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Bribilliejo is just posing for a picture while taking her selfie.
(image: brebilliejo/Instagram)

Bribilliejo is well-known for her TikTok account. She is a well-known US dancer, content creator, and TikTok user. She lost a lot of weight and inspired other overweight women. She rose to prominence after posting dance videos on TikTok. She is well-known for her distinct appearance, lovely smile, fashion taste, and positive demeanor.

Bribilliejo is taking her selfie as she is selfie queen and is posing for a picture.
(image: brebilliejo/Instagram)

Bribilliejo Biography/Wiki:

Bribilliejo is a well-known Tiktok star from the United States. She has collaborated with a few brands. According to Wikipedia, she is famous for losing 322 pounds to 180 pounds. Because of her modeling career, stunning physique, and Tiktok presence, she is highly known for her witty content, fun, dance, and Tiktok appearance. Her videos, lip-syncing, dancing, and sense of humor aided her rise to fame, and she continues to captivate audiences.

Because of the allure of her uncommon appearance and wide hips dimensions, she is a stunning young lady with a perfect face and smooth, flawless skin. She frequently uploads intriguing videos to Tiktok.

Her net worth is believed to be between $1M.

Real NameBribilliejo
Famous asBreana Bribilliejo
BirthdayJanuary 12, 1990
BirthplaceUnited States
Net Worth$1
Primary Income SourceSocial media Influencer

Bribilliejo Birthday and Age:

She was born in the US on January 12, 1990. She is a well-known Tiktok star. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn (They are aspirational, determined, materialistic, and powerful. They will continue when others would have given up ten kilometers ago. As a result, they make excellent life partners and friends or collaborators. Capricorns prefer to keep their social circles small, yet they are loyal and supportive of their friends and loved ones.)

Bribilliejo is standing in a restaurant and is drinking wine while wearing a red fish maxi.
(image: brebilliejo/Instagram)

Appearance and Body Measurements:

Bribilliejo is well-known for losing much of her weight, according to Wikipedia. Now, she is an adorable, attractive, and stunning lady. Among all of these, her almond-shaped, piercing brown eyes stand out. She weighs 81 kg and has a curvy figure, flawless white porcelain skin, and long, brown hair. She was adorable since she constantly changed her appearance. There are no other body measurements known.

Bust sizeUnknown
Waist sizeUnknown
Hip sizeUnknown
Shoe sizeUnknown
Eye colorDark brown
Eyes shape Almond
Hair ColorDark brown
HairstyleSilky long
Skin ToneWhite porcelain

Bribilliejo Family and Background:

Wikipedia should keep her information secret. We don’t know who her father or siblings are because she hasn’t told us their names. According to our data analysis, she was not born in a specific location. She is a Christian who is of White ethnicity. We spent a long time hunting for her family but couldn’t find them. We will update her page if new information on her family becomes available.

Bribilliejo is showing her parents picture as she is wishing them their anniversary.
(image: brebilliejo/Instagram)

Marital Status and Relationship:

According to Wikipedia, she is married; however, her husband’s name is not given. According to our results, she has a child named William Archi. They are living a happy life together. We’ll let you know if something more major comes out of our research. She is a Californian citizen.

Marital statusMarried
Bribilliejo is standing with her husband and they both are looking happy.
(image: brebilliejo/Instagram)

Education/Early Life and career:

Bribilliejo attended an American high school and graduated with honors. She completed her Bachelor’s degree at a state university in the United States.

Then She began her career in social media in 2020. According to Wikipedia, she is a famous TikTok star. She is well-known for her humorous and dancing video clips and her TikTok lip-sync performances. She is also well-known for shedding weight and serving as an inspiration to other overweight women. She now has a significant following all around the world.

Hall Of fame:

She gets famous because of her incredible transformation, which forces many people to follow her. She has lost weight from 320 lbs to 180 lbs. She then became the inspiration for many fat ladies, according to Wikipedia.

Bribilliejo Associated With:

Bribilliejo is linked to Aydas; Muslim Turkish TikToker Aydas is also a musician, Instagram model, Snapchat Beauty, YouTuber, and social media influencer. Her TikTok account, where she has 14.3 Million followers, is where she is most well-known. Her true name is Ayda Sadik. On her TikTok, she posts her dancing, lip-syncing, hilarious, and weird videos.

Bribilliejo Clothing List:

She is a TikToker, a dancer, and an online entertainment creator. She is particular about how she looks and what she wears a bikini, or checkered shirt with jeans or trousers, cropped, or pants or whole sets, miniskirts, pant-shirts, cropped tank tops with long or short maxis, shirts with bra with shorts or pants, maxis, and slip skirts are among her favorites.

Bribilliejo Tiktok:

She has 139k followers and 1.3M likes on Instagram. She posted videos of herself dancing, smiling, dressing, and lip-syncing on her account. She released a large number of videos in total. Her username is “Bribilliejo.”

Bribilliejo Instagram:

She started posting on Instagram in 2020. She uploads her daily life pictures and routine on this platform. She went viral when she lost a lot of weight and shared her weight loss story with her fans.


Bribilliejo also has a business website. She sells many products and shares different tips for losing weight. She also sells beauty products on Amazon.

AccountsLinksJoin Date
Tiktok@brebilliejoJoined 2021
InstagrambrebilliejoJoined 2020

Bribilliejo Net Worth:

According to Wikipedia, Her net worth has increased over time, according to the website Tiktok is where she makes her money. Her estimated net worth is $1 million. We’re currently monitoring her social media profiles, and we’ll update this post if we learn anything new about her wealth or other difficulties. Please invite everyone!

Bribilliejo Truth And Facts:

Bribilliejo is sitting in a car and is taking her selfie and here she is looking beautiful.
(image: brebilliejo/Instagram)
  • Bribilliejo is a famous Tiktok personality from The United States.
  • She has lost weight from 322 lbs to 180 lbs.
  • She loves traveling.
  • Her favorite is purple and black.

Why Should We Follow Her:

  • You should follow her because she maintains her body well and is fit. You can get a lot of fitness tips by following her.
Bribilliejo is standing in a gym while wearing a sports bra with leggings.
(image: brebilliejo/Instagram)
  • Her videos are such entertainment for her fans. She is an inspiration for many people around the world.


Who is Bribilliejo?

Bribilliejo is well-known for her TikTok account. She is a well-known US dancer, content creator, and TikTok user. She lost a lot of weight and inspired other overweight women. She rose to prominence after posting dance videos on TikTok.

What is Bribilliejo’s date of birth?

January 12.

What is the age of  Bribilliejo?

She is 33-years-old as of 2023.1.20

What is the net worth of  Bribilliejo as of 2023?

Bribilliejo’s net worth is $1 million as of January 20, 2023, according to Wikipedia.

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