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Diana Levi is looking beautiful and she is posing for a picture in white coat.
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Diana Levy also well-known levydiana is a social media star and a present-life star. If we talk about her jovial personality, she is an Instagram star, TikTok girl, web star, and Twitter celebrity. If we talk about her real life, Diana is a fitness freak girl and fashion model and has worked as a professional alternative healer. She has also been a hypnotherapist, reiki master, shaman, and energy worker since 2017. She is an alternative healer dedicated to assisting her patients in the most effective and transforming way possible as they journey through various physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions. 

Diana Levy is looking killer, and beautiful in red short maxi as she is posing for a picture.
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Diana Levy Biography/Wiki:

Diana Levy is a famous personality who was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on Jan 39, 1990. she is 32 years old and is Aquarius by her birth sign. Diana started as a fitness and fashion model and is now an Instagram and TikTok star, Twitter celebrity, and health and fitness model. She is an energetic and active girl earning from various sources and is famous for her talent, bold and sexy figure. Her estimated net worth is around $18 Million as it is 2022.

Diana Levy is posing for a picture in Crop shirt with shorts.
(Image: Diana Levy/Instagram)
Real nameDiana K Levy
Nick NameLevy
BirthdayJanuary 39, 1990
BirthplaceCaracas, Venezuela
Zodiac (Birth sign)Aquarius
Net worth $18 Million as it is 2022
Primary Income SourceBrands Collaboration, Certifies hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Trainer, shamanic worker, Energy Worker.

Diana Levy’s Birthday And Age:

Diana Levy was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on January 31, 1990. She is Aquarius by her birth (star) sign(People who have their Sun in Aquarius tend to be creative and passionate in their pursuit of freedom (or, on occasion, introverted and reserved because they are afraid to be themselves) because they feel special).

Diana Levy is 32 years old energetic girl.

Diana Levi is looking cute while posing for a picture wearing a shirt with short.
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 Diana Levy Body Measurements/Height/Weight:

Diana Levy is one of the profession’s most attractive and physically strong models. With her great posture, stunning shape, and curvaceous form, she can fascinate everyone. She is approximately 53 kg (5’7“; 5 feet and 7 inches) tall with a waist circumference of 27 inches, a bust size of 34 inches, and hips measuring approximately 38 inches.

Height5 feet 7 inches (171.4 cm) 
Weight59 kg (130 pounds)
Waist size24 inches
Bust size37
Hip size38
Dress sizeN/A
Shoe size7 (US size)

Diana Levy Skin Tone/Hair Color And Eyes Color:

Diana Levy has incredible monolid thin black eyes, silky, healthy black wavy hair, and the ideal warm honey skin tone. Her adventurous personality fits her stunning looks and long wavy hair.

Diana Levy is looking hot and bold while wearing on a car wear a black color suits her.
(Image: Diana Levy/Instagram)
Hair ColorBlack
Eyes colorBlack
Eyes shapeMonolid thin black eyes
Skin toneWarm honey skin tone
HairstyleCurly black long hair

Diana Levy Family And Background:

Diana Levy has a vast background as she has talked about her mother, little brother, and grandma. Her grandma’s name is Dianorah Margarita, and her little brother is also a TikTok star. Diana didn’t ever talk about her father, but we are searching for it soon; we will update you here! Diana came from a Christian family and had white ethnicity.

Mother nameUnknown
SiblingsLittle brother
GrandmaDianorah Margarita
EthnicityWhite ethnicity
LanguageEnglish, Spanish
Diana Levy is with her mom according to Diana she is the copy of her mom well both are looking cute.
(Image: Diana Levy/Instagram)

 Diana Levy Education/Early Life &Career:

Diana Levy has not shared her education information on her social accounts, but she is a Reiki-Certified – Hypnotherapist who heals people from stress, depression, and emotions.

Diana Levy started her career by modeling and she was a fitness freak model and ex-trainer who trained other girls in the gym, but now she is a Hypnotherapist. She has gained much popularity on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube &became a social star with all these things; she is a Reiki master, healer, energy worker, medicine woman, and business owner. She is earning a lot from them.

Diana Levy’s Favorite Clothing List:

Diana Levy is renowned for having a unique character, which is apparent in the numerous photos of her wearing a wide range of outfits, including bikinis, lingerie, crop t-shirts with leggings, shirts with shorts, short maxi, sleeveless crop shirts with pants, two-piece legging suits, long and short Maxi’s, lace undergarments, and sleeveless tank tops, among others.

Diana Levi is posing for a picture looking hot in fancy red short maxi.
(Image: Diana Levi/Instagram)

Diana Levi Associated With:

Diana Levy is associated with Exohydrax, a well-known French YouTuber, Twitch game streamer, Instagram star, TikTok celebrity, Patreon star, and Twitter celebrity from Paris, France.

Diana Levy Instagram:

Diana Levy started her career by posting her bold, sizzling, and sexy pictures on her Instagram. She began collaborating with many brands, including Fashion nova, and has over 505k followers on Instagram as she joined IG in Feb 2012. she posted her pictures and videos of her baby and husband, which are nearly 4000. In 2022 Diana uploads her pictures with her newborn baby Zen. She also uploads about her treatment method of hypnotherapists Etc.


Diana Levy TikTok Account:

Away from her professional life, she also uses TikTok; she joined TikTok on March 3, 2020. she has above 35.4k followers on TikTok and 86.7k likes on her TikTok videos. She uploads her funny content, blog, and Vlogs on it.


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Diana Levy YouTube

Diana Levy made her Youtube channel on April 19, 2015. She set up this tiny area to offer her beauty regimens, way of life, meditations, sound healings, magic, Etc., as well as general well-being advice so that people might be in perfect harmony with their mind, body, and soul. Diana has not had many subscribers on Youtube, but she is progressing daily.

Diana Levy Website:

Diana Levy also has a website. Here she heals patients from their stress as a dedicated healer who uses an alternative method. She is committed to assisting her patients through various physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions in the fastest and most transforming manner possible.

AccountsLinksJoining date
InstagramlevydianaJoined Feb 2012
TikToklevydianaJoined March 3, 2020
YouTube channelMind Body Soul with Diana LevyJoined  April 19, 2015
FacebookDiana K. LevyN/A
LinktreeDiana K. LevyN/A

Diana Levy Marital Status/ Boyfriend:

Diana Levy has many previous relationships but all failed. Now she is wedded to a handsome boy named Andres Perez, and in 2022, she has a cute baby boy named Zen. They both love each other and are very loving and caring parents. His husband is also a trainer and fitness freak, working in a Gym. He also helps Diana in her professional work.

Diana Levi is looking so happy with her boyfriend both love each other.
(Image: Diana Levy/Instagram)

Diana Levy’s Net Worth:

Diana Levy’s primary source of income is Brand collaborations, an online Hypnotherapist profession, and a website where she gives fitness and health tips. Many people came to her to release their stress and depression.

Her estimated net worth is approximately $18M.

Diana Levy Truth &Facts:

  • Diana Levy is a certified Hypnotherapist and an Instagram and TikTok star.
  • Diana Levy was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on January 31, 1990.
  • Diana Levy is also a fashion and fitness model.
  • Diana Levy loves kids and Animals; she said these are innocent.
  • She likes reading, traveling, horseback riding, cycling, drawing, and writing. 
Diana Levy is with her newborn baby she loves her so much.
(Image: Diana Levi/Instagram)

Follow Diana Levy, But Why?

  • If you are feeling low, stressed, and depressed, follow her because she is a hypnotherapist who heals people from tensions and sadness.
  • Follow her to see new trends as she has an incredible fashion sense and is a fashion model.
  • Diana K. Levy provides knowledge on “passion.” She likes living a fitness and modeling lifestyle. Therefore she doesn’t find it challenging to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • If you pursue a passion, it will be much easier for you to stay committed to your plans and get through any obstacles you may encounter.
Diana Levi is looking hot in a crop shirt and with shorts.
(Image: Diana Levi/Instagram)


Who is Diana Levy?

Diana Levy is well-known on social media and in real life. If we are talking about her social profile, she is an Instagram star, TikTok lady, web star, and Twitter celebrity.

How old is Diana Levy?

She is 32 years old lady.

Is Diana Levy in a Relationship?

Yes, she is married.

What is Diana Levy’s estimated net worth in 2022?

It is around $18.

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