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Biancadata in a grey bodycon while giving a hot pose towards camera

Biancadata’s real name is Bianca Jordan, a famous data scientist, IT specialist, entrepreneur, fitness model, and Instagram star. She is also a yoga and exercise trainer. Bianca was born on April 23, 1994, in Copenhagen, Denmark; she moved to Los Angeles, California, after marriage.

Biancadata in a off shoulder multi-shades bodycon while sitting on a picture and smiling towards camera
(Image: Biancadata/Instagram)

Biancadata Biography/wiki:

Bianca Jordan, famous as Biancadata, was born on April 23, 1992. She is a great social media influencer and lives in Los Angeles. Bianca is a data scientist and IT specialist doing the job as a data scientist in California. Biancadata has an Instagram account and Youtube channel, where she uploads many tutorials on learning programming languages, data science, and other tutorials for her fans.

  Real name Bianca Jordan
  Nick Name (popular as)   Biancadata  
  Age 31 (as it is 2022)
  Birthday April 23
  Zodiac sign Taurus
  Income source Data Scientist Job, Website, YouTube Twitch Account  
  Networth Approximately $5 to &10 million (as it is 2022)

Biancadata Birthday And Age:

Biancadata is a 35-year-old European lady born on April 23, 1992. Her zodiac sign is Taurus (They are adventurous and hardworking people. They are drawn to the material world, materialism, and sensual pleasures because they sense the desire to be surrounded by love and beauty continually).

Biancadata in a black bodycon while poses for a photo
(Image: Biancadata/Instagram)

Biancadata Body Measurements/Height/Weight:

Biancadata has an engaging personality that goes well with her flaming figure. Her physical measurements are 29 for her waist, 37 for her hips, and about 38 for her breast. She is 5’7″ tall.

  Height  5’7  tall
  Weight  57 kg  
  Shoe size  Not available
  Bust  size  Around 38
  Dress size  Not available
  Waist size  About 29
  Hip size  37
  • Biancadata in an orange tank top with leggings while smiling towards camera
  • Biancadata in a crop top with matching shorts while showing her back to camera

Biancadata Skin Tone/Hair Color And Eyes Color:

Biancadata has a fair complexion that is almost white. Her magnificent dark brown hair and stunning dark brown eyes are outstanding and of the same shade. Sometimes she dyes her hair for a change.

  Eye color   Dark brown
  Hair Color   Dark brown
  Skin tone   Fair

Biancadata Family And Background:

Biancadata grew up in a loving and caring family. On her Instagram account, she posted pictures with her mother, but she did not ever reveal her name, and she talked about her father and siblings. Biancadata belongs to Copenhagen. She was living here with her mother, but she came to Los Angeles, California, after her marriage. She came from a Christian family.

She married her long-time boyfriend, Jameson Jordan.

               Marital Status                Married 
               Relationship/Boyfriend                No one
               Father                Not known/ will update soon.
               Mother name                Not known/will update soon.
               Sibling                Not known/will update soon.
               Religion               Christianity
Biancadata in a black top with deep neckline while smiling toward camera
(Image: Biancadata/Instagram)

Biancadata Is Famous As:

Biancadata is a Data Scientist & CEO at

Bianca has a hot, gorgeous physique and is a well-known data scientist, IT expert, Youtuber, Instagram star, TikToker, Yoga and fitness trainer, and fitness model. Biancadata has a passionate personality and loves to show off her hot body in front of the camera.

Biancadata is a well-known influencer who has amassed a substantial social media following on Instagram, Youtube, and  TikTok. The influencer has two accounts on Instagram both have thousands of fans. She also has a YouTube account that has 9.83K subscribers.

  • Biancadata in a red tank top pair with denim shorts while holding a macbook in her hand
  • Biancadata in a creamy brown shirt pair with black pant while smiling towards camera

Biancadata Loves To Wear:

Biancadata loves to try different outfits, but her favorite clothing list is here!

Biancadata loves to wear a bikini, Bra with geans, Crop T-shirt, Seemless Yoga Dress, Seemless Yoga leggings, Seemless yoga tights, seamless Bra with yoga leggings, Mini-dresses, miniskirts, short frocks, Short maxi’s, crop T-shirt with pant and T-shirt bra Etc.

Biancadata Favorite Color:

Her favorite color is red.

Favorite Video Game:

God of war.

Biancadata in a pink crop top with navi blue leggings while smiling towards camera
(Image: Biancadata/Instagram)

Biancadata Passions:

  • Coding and cooking.
  • Biancadata has always been passionate about data science and has always been interested in helping others learn about it.

Biancadata Social Media Lady:

BiancaData is a Social lady. She has a YouTube channel on which there are 9.83k followers, where she uploads blogs, videos, lectures, and Tutorials for beginners and experts who want to learn about Data Science, Data analysis, and digital languages as she is a data scientist.

BiancaData also uses a LinkedIn account for the business, and she has 29.1k followers on Twitter. She is a social media influencer who loves sharing travel tips with her followers. She uploads videos of her yoga sessions on TikTok and various other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Etc., where she enjoys interacting with her followers.

Biancadata in a white crop top with grey shorts while taking a picture
(Image: Biancadata/Instagram)

 She also comes with live streaming on her Twitch account. If you want to follow her, click the given links below!

  ACCOUNTS  LINKS  Joining date
  YouTube Channel    BiancaData  Joined June 21, 2016
  Twitter  BiancaData  Joined March 2020
  Instagram (Main account)  BiancaData  Joined June 2012
  Instagram (Official)    BiancaData  Joined May 2021
  Facebook  BiancaData  Joined January 13, 2022
  Linkedin  BiancaData  Joined June 2022
  TikTok  BiancaData  Not Available
  Website    BiancaData  Not Available
  Twitch  BiancaData  Not Available

Biancadata Marital Status And Previous Relationship/Boyfriend:

She got married on April 18, 2019, to her long-time boyfriend, Jameson Jordan. They live a happy life together. She likes to go on road trips and adventures with her husband at weekends. It seems they made for each other.

She doesn’t have a boyfriend or previous relationship.

Biancadata’s Networth:

Biancadata earns around $5 to $10 million as a Data Scientist and from a twitch account and her Youtube channel.

Biancadata wearing a purple top with grey leggings while poses for a picture
(Image: Biancadata/Instagram)

Associated With:

Cecilia Rose is an Instagram star, social media celebrity, and fitness model. She collaborates with several brands and photographers to promote their products.


  • The real name of Biancadata is Bianca Jordan.
  • She is a Data Scientist, an Instagram star, and a TikTok.
  • Biancadata was born on April 23, 1992.
  • She is a 31-years-old lady.
  • She lives in Los Angeles, California.
  • She marries her boyfriend, Jameson Jordan.

Why Should We Follow Biancadata:

  • We should follow her as she is a Data scientist, and she gave lectures and tutorials about Data science, learning programming languages, and Data analysis.
  • Follow her to see different places as she loves to go on a trip to other cities and beautiful areas.
  • Follow her to take exercise and Yoga classes for your health and fitness.
Biancadata in a white tank top with black shorts while poses for a picture
(Image: Biancadata/Instagram)


From which user name is Biancadata on TikTok?


What is the actual name of Biancadata?

Bianca Jordan

Is Biancadata single or married?


How old is Biancadata?

About 31

What is the date of birth of Biancadata?

April 23, 1992.

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