickly.

Dina Khalil is just showing and promoting a Fashion Nova clothing brand while wearing a maxi.
(Image: Dina Khalil/Instagram)

Dina then started to collaborate with many famous brands, including FashionNova, Tigermist, and Prettylittlethings Etc  She became an Ambassador of FashionNova. She also has a paid partnership with Dollskill Party wear brand  Dina also gives product reviews(make-up products), and shoutouts to different salons, restaurants Etc  She has many followers on her social media sites and is a well-known Instagram user, TikTok star, and Onlyfans model.

Dina Khalil(Dinaskha) Clothing List:

Dina Khalil prefers wearing short, trim, and fitted clothing. She especially likes wearing a bikini, cropped shirts with shorts and pants or jeans, bras with pants, shirts, and shorts, bras with shorts, nightgowns, long and mini skirts, sports dresses, lingerie, lace, and delicate undergarments. Additionally, she likes to dress in bikinis, short maxi dresses, blouses with pants, and leggings.

Dina Khalil is just promoting the Fashion Nova brand Ambassador and is wearing a shirt with jeans.
(Image: Dina Khalil/Instagram)

Dina Khalil(Dinaskha)Associated With:

Dina Khalil associates with Isabel Vera, Isabel Vera, is a well-known social media influencer, TikTok and Instagram star, and fitness and fashion model who collaborates with numerous renowned companies and brands and offers product reviews. Isabel owns her own company and works as a runway model.

Dina Khalil(Dinaskha)Instagram Star:

Dina Khalil joined Instagram in March 2013, and now Dina has above 606k followers. She shares her bold images and videos and collaborates with many famous brands, including FashionNova Etc. Dina also uploads her daily activities, traveling, adventures, pictures, videos, Etc.


Dina Khalil(Dinaskha) TikTok Star:

Dina Khalil Joined TikTok on April 18, 2020, and now she has over 94.7 thousand followers with 326.4k likes on her TikTok videos. Dina uploads her funny content, dancing and lip-syncing and random content on her TikTok.


Dina Khalil(Dinaskha) Onlyfans &Gmail:

On her OnlyFans Account, popular onlyfans model Dina Khalil frequently posts exclusive, erotic, and explicit content  Access to her personal and unique stuff on her Account is paid for by her subscribers.

Dina Khalil is an entrepreneur and has shared her Gmail for business inquiries.

[email protected] 

Dina Khalil is just taking a mirror selfie while wearing a short black maxi.
(Image: Dina Khalil/Instagram)
AccountsLinksJoining date
Instagram AccountdinaskhaJoined March 2013  
TikTok AccountdinaskhaJoined April 18, 2020
Onlyfans AccountdinakhalilN/A
YouTube ChannelN/AN/A

Dina Khalil(Dinaskha)Marital Status/ Boyfriend/ Husband:

Dina Khalil is not married yet, but Dina has at least one previous relationship with a boy named Chris, and now we guess that she is in a relationship as she uploaded a TikTok video in which Dina was kissing a boy, but she didn’t officially announce it, so we are not sure about it.

Dina Khalil(Dinaskha) Net Worth:

Dina Khalil’s estimated net worth as of 2022 is $1M to $2M. Dina’s primary sources of income are modeling for companies, brand collaborations, paid partnerships, Onlyfan Etc. She has a demanding job and a lavish lifestyle.

Dina Khalil is sitting in a restaurant and showing her outfit which looks amazing as she is promoting Fashion Nova brand.
(Image: Dina Khalil/Instagram)

Dina Khalil(Dinaskha) Truth &Facts:

  • Dina Khalil, better known as Dinaskha, is a famous Instagram and fashion model, social media influencer, entrepreneur, Onlyfans girl, and a famous TikTok star.
  • We are unsure whether it’s a rumor or actual news that she is from Egypt.
  • Dina Khalil practices good health care, engaging in regular exercise and eating a balanced diet to maintain a fit and healthy body; as a result, her physique is incredibly appealing and lovely.
Dina Khalil is jogging while wearing a cropped t shirt with jogging panty.
(Image: Dina Khalil/Instagram)
  • She loves traveling and adventures, and her favorite destination place is Switzerland.
  • Dina consumes Alcohol and other different drinks.
  • Dina Khalil loves animals, and she especially adores dogs. She also has two to three dogs at home.

Why Should We Follow Dina Khalil(Dinaskha)?

  • She is a digital &fashion influencer who promotes apparel brands on Instagram. Since she knows how to arrange your clothes, you should try to imitate her wonderful sense of style.
  • Follow her if you want to boost your sales. Send her an email if you are a business person interested in a shootout because she is always delighted to work with brands and companies.
  • Dina Khalil is a lovely and gifted woman. I’ll explain why we follow her if you’re curious. She has extensive modeling expertise, and each photograph she takes reflects this. Unlike most other models, she also understands how to design her pictures and make them appear more artistic.
Dina Khalil is just posing for a picture and is looking gorgeous in this full black legging suit.
(Image: Dina Khalil/Instagram)


Who is Dina Khalil?

Dina Khalil is an American fashion model, businesswoman, Instagram and TikTok celebrity, and a member of the Onlyfan community. She is unquestionably a fashion icon, adept at managing her clothing & serves as a brand ambassador for FashionNova. Dina is well-known for the provocative, alluring, and seductive photos she posts on social media.

What is the exact birth date of Dina Khalil?

Her actual/exact birthdate is January 15, 1998.

What is the age of Dina Khalil?

Dina Khalil is 24 years old, as it is 2022.

What is the net worth of  Dina Khalil in 2022?

Dina’s net worth is around $1M to $2M.

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