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Celeste Sablich

Celeste Sablich is a famous actress from Argentina who is also a TikTok and Instagram star. Her film roles have made her famous and TV shows like Roommates (2014), Playboy Plus (2013), and others. She is well-known for sharing details about her personal life. With the help of her Instagram and TikTok accounts, she has become very famous worldwide. Celeste has also gotten a lot of followers on the social media accounts she created for herself.

Celeste Sablich Biography / Wiki / Education

Celeste Sablich was born into a wealthy family in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she lived with her parents, siblings, and other family members. Celeste went to a local private high school for her elementary and secondary education in terms of her education. Later, she went to a university in Argentina and got her bachelor’s degree there.

Real NameCeleste Ospina  
 Nick NameCeleste  
Birth PlaceBuenos Aires, Argentina
Date Of BirthNot Known
 Zodiac SignNot Known
 ProfessionActress and Instagram Star

Celeste Sablich Age

The information about how old Celeste Sablich is and when she was born is not available.

Celeste Sablich Height and Weight

Celeste Ospina is about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 51 kilograms. Her brownish eyes and brownish-black hair make her look pretty and sweet.

Celeste Sablich
Celeste Sablich

Celeste Sablich Model & Rise to Stardom

She became more and more famous as a fashion influencer, and now Celeste is one of the most famous Argentinian models and fashion influencers. As a fashion model, she has worked with fashion brands and designers from all over the world.

Along with her growing popularity and name, she has been offered roles in several movies, such as Playboy Plus from 2013 to 2014, Roommates from 2014, and others. She made her debut in the Argentinian film industry in 2013 with a significant part in the reality show Playboy Plus.

Celeste Sablich Roommates 2014, Tv series

The well-known actress and social media influencer, Belén Fernández, has been in the reality television series Roommates with a number of other renowned social media celebrities. These celebrities include Manuel Ayala, Juan Pablo Auger, Daniel González-Muniz, Sergio Ulloa, Nataly Tavares da Silva, Dominga Bofill, Belén Fernández, Javiera Franco, and Roderick Teerink, to name just a few.

 Told the story of the reality TV show Roommates 2014 from three friends named Isabella, Sara, and Julieta, who lived together in a house with no rules. The super and amazing friends love to party, dance, have s*x, and model. They want to have fun, and for them, the best fun is having s*x.

Celeste Sablich Playboy Plus 2009, T.v 

 She worked and collaborated with multiple actresses and actors in the series. The movie’s story was about a beautiful woman who took off her clothes for Playboy magazine.

Celeste Sablich Instagram

She is also active on Instagram, in addition to acting and Instagram. She shares photos of her life, family, and travels on her Instagram account. Celeste also talks about her lifestyle, dancing, and lip-syncing on her Instagram account. She has millions of followers on Instagram right now.

Celeste is a model, but she is also one of the most famous people on Instagram in Argentina, with millions of followers. With the help of her cute photos and videos, Celeste has become more well-known. The number of people she knows through social media is growing fantastic.

Celeste Sablich Twitter And TikTok

Celeste is a well-known social media star who has been using Twitter for a long time. She tweets bits and pieces of her life to the millions of people that follow her.

Aside from that, she is a very famous TikTok user who has become famous because of how great her videos are. She has made a group of fans on TikTok. She has a lot of influence in the TikTok industry. Because of her TikTok videos, she has gained a considerable number of fans worldwide.

Celeste Sablich Net Worth and Earnings

Celeste Sablich is a well-known actress and social media star. Her net worth is around USD 4 million. Acting and modeling are the main things that bring in money for her. She also has a lot of money from being a fashion icon.

Celeste Sablich Family / Siblings / Parents

In 2022, Celeste Sablich hasn’t shared much about her parents with the public so far. If she tells us anything interesting about her parents or siblings, we will let you know.

Celeste Sablich Boyfriend / Relationship / Affair / Gay

Unfortunately, there is no reliable public information about Celeste Sablich’s past or her current boyfriend or relationship. We are doing a thorough investigation into her family members, and soon we will let you know what we have found.


  • Celeste Sablich was born in Buenos Aires, which is in Argentina.
  • She has a vast number of fans who follow her on social media.
  • Celeste likes to take pictures and pose for them.
  • Celeste Sablich likes to dance, eat, swim, and go on trips to different parts of the world.
  • Celeste Sablich played a role in the movie Playboy Plus, which came out in 2013.


What’s Celeste Sablich’s name?

Celeste Sablicher is a very popular social media influencer and an Instagram celebrity. Her account is famous because she posts about fashion, travel, and other unique things.

Celeste Sablich is married, or not?

No, Celeste Sablich is not married as of right now.

What is Celeste Sablich’s age?

Celeste Sablich’s age is not known at this time.

When did Celeste Sablich come into the world?

Celeste Sablich is still not married, which is a shame.

What is Celeste Sablich’s Zodiac Sign?

Right now, we don’t know anything about her zodiac sign.

What is Celeste Sablich’s height?

Celeste Sablicher is about 5 feet 7 inches tall on average.

From what place is Celeste Sablich?

Celeste Sablicher was born in the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

How much does Celeste Sablich have in the bank?

Celeste Ospina likely has a net worth of about $4 million. You can use acting and fashion influence to determine where most of her money comes.

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